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September 7 2022 4 07 /09 /September /2022 19:16
Align with HIS Design

Align with His Design


Recently I heard a bitter word, from a woman concerning her ex-husband – a woman whose soul wounds haven't even began to be healed.  Because, she perhaps hasn't been given that option? (She certainly won't allow ME to offer her that option, so far!)


OR. Perhaps, it might be because, so far, she has chosen to just keep the bad memories, and the resulting wounds, in a “protected place” - a vat of bitterness – so that she can pull them out and use them as an excuse to feel all the feels, and act out as she pleases. Who knows the real reason. But being around her is difficult, so I keep talks short, and avoid visits altogether! 


Now please understand that I am not judging this poor woman. Her ex put her through hell and back. And she has every reason in the natural to hate him, and the ground he walks on! The only problems with that, that I can already see,  is that – first of all God sort of requires US to forgive in order to GET forgiven! So hanging onto stuff like this can be somewhat problematic down the road. But ALSO, it leads only to bitterness and loneliness for the one choosing to stay in the past bitterness, and for unhappiness for that one, and all who dare to come near! It creates a nasty atmosphere that no one really wants. 


But I am also resisting judgment of her – well first and foremost - because we are told NOT TO! BUT ALSO - because The Holy Spirit has to jerk ME up ever so often for “going there” in my mind. Sometimes I just hear stuff about my husband in my head, and think, THAT's NOT JESUS!


Stuff like, some of what this woman has said, “When God took that rib out of Adam to make Eve he must have punctured his heart!” Or, how about this one, “If men got the Authority in that Adam & Eve deal, then we women must have got all the brains!”


And we are tempted to think this way sometimes, because of behaviors, etc., of the opposite gender, especially if our husbands aren't living up to their full potential in Christ!!! Though I don't mind stating that my gender hasn't always exhibited that "total wisdom" reality if you ask me!


But anyway. As I was pondering some of the latest gleanings of being exposed to that bitter spirit, I heard The HOLY SPIRIT say to me.... “Well, We DID endow the Woman with a great percentage of the intellect – how else was she supposed to bless her husband?”


And then He began to reveal to me The Father's perfect design, in which we would each use our strengths, which should be totally submitted to The Spirit of God, to bless each other in every way, and none of it was to be used for selfish means of any kind! How good would marriage be?! 


That just blew me away. I mean, it isn't new, nor is it rocket science! But it is so easy to forget! Right?! That ALL of our many gifts are not for just us!!! And IF we used them to bless more often than to judge, critique, harass and scold, we might be making more progress in our marriage relationships?!


If men really did, for example, “LOVE their wives as Christ did the Church ...” Which boils down to giving up HIS rights, ways and ideas to please and help HER!? For example, in physical intimacy, what if he got HER to climax BEFORE "getting HIS rocks off" and passing completely out?! THAT is just ONE example, but it is a big area of difficulty in many of the marriages I know of. Some women have rage issues - and have NO idea that a huge percentage of that is from sexual frustration, night after night!!!! And then they get blamed for the difficulties in their marriage because they act out in frustration, yell too much, or just act angry all the time! 


And what if women really did seek to handle things in such a way that didn't freak their husbands out? What if we did respect the design that God has put into them? Even if they aren't living up to it right now, maybe it would motivate them to do better by being less critical, and more patient, forgiving, or communicative?


Anyway. That's just what was rolling through my head as I was doing some necessary household stuff today. Thought I'd sit down and write it out before it got away.


Have a great day! Let's all try harder to BE who HE designed today! Maybe it will heal our relationships, and if FAMILY is healed, then it will go a long way toward healing our land. 


For our GOOD and HIS Glory! 




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September 5 2022 2 05 /09 /September /2022 16:25

& What We Are Supposed to DO, or Say, About it!


The Life of a God-Follower (one who Loves YeHoVaH Elohim, and is therefore as obedient to HIS Word as possible) should be full of Blessing! But we all know, and more often focus on, the parts of Life that are too often full of intrusions, disappointments, and unexpected little unpleasantries. Some people love to say, “Shit Happens”. And when it does, sometimes it REALLY stinks!


But you know what we are to do when IT happens? GROW UP, CLEAN IT UP, and MOVE ON! Because, just sitting by the steaming pile, sniffing it periodically as we pout, will never get us past that series of unfortunate events! Wallowing in it will only make US stink as well. And THEN we pout because people don't want to come near us! Go figure!? Sorry for the less than elegant analogy, but it IS one that today's social climate can understand! 


However - if we are EVER to live a life of VICTORY, instead of eternally being the pitiful victims of negative happenings - we MUST, eventually, get it that WE are NOT in control of the UNIVERSE! AND, we MUST learn to FULLY TRUST THE ONE WHO IS! BUT There are some things over which HE HAS given US CONTROL!!! 


It would be great, then, IF we (those of us who CLAIM to know and LIVE The WORD of The GOD Who Is in control) learned to properly manage, and finally take full responsibility, for that which HE has given US to control! Like our thoughts, feelings, finances, goods, reactions and words, to begin with!!!!


The “loose cannon” approach to life – in which one just spouts whatever pops into the head - will only yield a castle full of holes!!! (How would I know that? I'll leave that up to the reader to ponder! Lol)


The point being, & we must finally get it, that WORDS are weapons – not the toys we've made them to be - which we must learn to GUARD and USE WISELY (and, for some of us, in much less volume)! The words we speak must be spoken with intention, clarity, and purpose. And, when they are pointed, they must be aimed at the correct foe! And, an important adjustment we need to make, as “believers” is that they must  also be based on Truth. Which, for us, is The Word of our ONE GOD! As well as spoken from a motivation of Love. 


Because, what most have missed, what has not been properly taught or acknowledged in most of mainstream "Christianity", is that WORDS have POWER! WE HAVE POWER! We are literally loaded cannons! But we must be careful what we allow to be loaded into our brains and hearts! Because that which comes out of our mouth is the product of those! 


So, that which comes out of our mouth with a firm belief structure behind it WILL MANIFEST the product which it declares! If we constantly speak lack over ourselves we will lack, if we speak sickness and believe that it has a place in our lives, then it will. But if we firmly believe that we have had healing made available to us by The Blood and Sacrifice of our LORD, then THAT will manifest in our lives, as we faithfully speak that out! 


The thing we miss is that we must first be careful what we BELIEVE. What we store in our hearts! Because it is what we BELIEVE that we will eventually speak, and what we speak in faith – or in fear, which is merely negative faith, or faith in the negative – WILL come to pass on some level. Matthew 12:34 & Luke 6:45, both indicate that it is out of the abundance of what is stored in the heart that the mouth will speak! So being careful what we store is very important! 


Mark Twain is attributed as saying, “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”  Which means, if one is a fool, do shut up!

But James, in The Word of God says it this way; “Understand this, my beloved brothers and sisters. Let everyone be quick to hear [be a careful, thoughtful listener], slow to speak [a speaker of carefully chosen words and], slow to anger [patient, reflective, forgiving];..” (James 1:19 Amp Version)


Being "slow to speak" is simply to recognize that you don't have to say something all the time. The writer of Proverbs said it this way: (Proverbs 17:27-28) “A man of knowledge restrains his words, and a man of understanding maintains a calm spirit. Even a fool is considered wise if he keeps silent, and discerning when he holds his tongue.”


This does not mean, however, that simply being quiet out of a spirit of self-protection or cowardice, because of an unwillingness to confront evil, is a wise decision! We MUST SPEAK TRUTH IN LOVE, to situations of conflict in our lives, in order to affect change. 


So, Saints of God, let's endeavor to get our thoughts and Words under full control, the control given to us by the Power of The Spirit of God in us. The fruit of The Spirit, or Character Traits of God, which are made available to us by His Spirit, are listed in Galatians, chapter five;


(22) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, (23) gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.


This Scripture is telling us (& if you read the entire book of Galatians it lays out the vast difference between spirit living and flesh living....) that we have power to OBEY the Word of God, that WE have full access to HIS character! We mere humans have the power to LIVE within God's Law, by willingly cooperating with His Spirit to cultivate these character traits within ourselves.


These “fruit” will get stronger with time, as exercised, and as we weed away the “sucker fruits” of the unrestrained flesh, which drains the life of God from us and weakens His character within us. We must become students of The Word, and devoted followers of our ONE RABBI, YESHUA The Anointed One! It is HIS Anointing which gives US the POWER to OBEY! Not only to “keep God's Law”, but to DO what HE did in the earth - free captives, heal the sick, open blind eyes (spiritually & physically), and rid people of pesky demonic strongholds, which keep them from the freedom God meant for all His creation! That possibility is incredibly appealing to me!


But, if we want to live the GOOD LIFE that GOD set up for us, then we MUST get control of these tongues – and to get control of our mouths we must first get control of our thoughts! Which means that we can not believe every thought that trots across our brains! We must weigh each thought against The TRUTH of GOD's WORD. And then we must be careful to ONLY speak TRUTH – from a motivation of LOVE.


The guys in Dragnet, back in the day, were quick to say, “Just the Facts, Ma'am, Just the Facts!”. But I must upgrade that demand to “Just The TRUTH!”. Facts are temporal realities, which can be changed by Faith in The Truth!


If we do not like the facts which come through our lives; if we are constantly besieged by unpleasant realities, then, perhaps, we should take stock of what we believe, and what we say! If we live in “A Series of Unfortunate Events", then it is obviously time to make some adjustments in those areas of thinking, believing and speaking. Because, you know what they say, “to keep doing (thinking, saying, declaring) the same things – while expecting different results, is insanity.” We have no business being insane or profane. Let's learn to use our Father's tools, weapons and words to His Holy purposes, as HE intended.




SCD 9/5/22

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August 14 2022 1 14 /08 /August /2022 18:01

A Word from YeHoVaH Elohim, to HIS PEOPLE.... 




As I opened The Word of God this morning, for entirely other reasons of my own, I “happened” upon this verse. I put “happened” in quotation marks, because it did seem entirely accidental that I opened to this particular passage – AND – that it “just happened to be” highlighted in the notes. But, by now, I KNOW when this “happens” that it is the direct guidance of The Holy Spirit. He is getting my attention, because there is a point which HE wants ME to make this morning. And, as I've pointed out frequently over the years, I don't “write” much of this stuff, I just take dictation!


So here is THE POINT of this morning's exhortation from The Spirit of God:




This nation is, and HAS BEEN, under the Judgement of Almighty God – ESPECIALLY the “Church” in America! Because, not only have we allowed His Ancient Boundaries to be moved, which were set by the Founders of our Nation, who, in fear and trembling, wrote our Constitutional Boundaries of how the nation should be ran! But then – like them – we'd already moved some of the MORE ANCIENT boundaries concerning the treatment of our spouses, children, and neighbors, along with the managing of wealth, and, even MORE important, the reverence for GOD!


Our respect for GOD, attention and devotion to HIS WORD, along with a TOTAL LACK OF REGARD FOR THE ANOINTING AND PRESENCE OF HIS SPIRIT, has devolved to pathetic proportions! HIS SPIRIT was sent to ACCOMPLISH HIS WORK OF DELIVERANCE AND TRANSFORMATION, not to give people chill bumps and stress relief! He isn't some lackey who grants our wishes! He is The Anointing that makes God's Will and Work possible through us human vessels!!!



RETURNING US TO THE UPDATED BOOK OF ACTS. Updated, because it must now accommodate our current technological age, and expanded revelation of The Working of His Anointing, and be able to spiritually discern end time events.


His Word to us is: “FIND MY BOUNDARIES and GET IN THEM, and STAY THERE, if you would survive the coming waves of judgement and revival that are currently sweeping this nation.”


He continues; “Each wave of Holy Spirit Revelation will bring more souls into the Kingdom of God and out of the kingdom of darkness! But each wave will - also - topple spiritual kingdoms of false religion, unrighteous government, and unstable unions, bringing unprecedented persecution to my people.


There has been an unprecedented number of marriage failures in MY PEOPLE, because the boundaries of intimacy were removed, because social acceptance was allowed to take the place of those boundaries which were to be set by MY SPIRIT and MY WORD. I am healing many marriages in those who have chosen to repent and put me first.


But, as Marital Intimacy has been marginalized, minimized and replaced by “sexual freedom” (which is actually sexual bondage fueled by the lusts of the flesh) Family – MY CHOSEN GOVERNMENTAL MODEL IN THE EARTH - has taken a drastic hit, and has been practically demolished in your culture.


It does not “...take a VILLAGE to raise a child”! It takes two committed PARENTS with a commitment to each other, and a connection to ME, through Spirit and Truth! The “Village” is back up at best. A Community where people are supportive of one another, and look out for each other is a boon, in child rearing. Healthy community will happen when people are committed to MY Godly values.


But each child is assigned a specific steward by God at birth. If the natural parent doesn't want the child, then another willing steward should be found. But children were never meant to be the pawns of emotionally disconnected government agencies, or subjected to the whims of overworked government employees. NOR SACRIFICES TO AN OVERREACHING SEXUAL LUST FEST – Also known as the false god – MOLECH. That is a total breech of MY rules of family, and total failure of proper management, or stewardship of MY first and finest blessing – offspring.


It is time that MY PEOPLE, who are called by MY NAME, HUMBLED THEMSELVES (by finally coming to a realization of where they have left me) – REPENT (of the negligence to MY WORD, rejection of MY appointed times, resistance to the teaching and presence of MY Spirit and The Anointing by which I meant for you to use to accomplish MY WILL) – RETURN (TO MY BOUNDARIES, MY WORD and MY WAY) – RECEIVE ( redemption, healing, correction and wholeness from MY HAND) & RESURRECT (the righteous boundaries, the Constitution, and the WORD – as the standard which guides your choices)! Show up (for training); Grow up (in taking responsibility for your own relationship with ME and others) – so that you can GO UP – and take back the ground that your negligence has sold to your enemy!”




We have been entirely too slack in our commitment to Godly boundaries on relationships in general. With HIM first, and then with each other. IF, for example, we LOVED YEHOVAH ELOHIM, with ALL our heart, soul, mind and strength – AS COMMANDED - then we WOULD, by a desire to please Him, Love our neighbor as ourselves, and the rest of the commandments would flow naturally as well. His commandments were not meant as burdens, but as the natural outflow of a divine relationship, in which we trust, and therefore OBEY, Him, and HE then blesses and cares for us.


But we have relegated Him to some religious codes, and have made a set time of the week to acknowledge Him, at our convenience, in our Church buildings, Synagogues and Cathedrals – INSTEAD of acknowledging HIS SET TIMES, and showing up DAILY to learn and hear from HIM, so that we know WHAT to OBEY - TODAY.


Those – even some who have been really serious about being HIS PEOPLE, have even given Him snippets of our days, and a tenth of our income. But most have, by and large, sought His blessings over His presence, and have made idols out of practically every gift He's ever given to humanity – beginning and ending with physical intimacy.


It is truly by His grace, that we are not consumed. We have behaved like insolent, spoiled brats, who deserve a good whopping. And we've been getting it! But instead of changing we just howl louder, pout more pitifully, and keep choosing our fleshly preferences!


The line is being drawn in the sand. Either we become true followers of Yeshua The Anointed One, be Filled with His Spirit, and Transformed by HIS WORD, back into the image and presence of God – or – we will be pruned off, as bearing no fruit, and cast into the eternal fires, intended for the devil and his supporters.


Apparently God feels that if we won't commit to HIM then we must've already sold out to the devil. We get to CHOOSE. But our CHOICE will be indicated by our actions, and our decisions. What is of utmost importance to us? What consumes our time, energy and money? Most people's god is their belly (indicated by weight issues, and eating disorders, and an utter disregard for healthy choices) , their other fleshly lusts, (indicated by how much importance they place on their job, the opinions of others, success, sexual needs, and/or many other things which are temporary perks, and should not, therefore, become life-defining deities).


The Spiritual Life is NOT about this temporary existence. This is boot-camp, training ground. This is where we decide where we will spend eternity. And what position we will have there. This is where we get to decide Who will be our God? That is, WHOM it is that we will serve! This is where we get to decide our eternal fate - Heaven or Hell, Life or Death.


Will we experience His Glory and wonder forever and ever, or will we choose the darkness that we've grown so comfortable with, in which we've hidden, all this time? I've never seen a fire that gives intense heat, but no light. I don't think I want to. That is the image I have of hell. Because God is the source of light, but He won't be there! The Good News is that we don't have to be there either. The question is who would, and why? Today is the day of Salvation. Have you made up your mind yet?


Selah …...



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July 22 2022 6 22 /07 /July /2022 14:16
God's Eternal Truth vs Our Temporal Facts; Time to CHOOSE

Truth is Eternal. Fact is only temporary.


“Fact” is limited to some things or situations which one can "prove" with "circumstantial evidence".  Fact is supported by only the five natural senses. Facts die with man.


Truth, however, endures all generations, what was true for Adam and Eve, is still true for us today. Truth is the standard set up by the Creator of The Universe, therefore it is not altered, nor diminished by our limited perceptions. Truth stands the test of time. Truth is eternal.


That is why the WORD of God reminds us to meditate on, or be careful to feed our minds, will and emotions with The Truth. “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)


The word “dwell” sort of jumped out at me. The word dwell means:

1. to remain for a time

dwell in the hallway

2.a: to live as a resident

the town in which he dwelled for eight years, the dwelling place of the gods


where the heart of the matter dwells

3.a: to keep the attention directed — used with on, or upon

tried not to dwell on my fears

b: to speak or write insistently — used with on, or upon

reporters dwelling upon the recent scandal


So, when The Word says to “dwell on these things....”, it is saying that we must remain, we must see to it that our thoughts  remain, live, exist, keep our attention directed, in order to speak or write insistently on what is “TRUE, Good, worthy of honor, right, pure, lovely, of good report, excellent, and worthy of praise!”


Wow. How often I fall short of THAT goal! I often feel like Joyce Meyer, who once described her “old” self, (that is, who she was “before Jesus”) by saying, “If I ever had two positive thoughts in a row my brain would take a cramp!” lol


Oy, I can so relate! How often is our brain besieged with negativity! We assume those are “our” thoughts, when, in spiritual reality (which is the dominant, important, eternal, actual reality), those thoughts are often inserted by our enemy, to distract us, and pull us off course. He's a great imitator, and his whole agenda is to keep us in the dark, to deceive us. So he imitates our inner voice and fills in any blanks we leave open. 


This is why The WORD instructs us to,  Keep and guard (our hearts) with all vigilance and above all that (we) guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23 AMPC -


And to make an exerted effort every day to walk in His Light, John puts it this way; “This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with Him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.” (I John 1:5-7).


Luke, in his writings, (chapter 6 verse 45) explains the importance of this further, saying,

"The upright (honorable, intrinsically good) man out of the good treasure [stored in] of his heart produces what is upright (honorable and intrinsically good), and the evil man out of the evil storehouse brings forth that which is depraved (wicked and intrinsically evil); for out of the abundance (overflow) of the heart his mouth speaks.”


So – these scriptures are reminding us that whatever we allow to dominate our thinking gets into our hearts - then, whatever we allow to "set up camp', or to “dwell”, in our hearts ends up coming out our mouths – changing - either positively or negatively -  our life and the world around us! Whether we have realized it or not, whether we like it or not, what comes out of our mouths has created our current existence.


That is a sobering and disturbing reality! To realize that we have the power to either create life or implement death with our words. To take responsibility that with our thoughts and words we can MAKE and/or SUSTAIN Joy or depression, grief or hope, literal life or death. To accept, believe and own the TRUTH, that the choice is really up to us. It is difficult to grasp, to act on the Truth that WE have the POWER of life and death. In fact, James reminds us that, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit”.


Wow. Does it get any plainer than that? My mama used to say, “Watch your mouth!” That usually meant what I was saying was going to wind up getting me into big rouble! It is, actually, some of the best advice she ever gave me!


But we need to take this concept all the way back to the thought realm. For it is what we allow to live, to "dwell", or take up residence, in our heads that produces the words which eventually come out of our mouths, after making their way down into our hearts, where our “beliefs” are stored.


We must, therefore,  be careful to CHOOSE what we believe, and not let mere facts, and/or earthly events dictate our beliefs to us. Faith is a choice, it doesn't “just happen”. Fear, grief, depression, suicidal tendencies, all the yucky stuff “just happens”, because those things are the default mode of the fallen flesh. They don't require intentional choice. It is just what is left if we refuse to take responsibility by refusing to choose. 


Yeshua (a.k.a., Jesus) came to give us the choice of LIFE over death, FREEDOM over bondage (addictions/strongholds, etc.), and The Kingdom of God over the mere earthly existence followed by an eternity away from our loving creator (a.k.a., Hell), an eternity spent with His enemy ,and ours!


Our mission, then, “if we choose to accept it,” as followers of Yeshua ha Messiach, (Jesus The Christ/The Anointed One), is to become aware of these choices, CHOOSE WISELY, and THEN make these choices available to the failing, dying, troubled, addicted world!


Listen people of God - an awful lot of people don't even know they have options! They believe they just have to settle for whatever “life” or “luck” or “karma” hands them! NO! We have a Savior who came specifically to deliver us from that "fate". 


Karma” is a concept that is actually borrowed, the idea originates from the biblical law of “sowing and reaping”. The world says, “What goes around comes around”, and “Karma is such a bitch”. The WORD says, “do not be deceived, God will not be mocked, for whatever you sow, you shall surely reap”! This Word of God aligns with further admonitions such as, “treat others as you wish to be treated”, “Don't judge, so you won't be judged”, “forgive, so you can be forgiven”, etc.


In actual reality (over our imagined, often preferred "reality")  God created a world where there are real consequences for our decisions, and/or the refusal to make any.


Which means that anything we sow will produce a crop! So if we are sowing strife, manipulation and deception then we will reap discord, depression and lack. If we are sowing love, mercy and truth then we will reap blessing, peace and joy!


What too many are missing though, is that to refuse to actively CHOOSE LIFE is to choose the default mode, which is DEATH. There are NO other options, there is no blank, demilitarized, zone between those two choices where we can just veg. That is a huge deception! Hence the admonition to “be NOT deceived”! There's been a war between Life (represented and sustained by The Creator God) and Death (sponsored by His adversary the devil) ever since Satan/ Lucifer rebelled in heaven, seeking to unseat and replace The God who created him! We are caught up in it, as targets of the enemy, because, when he hurts us, he hurts The One Who created us! Because our God LOVES us. That is why the enemy HATES us.


But WE get to CHOOSE which one we will be affiliated with. My observation is that a person would need to be really stupid not to choose a loving God, and our reborn spirit-self, over a terminally stupid flesh, that is in league with the devil who hates us! Just sayin'.


Again, it is OUR CHOICE what we will think about, what we will BELIEVE, and what WE allow to LIVE in our heads, take up residence in our hearts, and then, what we let come out of our mouths. Our circumstances will reflect our choices. Like it or not. It might not be “easy” but it IS simple.


CHOOSE. Life or Death, Blessing or Cursing, Obedience or Disobedience. We shouldn't just walk around bemoaning our “FATE”. We must take responsibility for having created it, and then, after REPENTING, get busy cooperating with God's good plan for our lives instead.


Believe, Receive and Achieve, or Doubt, Pout and do Without! The choice is really up to us. TODAY, AGAIN, I CHOOSE LIFE!!!! I CHOOSE TRUTH!!! I CHOOSE GOD!    ~ Selah (Pause, and calmly contemplate that!) 




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July 9 2022 7 09 /07 /July /2022 14:46
Thoughts On Ecclesiastes, from Solomon The Wise

I think that Solomon, “Son of David”, wrote the book of Ecclesiastes out of the sheer frustration of being such a wise one among regular humans! Upon his being seated as King he was given the opportunity to ask God for anything! He asked for God's Wisdom to attend him. As a result he was one of the most wealthy, successful, and renown rulers in Israel.


As he lived this “good life”, however, he saw the utter futility of the ways of the flesh, even his own. Though he had been granted the wisdom of a Godly perspective, and the grace and anointing to build God's place of Worship, he still observed the negative side of things, even such great success. So he grew exhausted from observing the foolishness of human “reasoning”. I think at times he even despaired of life. Ecclesiastes seems to be a coping mechanism, in which Solomon was attempting to find the balance of the human “normal” reality and the God-inspired Kingdom expectation.


I get the feeling that the book of Ecclesiastes was a kind of self-therapy for Solomon, like much of my writing is for me. It isn't really instruction for anyone else. Of course it can be, if anyone is wise enough to tune in, and willing to consider a different perspective than their own. But the book of Ecclesiastes is a dissertation on the futility of the fleshly life.


“All is vanity...” he keeps repeating – meaning that it is all worthless, pointless, endless, meaningless. The end observation, the point of it all, of course, is that this life is NOT the point! This life is a simple opportunity to find God, and get transformed from the temporary fleshly, pointless, existence to the ETERNAL, GOD-DRIVEN, enduring goal of being WITH our God, and to be LIKE Him – once again reflecting HIS IMAGE, not this fallen, terminally stupid flesh! The point of all existence then, is to return to our Creator, and to KNOW HIM, and to find our place in HIS REALM, FOREVER.


The point King Solomon, The Wise, was trying to make is this. Don't invest everything in this temporal realm. It just isn't going to give back what we've invested. We can never fill that hauntingly empty space in our souls with the stuff this planet has to offer. Human “love” is deceptive, deficient, and disappointing. And stuff is only stuff. It can give us nothing that is intrinsically valuable! The longing of every created heart is The GOD who created them. If we strive after anything it should be getting to KNOW HIM. We should take full advantage of the Sacrifice of Yeshua, our Lord and Savior, and walk through The WAY that HE has opened for us. HE has arranged the means to return to our Father. HE has provided the KEYS to that gate, which once prevented our entry. He has thrown wide the Kingdom of God to US.


It is, as King Shl'mo, points out, total futility to strive, to invest much, to find one's happiness on this planet. We may have a “right” to “the pursuit” of it, but according to the King it is an exercise in total frustration, in which we will invest much to reap little. The pursuit of happiness in this natural, temporary realm, is just a waste of our time. The only real JOY that we humans will ever find, that is sustainable, maintainable, and worth our efforts, is the time we put into seeking God, and bringing His Kingdom to earth. That where our fulfillment lies, an as he puts it, all else is indeed “vanity of vanities”.



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April 23 2022 7 23 /04 /April /2022 20:27
Are We Cultivating Seed or Weeds?

Whose Seed Are WE Carrying?


Weeds seem to grow and thrive all on their own, without any work on the part of the gardener! While seeds take a great deal of intentional attention and effort to produce the desired fruit! And it has been this way since that poor choice in The Garden of Eden, which resulted in God removing His presence from this planet! 


There's this saying, “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.” We want to complain about our flea-ridden society, but we need to take a closer look at what is causing this issue, and who it is that God will hold responsible for “sleeping with the dogs”.


Thank God that we are finally seeing another move of The Spirit of God in His remnant. There is an awakening of responsibility that has been needed, but missing, for decades!


This last significant time of hardship, which was brought on by God's judgment of the religious system in America known as “Church”, has brought an awakening that some of His faithful ones have been calling for since the “Jesus Movement” of the late sixties and early seventies!


A profound observation on the history of our nation  and the world, actually, will reveal that there has always been two elements at work at the same time - Good and Evil.


For example, from the onset of this nation, there were those sincere believers in God, Yeshua as Messiah, “Jesus The Christ”, who truly had His Spirit as their guide. These "separatists" (called that because they dared to separate themselves from the religious oppression of England) came to America simply to pursue a life free of the religious tyranny of their homeland.


Those people made peace with the previous occupants of the land, at least with those who would be peaceful, and worked hard to establish a place among them, not to displace them!


Then there were those others, who saw this land as yet another money making opportunity, who thought nothing of killing off the original inhabitants in order to exploit and decimate their land! Most used a thinly veiled religious rhetoric to cover their real motives. 


Fast forward to our time. The older ones among us remember a time when, in the late sixties and early seventies, there arose a great deception which propounded the idea that sexual freedom was the great heal-all of every human frustration and angst!


This deception has, sadly,  produced an overwhelming surge in the divorce rate, and, even worse, a staggering, horrific, abortion rate, from the unwanted offspring which this “freedom fest” conceived! The proponents of this "sexual freedom" had huge campouts called “love-ins”, which would have more appropriately been labeled “Lust-ins”, in which people freely partook of their various lusts without social condemnation. 


While at the same time, there was a rumbling, which was also outside the basic organized system of religion, wherein people were, again seeking for REAL Freedom from THAT religious tyranny, which had crept over here with the greedy people – a religious form which they used to justify their greed and avarice, if only to themselves.


That new “movement” was a “Jesus Only” ideology, wherein young people dared to pitch the old-wineskins of accepted hymnology, and instead brought their preferred music to the table, wrote anointed songs to it, and rocked out in honor of THE ROCK of our Salvation - in real worship! There were, in that Freedom movement as well, also campouts called “Jesus festivals”, where people camped out for weeks on end, as these people brought real worship to them in a way that had not been seen! This new found religious freedom was openly condemned by mainstream “Christianity” at that time! Because religion is NOT about FREEDOM! Whether the religion is humanism or denominationalism!


So, it happened that we had “Hippie-fests” and “Jesus-fests” going on at the same time! With some people finding a temporary “freedom” in sexual expression (which led to anything BUT actual freedom), and some people finding real freedom in the Worship of the ONE TRUE God, through which, and on which, our nation was founded.


Two motivations at work at the same time. Just pick a time in our history, in the history of the world, actually, since Adam and Eve got conflicted in the Garden, and, if one observes closely, one can see this parallel-contradictory struggle of humanity, struggling with the kingdom of darkness vs The Kingdom of Light. Good vs. Evil. Historically, making up our mind on whichi is which, and which is best for us, has been a real conundrum.


It is no different today. Yet another historical reality is that it isn't just the “unchurched worldly ones” who struggle with who their god is going to be! The religious have historically been the easiest to deceive! Adam and Eve get a lot of flack in religious circles, but from my observation most people - as they did - struggle to take God at His Word, actually BELIEVE what HE says, and/or LIVE in total loyal obedience to Him!


The majority of the so-called “Church” is STILL struggling between some kind of religious standard (which most of THEM can't keep, but which they use to judge others) – and/or - the politically correct foolishness which has taken our nation hostage – usually coming down on some strange mixture of them both!


Many can not see the line of righteousness because they've never bothered to find it for themselves and apply it to their own lives! Most of the church-going masses, who make it a priority to attend some church service every week, and utterly disdain those who won't, have put the responsibility for their eternal welfare entirely on their pastors! (No wonder those who have chosen that status for a living succumb to heart failure at an alarming rate, statistically speaking! No pressure there! Listen – Yeshua took that entire burden on HIMSELF. It does not belong to any other mere human!) When GOD insists that each person be responsible to HIM for their eternal well-being! 


This utter lack of personal responsibility, mixed with an attitude of immature expectancy, is the perfect combination for utter deception and failure of real Kingdom principles, such as character building, and spiritual growth! All of which are necessary for real freedom to grow and exist. Thus the moral decline in our nation.


It isn't because “the heathens are increasing”, it is because the faithful have decreased significantly. It isn't because sinners sin! It is because those who are claiming to be righteous make excuses for their sin, and use grace as some kind of camouflage, instead of letting it be the lye soap that will purge sin from their lives!


Even many of those who caught the vision during "The Jesus Movement" got caught in the nets of many false doctrines which began circulating instantly. “The hyper-faith” movement - the “greasy-grace” movement – and the “keep the old-wineskin” movement, all came forward to twist, pervert or condemn the new found spiritual freedom that had been acquired by these brave new God seekers.


Today is no different. Today we have many “prophetic voices”, or folks who believe themselves to be “hearing from God”, who are declaring many types of messages.


Some decree and declare words of hope, some of those bordering on ecstatic denial of reality! And then there are yet others propounding visions of doom and gloom – perpetuating fear instead of faith – because they never bring God's solutions to the challenges they are “seeing”.


Most have some element of truth in their “visions”, but too many have jumped to conclusions which are either unscriptural or just untimely, because they didn't wait patiently on GOD's conclusions!


There are, as usual TWO things going on simultaneously here, in this season as well. First, God HAS decreed that He would intervene against the destruction of our nation!


HOWEVER – He NEVER said that HE was going to do some magic trick that didn't necessitate OUR involvement!


There are some people in “spiritual leadership” or who have social status, who are pushing us to take up arms, when I believe God has merely said to take up our position, WORSHIP HIM, and SEE HIS SALVATION!


Should we be FREE to take up arms? Absolutely! Could there arise a situation in which we might need to be prepared for that? Very possibly! However, to jump straight to that “solution” without hearing a direct Word from God is usually a huge mistake. (* please Read all of the account of Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles)


It is the opposite end of the “All or nothing” stick, wherein the “nothing” is to ignore it, pretending that we are “believing God” for His deliverance - though we refuse to Worship Him, or actively do anything else about it! 


The Word IS clear that Faith without works is dead! But , then, it is just as clear that a lot of religious busywork without faith is just as worthless! In order for Faith to be the motivation for our works we must first have heard something to believe, so that we are clear on that which we are being expected to act!


Faith is an act of obedience, not simply a positive mental thought pattern! It is not wishful thinking! It is hearing a clear Word of God - and then acting on it affirmatively - KNOWING that what HE has said WILL come to pass – WHEN WE BELIEVE IT, DECLARE IT, and DO whatever HE has said to DO about it! (Again, 2 Chronicles 20 is a great example of this principle).


Faith and Fear are both seed bearing functions. Faith produces the will of God – LIFE, LOVE, VICTORY, Etc. Fear produces the opposite – death, hate, defeat …. and so on. But WE get the deciding vote on which seed WE will perpetuate! The question of the day, then, is what are we propagating with our thoughts, words, and actions - or lack thereof? Whose Kingdom are we supporting? Are we bearers of Life or Death, Faith or Fear, Victory or Victimization, Seeds or Weeds? Do we have more “faith”, for example, in the power of the pandemic than we do in the power of Yeshua's awesome sacrifice?


At some point we MUST decide and stop wavering between two opinions! As Elijah challenged the Israelites of his day - “IF YeHoVaH ELOHIM is GOD them WORSHIP HIM!" That is -  Make HIM the supreme decision maker of your life! OBEY HIM FIRST AND FOREMOST!'' But if “Corona”, or “Ease”, or Wealth or Personal Safety – or – Fill in the blank _______ - is your god then continue to worship that!


But here's the deal – if we choose – by our actions (despite any imagined “intentions”) to serve those other gods in our lives – by making those things the actual priorities, to give those things our attention instead of HIM – then we don't get to whine when HIS BEST WILL is NOT done in our lives! When healing doesn't make it to us, when our loved ones don't regard Him, when finances fail time and again, when what we call “life” continues to take its horrific dumps on our face!


Because we can't have it both ways people! No one can “have his or her cake and eat it too”! That is a phrase meaning that we want to consume our blessings without diminishing them. The ONLY way our blessings are used but not consumed is if we give them away - and that is a spiritual, miraculous, mystery! Consuming anything on our own lusts, however, is the way to total lack, loss and defeat! Selfishness is NOT a fruit of The Spirit! It is a characteristic of the fallen, judged, condemned flesh!


And no – simply running to the altar, one time in VBS, to get our “get out of hell free card”, is NOT going to deal with all of the sin issue! Salvation is REAL! But we can never fully benefit from it UNLESS we participate in HIS processes of Redemption afterward! (Such as - “renewing our minds with The WORD”.... Repenting of evil as needed.... and letting His Spirit crucify our flesh by choosing to feed our enlivened spirit-being!)


This why we are instructed “CHOOSE LIFE”. It is a CHOICE. It is a choice which must be made every day, every decision, sometimes every minute!


God is very “pro-choice”! He never forces His way on anyone. He actually insists that we choose!


The difference, however, in HIS idea of “pro-choice”- and what is currently popular  - is that He insists that we must choose LIFE – for the unborn – for the lost – for ourselves - if we want HIS BLESSING ON OUR LIVES – instead of merely, apathetically, choosing the ways of the flesh – ease, selfish gratification, or protection which circumvents Himself.  These flesh-motivated “choices” always lead to death and destruction. Even if it is a default “choice”, which is the result of refusing to actually choose!


It is time that HIS people CHOOSE which seed they will plant, and whether they will water weeds or seeds. This nation will not come out of this downward drift by herself. It is up to us. The choice is ours and the time is now. 



SCD 4/22/22

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April 15 2022 6 15 /04 /April /2022 10:39
A Prayer of Teshuvah

Dearest Avinu, Malkenu – my Father, my King!


I CHOOSE to Trust in YOU, as The Creator of the world, and of me, and of all that I see and love. Thank You! I CHOOSE to lift up praise, to Thank You for going to the trouble to give us back access into Your presence – through the Blood of our Passover Lamb - after we sold it! And – I thank You that when we repent, You forgive and grant us access after we sell it time and again! Thank YOU for Your patience with us! Help us Abba, to be more faithful, grateful and obedient!


FORGIVE YOUR PEOPLE OH MERCIFUL GOD, for their selective stupidity about this “holiday”! Forgive this persistence in pursuing tradition that is laden with disgusting symbols of idolatry and calling it “innocent fun”! Forgive their choice of “innocence” - which is a choice to refuse to know Truth, and live in an alternate Reality) over PURITY – which is a choice to rise above all seeming reality for the sake of Truth!


Forgive the “Church” in America for, once again, spitting on Your Appointed Time to pursue their own tradition – which has NOTHING to do with the RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD! Forgive us Oh, God!!!!! And then to make matters worse, they mock the obedient of the original Vine, for keeping Your festivals!!! OY GEVAULT! Forgive us Father!


Forgive those in leadership who are misleading Your people, Who refuse to acknowledge Your Holy Days – in the name of “Grace”, and those who refuse to know Your real Name, who persist in calling you by the name of a heathen false god! I am SO sorry! I repent in their place until they can realize their transgression and come to their senses!


Forgive the many, many doctrinal errors that are taught in place of Your actual Word! Forgive the Jewish legalisms, and adaptations, of Your Word, but ALSO, forgive, please forgive, the multiplied errors that have been made by all the forms of so-called “Christianity” who were trying to correct the Jewish error!!! Some in sincerity, and some in arrogance!!! Forgive the hypocrisy, the ironic moronic idea of “denominationalism”! A religious devastation that has produced the division its name denotes, instead of the Unity that You desire!


Forgive all the sins of this religious system that has been foisted upon Your people, many of them have been deceived unwitting, but many of them have simply chosen to be selectively, stubbornly, resistant to Your TRUTH! And too many of them are IN LEADERSHIP!!!!!!


I come before You today, Holy Father, to plead Your forgiveness over these many departures from Your Word and Faith, which have placed our nation in jeopardy, by incurring Your judgement! I thank You that “Mercy triumphs over judgment”! But I am pretty sure that only works IF the judgment produces the appropriate response, which is REPENTANCE! TESHUVAH!


This season, dearest LORD, please do whatever You must to awaken Your people to these dread mistakes they are making, and bring them fully into obedience to Your Word, so that our land can be blessed again!


In The Name of our Precious LORD and Savior, Yeshua The Anointed One, I intercede,


A Prayer of Teshuvah

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April 3 2022 1 03 /04 /April /2022 09:19
Don't Take That Bait!

Speaking Truth in Love, Resisting Offense, and Other Important Lessons


First of all we are commanded to “Speak the Truth in love”. So that we can ALL “grow up” into the image of The Anointed One (The Christ). To me Truth IS Love, because it is Truth that makes us free, and enables the spiritual growth process. Though, again motives matter. To speak Truth in Love, means to expound the ideas of a loving God, for the same reason He does, to save us from our iniquitous flesh and it's traps!


This does not usually happen while propounding a lot of politically or religiously acceptable – but Scripturally erroneous – deception! Untruth causes bondage and leads people away from God – Who Is The SOURCE of ALL TRUTH. Therefore anything but His Truth, spoken from a heart of real concern and desire to help, is not love.


I don't care how “good” pushing untruth or half-truth or popular opinion might make people “feel”. Pandering to the “FEELINGS” of the flesh, enabling flesh in any way, is the total opposite of LOVE. The flesh is born in leagues with the devil and has to be eradicated by Spirit and TRUTH. Flesh loves deception because deception never challenges it or deprives it! Feeding the flesh is giving the devil the keys to our safe – it is just throwing wide the door for him to rob us blind! Not much love in that!


Second. I have been a seeker of HIS TRUTH, for MYSELF, so that I do not continuously, unintentionally, give the devil access to my goods 24/7, most of my life! I have been slugging through the jungle of man-made religion, for most of my life as well, since I became an avid believer in the reality of Jesus, and The Word of God, as coming from GOD, THE CREATOR of the universe, at the age of 3. Not kidding. When I found Jesus it was the best day of my short life. As a victim of sustained and prolonged abuse, sexual and otherwise, from infancy, I was desperate for any experience that was not horrific, disappointing or crippling! I was desperate for love. He, Jesus, filled that need!


As a result of that meeting, because a kind pastor's wife introduced me to Him at a revival meeting, in a Sunday School class - the spiritual realm became MY reality. I was reading The Word, and was being used by The Spirit of God, in evangelism by the time I was 4 and 5 years old. I was baptized in water at the age of 8, and was teaching Sunday School with the approval of the Pastor by the time I was 12, and testifying of His love, grace and help, under the power of The Spirit in study hall my junior and senior years (before I was totally filled with His Spirit). I found the “upgrade” to the Baptism of The Holy Spirit (and asked Him to fill me with His presence & anointing) at the age of 20, through a friend in college.


I've been after His Anointing, and growing in it, ever since. Repenting as often as necessary so as to decrease to the fleshly ways of doing and being, so that HE can increase HIS rule over my life, so that I can increase in His Character and Wisdom, to the point of being able to allow Him to do what He does through me! I want to get out of HIS WAY! So if HE says to stop doing something I stop! And if HE says to do something different I DO! It's called OBEDIENCE. Because, being an actual reader (devourer) of His Word, I understand Him to insist that Obedience is the prerequisite to His Blessing over our lives - and the means to delight Him. Win/win!


Therefore, I believe that His Spirit will lead us into all TRUTH, as we follow. Not all at once! We couldn't bear it. But as we take one step He opens the door for the next and so it goes. Until we are walking in tandem with Him, and His nature is evident within us. So as HE illuminates something for me, and urges me to share it, I do, in hopes that others will also be illuminated.


HOWEVER, Truth has a way of offending people! OY! Especially those who aren't really interested in it. Or those who think they already have the market cornered in it. Those whose attitude is “My mind is made up, don't bother me with the facts, much less the TRUTH!”


Real Truth is only usually received by those humble enough to believe, or at least consider the idea that they may have missed something! And, just so everyone is clear, all TRUTH, in my opinion, must be confirmed and supported by The Word of God – it isn't randomly based on our feelings or opinions about a subject! The Truth usually challenges those! It isn't “my way, vs your way”. It is everyone finding THE WAY, and following HIM. So Truth requires change (repentance) on the part of everyone, especially the one conveying it! As I tell people frequently, “If what I say/write steps on your toes I'm sorry, please know that it had to stomp on mine first on the way over!”


I've said this a lot recently, but it bears repeating. If the subject matter on my page offends you, instead of spurring you on to repentance, then please feel free to go read someplace else! It isn't rocket science. No one is chaining anyone to this page. If the discomfort you feel does not prompt you to ask some serious questions of yourself, then that “Truth”, (1) either isn't for you at all, or, (2) it isn't for you at this time. OR, (3) there is a chance that it isn't truth, and I've made a mistake! No one is perfect! So. Do us all a favor and just keep moving!


(*If it's number 3 though, I'd appreciate a sincere heads up on that, instead of a scathing, condescending, religious rant – but hey, I carefully consider any and all input, and work to avoid offense at all cost, so do what you must! I'll pray over it and let The Spirit of God correct me lovingly, as He does!)


I never mind real discussion, in which folks disagree with what I am putting forth, as long as it is civil, and we are able to at least reach a place where we can agree to disagree! However, I will not tolerate inconsiderate bashing of ideas just for the heck of it, or religious or political bullying on my page. I will take arguments of that nature to the private message for further discussion, and if we can not come to a peaceful, civil, intelligent conclusion then we will part ways – meaning, I will block that person. Ain't nobody got time for that!


I definitely don't have time, won't make time, for mindless bickering over things that I've already made my mind up about. I will consider any valid, sincere, considerately expressed information! I do NOT think I've arrived! But when The Spirit of God has convicted me, and I've had it confirmed by The Word and people I trust, I most likely won't be moving! I don't really just get on here propounding other people's controversial ideas!


So. I am sorry if my method of conveying Truth, my tendency toward bluntness, my writing style, etc., offends anyone. That is never my intention. Please extend grace and don't jump to any conclusions!


But if anyone is offended by God's Truth then that is entirely their problem and not mine! That one must work that out with God, and suffer the consequences of giving way to the flesh, giving way to offense, and ignoring correction of The Spirit – even if that correction comes through an imperfect vessel. Because, for now, what other kind does He have? We are all being perfected the last time I checked. Grace, grace and more grace! It is an eternal commodity, thankfully, which doesn't run out, and is sufficient for all our needs, spiritually, mentally and emotionally – if we care to tap into it!


I hope that helps people deal with me as I learn how to manage this prophetic gift of expounding the Truth, at all cost. But again, if my processes are simply not tolerable to you then peace out! Please, go find greener pastures. No offense will be taken here. What you do, how you respond to your opportunities to be offended, is your choice, but how I respond to those is my responsibility. There are lovely, if difficult, lessons for everyone here! Don't feel alone. The struggle is real.


But whatever we do, we mustn't take the bait of offense. Offense is a pit of quicksand, which quickly pulls us to the bottom, and suffocates the life out of us. Offense gives way to the flesh, which then opens the door wide, whistles for the enemy, and gives him the power over our lives and the keys to our precious possessions! I urge you, and myself, don't do it!


It is one of his favorite tricks to defeat our spiritual growth, or at least complicate it! Oy. I hate that guy! We DO have an enemy, and it is NOT us! Our warfare is not with flesh and blood! So we need to be careful to operate in love at all times, but offense pulls us out of love, and into self-defense. Self-defense produces strongholds of fleshly and demonic operation and separates us from God, who is our real defense! So again, I adjure us all, don't do it! Don't take that bait.


I'll leave this with another spontaneous rhyme. I feel it coming on....


Don't Take That Bait!


Don't take that bait, that foul offense, that tempts the flesh to such incense!

Ask for His Grace to rise above, to find again the path of love!

Don't just succumb to that foul bait, which operates a kind of hate!

Our spirits, God can not transform, if we won't rise above the norm.


We must choose love at every turn, so we'll resist that awful burn.

Or at the least, His main desire, is that we burn with holy fire;

Only in His fire that does refine, transforming all to His design.

We must resist offense's fall, if we would answer Father's call.


We must step over what would trip, so that our love and faith don't slip.

Rest in His grace, He freely gives, that in HIS peace we all might live.

And if we do, then we will see, His stunning, Loving, Victory!

Which sees us through the darkest night, and brings us out in morning's light.


Because Yeshua set us free, and leads us on to Victory,

reflections of His loving way, will turn our darkness into day,

and give us grace that we might love, just like His Father up above,

He gave us life, He gave us choice, now it is time to lift our voice.


And pressing on into His love, we'll be like Father-God above.

So who's your God? Who guides your way? Your choices prove that every day.

Flesh or Spirit? Peace or Strife? Truth or lies? Death or LIFE?

CHOOSE LIFE & TRUTH, and stop the fuss, the choice is really up to us!


Selah & Shalom Havarim.






Don't Take That Bait!

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March 22 2022 3 22 /03 /March /2022 08:17
A Psalm of Worship, A Cry For Help

A Psalm of Worship, A Cry for Help


OH! Come to US, ABIDE with Us, our God Emmanuel!

My desire for Your Presence is more than I can tell!!

As I search for words to express my desire,

Come HOLY Spirit, with Your cleansing fire!


I pray for myself, as a part of the whole,

Your body that's called to redeem all the souls;

Your army that's called to take back the land,

to set things in order at Your command! 


Ignite all our souls until we burn with YOUR zeal,

to free mankind from bondage, to anoint and to heal!

Then let that fire burn across this desolate land,

to awaken Your people to Your every command!


Come set us in order, come bring us to LIGHT,

so that we can start winning, and stop losing this FIGHT!

The good fight of FAITH to which we've been called,

Help us Spirit of GOD! To stop dropping this ball!


To stop throwing the towel in, at every bump in the road!

To stop being deterred by the devils fierce goad!

To rise up in YOUR power, to take a firm stand,

to finally receive from Your unlimited hand...


all the strength that we'll need to win this season's race;

The pressure is on, we must pick up the pace!

The enemy's passing me, I can not succumb;

I must press in harder, I must find the room...


to seek You more fully, to draw yet more near,

To the Love of my Father which I find so dear -

and which I need to function, which I need to LIVE!

That full Holy unction, oh Spirit, please give!


I'm hindered by weakness, my strength is all gone!

I can't seem to find You, and I feel alone!

Come Spirit, please answer this desperate request,

please come in Your POWER, to this urgent behest.


I need You in every cell of my being!

I need Your Anointing that's healing and freeing!

I need Your full presence to conquer all doubt!

I have to press in, I don't want to fall out!


I need Your sweet love to erase all the hate!

I need You right now, LORD, before it's too late!

I MUST HAVE Your Presence in this very hour,



I can not go on if You do not ABIDE.

Please open Your arms Abba, draw me inside!

And then please, dear Abba, please fully impart,

all the love that is in Your Omnipotent heart!


Please free me from all fear, that keeps me so lame,

and let me rise up over all of the shame!

I want to fight boldly, this war You've begun,

to take back Your Kingdom in the name of Your Son!


I want only to please You in all that do!

But I need, dearest Abba, to be more like You!

So Come Holy Spirit, please cleanse me some more!

Please dwell, and impart ALL that I am called for!


Please strengthen and tighten, and lighten my load,

please come hold my hand, give me light on this road!

I cry out for mercy! Forgiveness! And PEACE!

Do come Holy Spirit and give that release!


Please teach me to war, in Your Way that is right,

enable me LORD, with Your power and might!

I want to be all that YOU need in this hour!

But we both know that I need Your presence and power!


So come Abba, Yeshua, Your Spirit impart,

and set things in order in this turbulent heart!

Let Your peace empower, let Your love restore,

so that in this next hour I can be, and do, more.


Lead me to Your pastures, where I can find rest,

please cleanse me of all that is not in Your best!

And as I am strengthened LORD I will return,

to the Good Fight of Faith that in my heart still burns!


My desire is to please You in all that I do,

so cleanse me again Lord, my eyes are on You!

And lead me to VICTORY by Your mighty hand,

as part of Your army that will take back Your land!






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March 1 2022 3 01 /03 /March /2022 14:20
A Psalm of VICTORY!!!

A Psalm of Victory!


I'm pressin', I'm pressin,

don't even feel like dressin

The enemy's steady messin,

tryin to steal my blessin,

But I won't give way to stressin,

I'm UP and I'm confessin

The WORD that's yes'n amen!


Ain't gonna lose my peace,

my worship's my relief!

When HIS worship I release,

This warfare's gotta cease!

HIS PRESENCE does increase!

His Grace Anoints like grease,

He IS The Prince of Peace!



Ain't gonna just lay down,

and let'm have my crown,

this battle's goin down!!!!

Releasing Heaven's sound,

His Power does abound!

We're gonna top this mound,

We're takin back all ground! 


Yeshua, ADONAI!

HE'S LORD, He reigns on high!

O'er all the land and Sky,


Hears my weary cry,

comes down to solve my sigh,

I raise His worship high!


UP saints, it's time to ROAR,

time for sighing is NO MORE!

Enemy's at our front door,

time to let the Worship POUR!

Saturate the earth with MORE, 

that's what He saved us for ...

We're not victims anymore!


Let our VICTORS' ROAR resound!

Bringin ALL the strongholds down!

Shake the mountains all around!

Takin back our stolen ground!

'Til HIS Kingdom can abound,

at His feet we'll lay our crown,



So what we waitin' for,

Get that devil off our shore!

WORSHIP till there ain't no more!


Use HIS Anointin, What it's for - 

knock wide-open Heaven's door!

Come on saints, it's time to ROAR!







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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.