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Again, let me reiterate that my intention is not to attack "The Church", but to examine some doctrinal flaws that are causing untold damage and distress within her! We are the Church if we are believers in Messiah! We do not need to function as one with an auto-immune disease, wherein we turn on ourselves to destruction! We must find a way to walk in His Love, which is exemplified in the other fruit of the Spirit - Joy, Peace, etc..


I want to be plain that I am not fault-finding. I am walking out a path to healing that God has set me on. I do that on here because I feel led to! So that perhaps others who have received similar woundings may find healing through my ability to articulate it. So that in my examining it in transparency, others may be able to find answers.


However, I am aware that there is a "selective" misunderstanding going on, or perhaps a deception of the enemy. I issue a caution to those who read. Judgment comes with blinders. If you are still in revenge mode you may not be able to get the heart of what I am trying to say. Be careful. I do not care overly much what any human thinks of me. But God does not want us biting at each other.  That disclaimer issued I continue my "Freedom Series".



How often are we women reminded of our “place”, and ordered to “get in it”, we are often ordered about like a family dog , that is ordered to its dog house! Is that honor?  As I said, we often get rebuked for our "lack of faith", for objecting to humiliating treatment,  the ill-treatment and the rebuke, both issued by those set in place to care for our soul!. And the real kicker is that all too often what they are operating in is really presumption, which stems from an ungodly pride, and is not faith  anyway!! Husbands and Pastors alike are often unwitting perpetrators, whose intentions are completely otherwise! So what is happening? it is clear to me, that there is a stronghold of unrighteous doctrine. And I'm sorry guys, but all the flower arrangements and Hallmark cards in the world will never make up for thelack of honor, love and resulting humiliation, intentional or not, which creates a major breach of trust!


Mother's day and Anniversaries alike become mockeries of our pain, bittersweet reminders of the shame and dishonor which is either heaped on us by our "heroes", or tolerated by them as other leadership heaps it on. Leadership, and heroes, whom we looked to for security and expected to champion our honor, but what we get, all too often, is that those who love us hold us down while our honor is stripped from us by “Leadership” or “Authority”. Frequently our appointed champion applauds and cheers the one who inflicts pain on us, and validates their position over ours, all the while believing that this is God's will! What could produce this kind of insanity but the enemy! And I am being brutally honest here, but here is just not enough chocolate or gold to guild the bitterness of that pill! Occasional pat's on the back, little awards, and accolades will never make up for the honor that has been stripped from us in the denial of our God-given authority!


I will never again believe that this is God's order of things! I will never again buy the lie that this is how God wants His daughters to be treated! I believe that we could do with a few less sappy, emotion-driven "Ladies's Retreats”, designed to convince women of "how much God loves them", if the men whom God ordered to "love us as Christ loves His Church" would do their job and get off of ours! Seriously! We wouldn't need so damned much healing if the ones who are supposed to champion us would stop running us through, or watching idly or vicariously while others do - so they can feel like men! You are men! And if you are really walking in the Authority and dominion which God means for you to, you will not be threatened by mine! 


Let me say here, that I mean no disrespect whatsoever to those very real and sincere Shepherds who sponsor these retreats! Nor am I slamming the retreats! It may well be the only thing keeping some of these dear saints alive! I myself lived on them for years, in fact! And until the war ends, the hospitals will be needed! But what I am saying is that the murder of the souls of women in and by the church, with the aiding and abetting of this heinous deception by the husbands, needs to stop! What can be the motives are that drive this nastiness? I can not fully spell it out, yet I know it is the work of the enemy against the Church, and we just can't keep  putting a band-aid on this cancer!


Women's retreats have their place like anything else, of course! But as long as we are just patching up the ones who drag in, year after year, who have been wounded by "friendly fire", and sending them back in to be chewed up some more, these women will never come to true wholeness. This tragic practice is beyond unkind, it is unreasonable, ungodly, and criminal!


Does no one besides me ever wonder why they never seem to get healed, or stay healed? Why there are so few who seem to really recover in any lasting way? How can we miss the glaring facts that divorce (along with those imprisoned in bitterness trying to avoid it) is higher among believers than the ungodly? How can we justify the child abuse and neglectful situations that are rampant - among the Christian communities! How does it happen that the pharmaceutical companies profit as greatly, if not more so, from our stress, depression, suicidal tendencies (which are often simply suppressed homicidal tendencies!), and other psychological illnesses, than from the world! We are clearly not "prospering in our souls"! Why are we not willing to look at the problems as they are, or for the real answers?!


Ladies and gentlemen, we must begin to see that something is badly out of line here. We must trust in God! Yes! But how that trust is worked out must be different than it has ever been. We keep using that new "definition for insanity". We think ourselves to be witty and clever saying, "Insanity is to keep doing the same things while expecting different results". But really we are indicting ourselves! We are the idiots, the insane ones, that keep doing that! And yet,  let anyone speak to it, and the hackles come up! But we must shine the light on this mess. God has given us authority which comes with responsibility, we dare not treat that lightly.


We dare not continue to ignore the cries of the oppressed. It was for freedom that Christ has set us free, it says! That was not written only to white, bourgeois males! It is time for us to take up the banner of the Messiah, the Champion of our souls, and begin freeing the captives. Whether the jailer is fleshly habits (gluttony, gossip, immorality, etc.) or fleshly doctrines (oppression taught as submission, for example), still the yoke needs to be destroyed so that His beloved can give herself to Him freely!


I will keep saying this - I am not preaching against submission!  Submission is a vitally real part of God's will for our lives! Submission is exercised, first and foremost, to the Spirit of God, the Word of God, and those whom He sets in Authority! It is crucial to a real relationship with God! One can not get around it! What all the fuss is about, then, is how that authority is being mis-handled, mis-represented, and how it is being used illegally to oppress those whom God calls! Submission is an act of the free will! We must let His people go! We can not feign ignorance about this any longer. We must find the root of this issue and bring it to His light for restoration and healing.  He will have this corrected. If we are truly in Him, then why are we afraid to examine this? Some of us, led by the real Champion of our souls, are beginning to!


Truth can be hard pill to swallow sometimes, like those 1000 milligram vitamin C's! However, if we will take enough of it, it will drive out infections of all kinds! Bear with me, and stay tuned, there is more to come on this subject.


~ Selah

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.