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Lately I find that I have been much in thought about this seemingly sudden attention to the homosexual issue. My spirit is stirred within me. I hear many people saying things like, "why is this such a big deal all of a sudden?" I think I heard grown-ups saying some of the same things, back when Martin Luther King was storming the country with his constant discontent! I sense that this "sudden attention" to this issue is mainly a political ploy of the main stream media on the surface, and that it is a spiritual distraction of the enemy of our souls (who fuels the media!) on a deeper level. But it could also be that this is simply an issue whose time has come to be dealt with! Meanwhile - aside from those possible covert schemes of devils or politician (and who can tell the difference anymore?) - there are a lot of innocent by-standers - hurting people that G-d loves, that Messiah lived and died to redeem - that are receiving more damage, and more emotional devastation. People who are caught up in this "lifestyle", or culture, or "orientation" (or stronghold?) which has been labeled "homosexual", who sincerely believe it is who they are, and that they have no choice, and who can't understand why they can't just live, and be left alone!


Historically speaking it is time for an uprising. Because, people - with any shred or molecule of self-esteem - will get tired of being oppressed and eventually want freedom from it! Whenever any people are made to feel somehow, significantly "less" than other people - be it politically, socially, intellectually, spiritually or whatever - revolt will follow. No matter how beat down people are they eventually have enough! My parents used to say "every dog gets his day". I do not think this has played itself out yet, but justice demands that it will eventually. Now, before you go jumping to a lot of ordinary conclusions - in either direction - let me go ahead and state my disclaimer. I may not be going where you most likely think I am, so hang on to your conclusions until the end!


First of all, I am really not comparing the homosexual dilemma to the slavery issue or to the Native American issue or all the other "people/race" type of issues. It may have similarities on the surface, however I think it differs, in that slaves could really not choose be of a lighter pigmentation or of a different nationality, and all the other oppressed skin types (I don't believe in races) could not choose to become white either. And, let's face it, even those from differing cultures who did try to embrace the almighty white-man culture, and who, sadly, rejected their own culture and people to do so, because it was required of them, to "fit in", still found themselves at stark disadvantages! But really that is like trying to fit an ostrich in with a bunch of quail - try as it may it will never "fit in; "it is going to stand out! So, though the common "wisdom" of today screams differently, I am stubbornly propounding that homosexuals do have a choice to change their sexual orientation! With help - of course. And not psychiatric support groups either, much stronger "medicine" is needed. Supernatural healing balm is required. Though, even then, admittedly that is not an easy work! But it is well worth it. I have to say it, and keep saying it, because I have found it to be entirely true - there is deliverance in the Lord! ( Deliverance from ALL sinful tendencies, which "includes but is NOT limited to" homosexual tendencies.)


However! That foundation being laid, the main point of this writing is that I want to take issue with the word that typically describes the "other side" of this sexual coin - which is the word "straight".


Scripturally speaking this is a great misnomer! Because you see, just because people may not be involved in committing the particular sin of homosexuality, it doesn't meant that they are not committing a veritable host of other sexual sins! And any sexual sin is considered to constitute a perversion, by G-d, and the statutes set forth in His Word! Since Perversion , at its roots means "twisted", then by definition, anyone practicing such a perversion of His standard of sexual behavior can not then be considered to be "straight"! So I can see why the homosexual community has taken such great offense at the treatment they get at the hands of the self-righteous, so-called "straight" community! The condescension and the judgment which they regularly encounter! Intrinsically they perceive that it is completely bogus! And the arrogant, unjust rejection completely inflames them!


The term "straight" came from the phrase, "walking the straight and narrow path" ("of righteousness" - implied). And I am sorry to be the one to burst everyone's comfortable bubble, but merely avoiding ONE type of sexual sin does not qualify anyone for that path! Sorry about that! The boundaries and criteria for that "path" is clearly set forth in the Word of G-d. It contains a purity that is lost to this whole national culture of - "If you got it flaunt it!" and "If it feels good - just - do it!". A purity that can barely be conceived, and is regularly mocked by the flesh driven, lust machine that the sexual union has come to represent! Whose motto and battle cry is "No Boundaries!" or "Don't fence me in"!


It is literally a tragedy of national proportion. The sex industry fuels and pays for, is directly responsible for, the deaths of millions of unborn, the rise of prostitution, the defilement of beauty, the degradation of woman-kind, the the slaughter and perversion of truth - along with every other virtue - and the robbery of the innocence from our children - the ones who do manage to get here! It is directly or indirectly accountable for the rise in suicides from the hearts broken through its abuse and illnesses! It is a nasty, rotten, depreciating, revolting, craven mess, which we, the brilliant ones, have exalted the to the place of idolatry! (Not to be confused with "Dollar Tree", this is even cheaper!) But it has not brought us prosperity or peace. It has brought us staggering divorce statistics and a host of terminal diseases that can not be cured, in addition to the maladies listed above! And in our arrogant stupidity we are okay with that! And not only okay, but mesmerized! Can you say, "DECEIVED"?! Our "fashion industry" lives off of lust's deception, and everything from cars to alcohol are sold by her siren songs!


The Torah, however, upon which all the other inspired writings are based, and by which they are defined, goes into somewhat embarrassing detail about how the physical relationship between humans is to be managed! And in my limited observation, even the majority of the most devout, of the most religious circles, do not even know what it says! In fact, in most institutionalized religions, in this increasingly G-d forsaken nation, most of its devotees would tell you that reading Torah is not only a waste of time, but is also counter-productive, since "Jesus delivered us from the law"! Seriously?! We have bought that deception hook, line and sinker. And - if you haven't noticed - our fish is being fried! (Sorry, lost most of the "Bible believing" western world on that one!)


Let me make something clear here. That thinking - though I was caught up in it for years (entirely too many years!) - is insane, illogical and un-Scriptural! Yeshua Himself said, that He did NOT come to abolish (or make void or refute or render extinct) the law (instructions, covenant, commandments) but to FULFILL ( or complete the Obedience to) IT! He lived a Torah observant life and taught others to do so. Yes - He DID condemn pharisaic rabbinic man-amended law! But they are NOT one and the same! (Sorry, lost the Orthodoxy on that one!) We need to know what the binding agreement says before we sign on the dotted line, people! We need to read the small print before we agree to the terms! Our Covenant - that we like to think we are following - has not been taught as written! And, following the man-made substitutions, we have got ourselves into a heap of trouble as a result! Because the fine print states that not only is there unlimited blessing for staying within its boundaries but there are also some exceedingly unpleasant consequences for choosing to reject those boundaries and live outside them!


Some have said that a loving G-d would not punish sin! How ridiculous a statement! A loving G-d could do nothing less! Sin is a destroyer of life! Why would He be more loving to let it go unabated?! How utterly illogical our thinking has become.


So, to get back to the business of being "straight"; needless to say, it is probably safe to conclude that most relationships in America are probably not founded upon, nor built upon, the standards which are set forth in the Word of God - so how many can actually claim the status of "straight" by that definition? Most of us do not even know how far off His mark we are! How can we possibly think we can accurately judge where anyone else is on that chart? I don't get it. I do realize, of course that "Straight" has been watered down to mean anyone who isn't a homosexual. As "Christianity" has been watered down to mean anyone who isn't a Jew or an Atheist! Whatever!?​


I hate to be the one to point this out, but our gross lack of responsibility to the language should not form the basis of our moral structure! Oy! We need to face some harsh realities. By and large this nation has strayed far from its moorings. In fact, if you ask me, we never got them firmly secured in the first place! The pure intentions of those coming to find freedom in worshiping G-d had been poisoned centuries before, by those who set up the religious system! In fact, if I am reading the history books correctly G-d had pretty much been thrown out of His so-called church by the second century after the death of Messiah! According to those facts we have sort of been doomed from the outset! But all is not lost! The Spirit of G-d will never stop moving in men's hearts, until all is restored to order. G-d's order!


His Word speaks of a small remnant that will comprise those whom He considers to be His people. His inspired writers, however, lists a few identifying qualities that will set those people apart from the masses, that will identify them as G-d's true people. First they will be loving as He is loving! Second, logically, they will learn this love from devotion to Him and His instructions! In fact, they will make His instructions the guiding light of their existence, the standard by which all criteria for Truth is judged! They will love His writings, and live by them, and be changed by them, and they will project them onto the path for everyone to follow. It is that simple. It is that uncomplicated. It is that real. But, trust me, it is NOT that easy! Because those who choose that lifestyle will be mostly shunned socially. Why not? The majority of everyone else loves the virtual, the abbreviated, watered-down versions of truth; most everyone else wants to determine their own criteria for truth and righteousness, they do not want to be confined to such narrow boundaries!


So okay, my point is this. If you are not being governed by the Word that determines and defines that "straight and narrow path of righteousness"; if you have thrown off those restraints - even in the name of so-called "Christian Liberty" - and have decided to go your own way, and create your own "path" - then please, don't have the hypocrisy to call yourself "straight". You can wrangle about the degrees of your personal perversion preferences if you must, you can claim, as many do, that your sin is not as heinous or as harmful or weird or whatever as the next guy! But calling a spade a spade, from G-d's perspective it is no different! Plus, your hypocritical judgment of others is a mockery of His grace, and your arrogance is a stench in his nostrils! It is time we all humbled ourselves and realized that no one has hit His mark, therefore, no one can throw that proverbial stone at anyone else! We must face the facts that our marks - personal goals of what we consider to be purity or holiness - do not matter, unless they are lined up with His! We need to live in the reality that we are all lacking in some way, and that therefore, we all need a savior!


The good news (aka Gospel) is NOT that G-d hates sin! Duh! Sin separated His beloved creation from Him! Of course He hates it! That is such a no-brainer!! The Good News is that there is a Savior! A Champion to fight our battles! A Redeemer - Yeshua the Messiah - He lives! Remember the song from the late seventies or early eighties, sang by Bonnie Rait, I think, called - "I Need a Hero"? Messiah Is That Hero!


So, let's look at this logically, either I am a completely delusional mad-woman - or I have figured out something extremely significant. There are growing numbers on both sides of that coin! lol But whatever I am deemed to be, His Word is stable and secure. It is a constant. It is where I have regained my sanity, peace, joy and ability to actually sleep through the night! So I am not likely to give it up any time soon! And I also feel that I would be remiss to keep such news to myself, so I write on. I have come to see that believing the Truth of Torah is not optional for optimal human existence. That is my firm opinion. I do realize that everyone will not agree, however, knowing what I know, I have eliminated the other choice, I have chosen to believe. But no worries, reading what I write is definitely a choice!





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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.