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Lately, due to the raging political battles being waged mainly in media, it has been queried if we really believe that Joseph Smith and his followers are less kooky and misled than Mohamed and his bunch? Well. I have to say that I don't know! I personally know some people who claim affinity with each group, and frankly, none of them would hurt a fly, and frankly most of them seem more stable and sensible than some of the mainstream of "Christianity" that I know! As far as I can see they are sincere, caring people who want nothing more out of life than a good place to raise a family and live in peace! As for the doctrinal issues, well, let's face facts here, I don't think I even know a human, nor have I ever even heard of a human, that had all of his doctrinal beliefs completely in line with the Word of G-d! No one has the market cornered on Truth! I do think however that it does count if you at least have hold of the real G-d! The Word does warn us of the false ones!


As anyone can tell, I have been on a quest for truth - so clearly I don't think I have it! But there is something which I do have that has kept me safer than some. I don't just depend on my doctrine. Obviously. Since I have thrown major belief structures back to the ditches they crawled out of more than once, in order to keep searching! But I depend on G-d, and I have cultivated a working relationship with Him, His Spirit, and His Word! How does someone depend on something which they do not fully understand? I don't know. But we do it all the time. Who fully understands any of the laws of the universe we live by? Yet we get along pretty well most days.


The issue clearly is not religious preference, but rather who has any kind of relationship with G-d? Now I will say this, and this is purely from my own observation, limited knowledge, and strong opinions based on those - Allah is not G-d! He is a false god of heathen religion. So in that case, those who are followers of Mohamed will not have the benefit that I am talking about. Those I know who are "harmless", seeking only peace (lack of war) and quiet, are those who are non-practicing, for the most part. They have fled that warring part of it, and are trying to wrestle it into something that they can live with. I wish them luck with that. But I have found that when I look at one of my belief structures and find it to be "exalted against the knowledge of G-d", I had to "cast down that vain (empty of life) imagination!


And there have been many, beginning, years ago with the Baptist doctrine that forbade the speaking in tongues, saying it "was not for today". What part of the real Word of G-d is not for today! Then how do we trust any of it?! I mean, sacrifices apparently are not ongoing, but Yeshua provided a pleasing sacrifice that settled that system - so that part may have been replaced! However, the Holy Spirit (as evidenced through the speaking in tongues) was His system that He left in place to guide us into the Truth! So how do we get off ditching it! Then I encountered the raw fact that the whole "Roman Catholic Church System" (and again, please note that in that reference I am NOT just meaning those who still practice active Catholicism, but all "Judeo-Christian Faiths") - which include ALL Western Denominational (and yes, non-denominational) belief structures - bar none - had pitched out major portions of Torah, and had substituted Idolatrous heathen practices in place of G-d's clearly commanded feasts and Holy Days! Oy vey! In the name of "avoiding legalism" or avoiding "Judaizing"! As if including things which G-d clearly spelled out as an abomination in His eyes would fix the problem that Yeshua had with the Pharisees? His problem with them was that they had already started substituting the teachings of the sages for the teachings of Moses! Again, as always, I am dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity of the flesh!


As to the other religions in question today - it is possible in my mind, that the Native American "Great Spirit", could have been the same G-d as Abraham worshiped, and that they, like Abraham, could have contacted Him without the aid of the great white missionary! And while, I do not agree that Joseph Smith came to all the right conclusions, I think at least he was acknowledging the correct entity to begin with - but doctrinal error is some complicated and dangerous stuff, even at that. However, I need to clearly state this again - allah is NOT G-d!


I can tell because he mistreats even his own loyal followers. Some, who have not known G-d will say, well, your G-d crucified His own Son! But why? To save the rest of humanity! The people of G-d fight to defend what is right, but they kill no one unnecessarily! The people of allah kill to be killing! They kill because they hate anyone who isn't "with them". But even if they have to kill ten who are with them to get at one who isn't they will do it to get that one! They want G-d and His people eradicated from the earth! Does that not make it clear who they belong to? There is only ONE True G-D! But there is another spirit being that has set himself up as "god of this world", who opposes everything G-d does - and he is the "mind behind" the puppet masters of "allah".


As for Mormonism, and Mitt Romney, I have heard a lot of things about the man. Some not so good, some really, really good. But I can hope in this, maybe, just maybe, he has a real relationship with the real G-d? Which means that even if his doctrine is askew G-d will be able to pull him away from that and head him in the right direction. But I think Mr. Obama has proved that he is both heartless and heedless where G-d and His priorities are concerned. I mean really, when senator Clinton has more moral consciousness....?


Mitt Romney at least embodies the basic G-dly values that the Republic was founded on, though they have become watered down over time. But any, at this point, is better than none! Anything in the direction of the real G-d of our Salvation is better than anything in the direction of the allah of all destruction! I think for the time we need to lay aside all petty intellectual biases and be willing to see what is actually going on. Freedom is slipping away. In the name of freedom for all, we are seeing the rise of an ugly dictatorship for a few. Those who support it are abused and willing sacrificed, senselessly, with abandon of the few who lead, who want all the power for themselves and will lie, steal and kill to get it. And they are doing plenty of each. Do not be deceived by them!


The worshipers of G-d may be called on to give their lives for Him, on occasion, but that is okay, He gave His first, and He will give ours back at the end! But those who follow allah will live in hell, both on earth and in eternity. Especially the women and the little ones. We should NOT sit by and judge them! We should love them enough to tell them the truth. But the truth is not that they should accept the Jewish Messiah while spitting on His brethren! The TRUTH is that the Messiah was a Torah observant Jew, and we all can be grafted in to HIS Vine! We can all become children of His Father, the ONE True G-d! We can all become the blessed children of Abraham - not replacing the righteous Jews, but joining them (and no, I am not saying that they are all righteous - there are standards for them, first and foremost)! But it will be by the same method which Abraham used - he had a relationship with G-d! He believed G-d, and it was counted to him as righteousness. As Yeshua said to the Samaritans, His Spirit is still saying to us today, we "err, because we do not (really) know the Scriptures...). Perhaps it is time we fix that problem. But in the meantime, we should at least stop judging each others' error and develop a real relationship with the real Creator of the Universe!





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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.