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Today this is said with a great flourish, when we hear that line we then anticipate the "punch line", or grand finale, of whatever joke or story was being told. But when it comes to real life, "waiting for it" - whatever "it" may be - is usually not something that we love or typically enjoy. Once "it" has come, or our waiting is over, then we sometimes look back on the time of waiting with fondness and even a kind of sentimentality. But while we are waiting we are often tense and terse and find the whole concept of "patience" to be a difficult idea!


Yet, for those seeking to live a Scripturally Correct life style, Patience is a necessary, and ongoing concept. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, that we are expected to desire, cultivate and put to good use - in our spiritual growth process. It is called a fruit, which implies nourishment, the giving of strength. But it is also a tool and a weapon against the wiles of the world, the flesh and the devil! I can see why. None of those entities want anything to do with it! lol That bunch is all about "the minute", they all want whatever "it" is "yesterday"! Even the microwave isn't fast enough to suit them! Impatience is a hallmark of the untrained (yet brain-washed), unsubmitted (yet, devil-ruled), sin-infested, God-deprived, self-deceived, terminally ignorant flesh!


When the Spirit of God comes on the scene He immediately begins to change all of that. He immediately begins to speak Peace to the turmoil, to settle the striving, to bring order to the chaos of the previously unredeemed soul. Just as He began to bring order as God spoke at creation, so He works in each of our individual's universes to make a world which is fit for God's habitation! God will not come in and abide with sin and filth and enemies of His Righteousness! Grace is not the power to ignore sin, nor the power to "tolerate it", it is the power to eliminate it!


His presence, His Spirit, begins His work at once - to change the atmosphere and bring light into darkness and order out of chaos! Always. Whether we are talking of Worlds or Souls, the result is the same. His character begins to take rule, and change is inevitable. So, patience, eventually comes to one who has opened the door to the Ruach. Patience must be worked into that individual. Patience is rather like a shoe horn that helps us make room for the vision which is coming. God's visions are not small enough to squeeze into the spaces that we had been used to setting aside for Him. He must enlarge the space within us. Until, at the last, we become something which is much like the popular vehicle called "Tardis", in which the fictitious "Dr. Who?" traverses time and space. Outwardly it appears as only an average sort of phone booth or something equally small and box-like, but inwardly there are worlds of wonder! Patience is one of the tools that transforms us from what we appear to be, to what God had in mind for us to be, which is always quite a bit bigger than we ever imagined! For example, no one who knew the old me would have ever been able to even imagine me a mother, much less the mother of seven, much less the mother of seven emotionally well-adjusted beings! The vision had to employ a vehicle that would stretch me to fit that place. And trust me, Patience WAS that vehicle!


However, though that sounds a bit more appealing when put that way, patience is not a commodity much sought after! Because, I think, Patience requires one to be responsible! People seem to want Authority, that is, Power. Yet seem to shirk from the responsibility which is a prerequisite of that Authority - because it means that one must be in full control of ones emotional faculties. Patience requires one to truly trust God, and His efforts, most often unseen, which are going on "behind the scenes", or in the "faith realm", or on the "spiritual plane" of existence! But however one chooses to express it - it still means that I can not see "it" - "it" being, of course, the object of my hope and desire - and therefore "its" reality, or actual existence is questionable (to the realm of the five senses). Therefore, "it" requires great amounts of faith and trust - and - you guessed it - Patience - completing a seemingly endless cycle. But I have found that it is not only a cycle, but an upward spiral, and that there is actually an end - though we can not see it from here. The spiral ends in eternity - in a reward for faithfulness - that is promised to us, if we can endure (have patience) to the end. It is not a concept that the believer can afford to separate his or her self from - it is one of the essential elements needed to run this race. It is one of the nine spiritual "amino acids" required to build the belief muscle! If the Just Shall Live by Faith, then how is that Faith built? One of the main building blocks is - wait for it... Patience!


Today's "Utmost Entry" makes a good case for patience, taken from the book of Habakkuk 2:3 "Though it (the promise, the vision, the baby, the job, the mate...) tarry, WAIT FOR IT" It is a good read, if you can take the time look it up, that great devotional is now on Face Book! It was great encouragement to what I have been going through lately. Just what the doctor ordered! Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are supposed to be waiting on something, that we are not just wasting our time! Sometimes we just need to be reminded that God is working even when we can't tell that He is working! Like the body will heal itself, given the proper physical elements, so the spiritual chaos or illness in our lives will come to order, given the proper spiritual elements! Our God is in the fixing business! He is in the creating business - working order in chaos, matter in nothing, peace in strife, wholeness in brokenness, wellness in illness, light in darkness, He comes IN and evil must go out! It is our faith in HIM that will produce the vision which He has given us, and nothing less than that will do!


But that Faith comes from patient perseverance in the Word - observe and remember/ remember and observe - hear and obey, obey and listen - and not from a rigid, fearful, duty-bound heart, but from a heart of grateful love. From a heart of devotion to who He is, a heart of belief in what He's done, and a heart of trust that He, above all, has our best interest at heart! That makes obedience a feast instead of a fast, and a happy observance instead of a dread duty. That kind of heart makes patience a time well-spent, which deepens the bonds of love. That kind of heart takes the toil out of the work, and brings fulfillment and deep joy.

That kind of heart is at peace. But then, He is the King of hearts. Thankfully different from the Queen of Hearts, who goes around shouting "Off with his head" at every infraction! This King of Hearts shouts "off with his head" only at the willful flesh. This King of Hearts actually gives us a new head - one worth using, and a new heart - one of holiness from which to serve Him!


So again, I surrender my heart, head, and all to this gracious King, and determine to Worship while waiting - so as to spend the time efficiently and not fritter it away in fretting! I am so easily prone to fretting! But it is much like a rocking chair, there is some comfort, and much movement, but one can never get anywhere! It just wears out the floor, the chair and eventually the one doing the rocking!


Today, I choose - again - to lean upon His chest and listen for His heartbeat. As King David said, I am as one being weaned. I have need of nothing from Him, except the comfort of His Presence. With that connection established I find that I am in need of nothing, and in possession of all I need for this days work. Ahhh. The happy place of patience. I am glad I found the way back.


So if you are in one of those long, weary, tunnels of transition, where no light is visible - there are no stars to navigate by, no moon to light the weary nights, no sun to illuminate the days - then just snuggle up to the Father in praise and trust and remember that He can see in the dark and that all is well. He is God of the darkness too. There is no realm He does not rule. All is safe in HIM.


This is what the writer of James (whose name was actually Jacob) means, when he admonished his fellow believers to "Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have her perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing."


For years I have asked the question - "What part of lacking in nothing do we not want?!" Isn't it "lack" that just wears us out?! Patience is a power tool of the Spirit! It produces the faith, that is the substance of what we are hoping for! Without patience we will not endure to the end. Without patience we will not be able to "Wait upon the Lord" in order to renew our strength - nor will we be able to mount up with wings as eagles. We will not gain the faith to do great exploits, we will not obtain the power to achieve great visions. Patience is the vehicle that takes us home. It is THE expression of Trust in God. It is the main element needed in overcoming the flesh. We must have - and be willing to use - the patience which is produced by the Spirit of God in our lives - we must yield to it - rest in it - and when the vision tarries - we must dig down deep inside and connect with His Spirit that give us the strength we need to Worship and to -

"Wait for it....."



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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.