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  • Holy vs. Sacred ~ Use vs. Tradition

    22 July 2014

    Part Four: The discussion concludes “Christianity” was never supposed to be a religion , by the way. No more than “sex” was ever supposed to define or drive any loving relationship! Both were supposed to be a natural outflow of Devoted Commitment! Both...

  • Gratitude vs. Bratitude

    08 January 2015

    (A Simple Reminder to the Called of God) Congratulations! YOU won YOUR skirmish! YOUR cancer, or that of your nearest loved one, did get healed! Or YOUR business plans were wildly successful, and financial deliverance was complete and abundant! Or YOUR...

  • A Modern Analogy of Religion ~ Part Three of the Holy vs Profane Series

    20 July 2014

    The way religion works brings to mind a television series called “White Collar”. As this story goes, this guy who had been imprisoned for art forgery is released from prison, but the terms demand that he be “released” to the custody of an FBI agent –...

  • T.F.P.B. The Sky is Falling!? Part Two:

    18 June 2014

    In Which “Chicken-Little” Flies Over the Rainb ow... One could waste time asking useless questions, such as, “If these'suppressed memories' are valid, why they weren't remembered before?” Or one could spin one's wheels wondering whether or not it is even...

  • "Going South"

    03 December 2014

    Mom and Dad's Excellent Adventure In recent years there has been a popular series of kids books called “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. That title could have described our past couple of weeks to the casual onlooker. However, there is a scripture which...

  • The "Holy vs. Profane", As Opposed to The "Sacred vs. Secular" Discussion

    02 July 2014

    Some Differences to Consider Between Those Two Perspectives... (Spoiler alert, they are NOT the same ideas....) First of all Being “Holy”, concerns how the “things/standards of God” touch our lives. “Holy” in essence, simply means the deliberate act of...

  • A Psalm of Praise and Repentance

    13 June 2014

    Avinu, Malkenu! My Father, My King! You are LORD of Lords and KING of Kings! The Almighty One! Holy! Worthy! I repent before You this morning! I repent of always asking for things that You have already given me! I believe! Please help my unbelief! I repent...

  • The Beach Comber

    27 September 2014

    Skin tanned, well-aged like fine leather, spoke of so many years in the sun; Fine lines, 'round blue eyes full of sparkle, proved a life full of laughter and fun. Undaunted by encroaching wrinkles, bikini clad, despite vanishing tone; unhindered by life,...

  • What Time Is It?!

    19 July 2014

    There is a time for war, and a time for Peace; A time to hold on, and a time to release; A time to Love, and a time to Hate, there are things we should NOT tolerate! Crime, deception, lust and greed, all fleshly sins we do not need. A time to hold our...

  • The Usefulness of Utter Failure

    07 September 2014

    Tonight I blew it - again! I “pitched” what us southern ladies call “a good old fashioned hissy fit”! I pitched the mother of all hissy-fits! I ranted and cussed and acted like an impure heathen! I completely let my fleshly temper get the better of me!...

  • The Universe Within

    09 January 2015

    (Inpspired by today's entry of MUFHH 1/9 – found at utmost.org) This morning's devotional reading struck such a deep chord in speaking of the coming to wholeness of our entire soul. Brother Chambers goes on, in his eloquent way, of discussing just how...

  • Christian Warfare In a Nutshell

    08 October 2014

    The Word that conquers all fear, still thrusts like a spear, it is saying that I - will now need to die, to all that was “me”, all I wanted to be, it's trying to show - the real “me” I don't know! I find that I do believe its words are all true, and yet...

  • Can Openers to Congress . . .Prayer Covers All!

    27 November 2014

    I found myself praying this prayer over my ancient can opener this morning, in the absence of my newest addition to my gadgets..."God let it get a grip, use its edge and do its job!!!!" Only to realize that inwardly I was really praying for congress!...

  • Holy Matrimony, Batman!

    28 September 2014

    Thoughts on Legitimate Intimacy Legitmate intimacy. That terminology just popped into my mind as I began typing. It is not a new concept, but I don't think I have ever heard it put quite that way before. It is thousands of years old, in fact. The Torah...

  • Extreme Times Call For Extreme Deliverance

    08 September 2014

    Can the stuff (people, jobs, drugs, habit/thought patterns....etc.) which we tend to serve right now , or which we hold in the place of top priority deliver us? What I mean is this, when it comes to a life and death decision is Gray's Anatomy going to...

  • Are We REALLY Doing the Right Thing?

    02 September 2014

    Doing the right thing simply because it is right, is the correct attitude of a righteous, truly God-fearing people. Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons is not technically being righteous at all. For example, doing the right thing because you feel...

  • 'Tis the Season?

    05 October 2014

    Many in the religious/spiritual communities are echoing the age old questions; "Are we nearing the end of what we know as Time? Are we living in the last of the Last Day ?" Could the Messiah come at any minute? How can we know if His time is at hand?...

  • An Oldie but Goodie. . .

    21 September 2014

    Psalm 23 – Amplified The LORD is my Shepherd (the protector of my soul, the One who leads me in the way that I should go) I shall not want (any good thing, since He provideds for every need I have); He makes me to lie down in green pastures (not bug ridden...

  • "Between The Rock and the Hard Place...."

    08 September 2014

    I have heard this old saying most of my life. It is southern for, “things are very close to impossible”. There isn't much ground between the rock and the hard place. Not much air either. No “wiggle room”, or opportunity for strategizing. One is pretty...

  • Disagreeing Without Dissing - or Dismissing

    11 October 2014

    Obviously an odd concept these days. Especially in the Bible-belt. Which I have decided is called that, because the people who live there seem to feel it ito be a good thing to assault, or “belt”, others with their docrtines - however erroneous, or Scripturally...

  • Overcoming an Unrelenting Onslaught of Unfortunate Occurrences

    30 August 2014

    Occasionally, and for some of us it is really just too often, we go through life events that range from unpleasant to horrific, traumatizing, and even debilitating. There are things which our mortal enemy throws at us, at every opportunity which we give...

  • Judgy-Much?

    19 October 2014

    (Mostly taken from Matthew 7:1-5; Luke:6:37-42) Yeshua teaching His disciples taught against having a critical, judgmental spirit – without applying that same judgment to oneself - which He defined as hypocrisy. Matthew recorded it this way. “Judge NOT,...

  • Damned "Zombies"!

    12 October 2014

    First of all, I have a personal bone to pick with these fictional monstrosities , which really do remind me too much of the shadowy characters with which I was forced to spend my “childhood”. Those who in fact, robbed me of that childhood. Those hollow...

  • A Great Surrender

    16 October 2014

    It grieves a Mother's heart the most to nudge them from the nest, since for a very many years to keep them IN seemed best! And though she knows the day must come, and that it's for their good, still it's so hard to urge them on, the way she knows she...

  • Apocolypse Now?!

    04 October 2014

    I've always had a rather violent hatred of any sort of insanity, as well as very little tolerance for a lack of logical thought. A fact which I find unpleasantly ironic, since I came from a family fraught with many differing manifestations of mental instabilities....

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.