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What has been pedaled as submission in “church”, (at least the majority of the organizations which bear that title in the south eastern U.S.A.) is a thinly veiled chauvinism, based on a great and ancient evil, which has come to be known, in our times, as “White Male Supremacy”. Man has always thought himself superior, and therefore “in authority over” the woman, historically. And though it has changed and subtly morphed, over the years, and both sides have lost sight of their strengths and callings, on a level, it still insidiously imprisons women – especially religious women - in a web of deception. A Web which causes them to become less than what God intended them to be. A prison which strips them of dignity and authority and honor, and which I am determined to annihilate! Women are “Liberated” in much the same way as Native Americans and African-Americans are “Liberated”, and I am here to point out that we've all got a long way to go baby!

Now, let me say here that I have never been an advocate of the commonly accepted “Women's Liberation Movement” either. While revoltis clearly in order on the subject, still, we need not, indeed should not, leave our God given place to go after the place given to man! We have our own place in God! And what has been missed by both sides is that our “Place”, in God's order of things, is worthy of Its Own Honor!

I do not, or should not, need to become a man, or even be forced to act like one, to get the respect which I deserve! For example, I do not, or should not, have to pretend that I am less emotional, when God made me emotional for a reason. Of course anything can be taken to extremes, and He never intended that emotions be used for manipulation, etc. But I highly suspect that the temptation to err in that direction would not come up as often, if women were truly treated by those “In Authority over them” as Christ treated His Church! If we were given our proper place of honor, respect, consideration and authority we would have no reason to “rebel”. I am not, and have never been, in rebellion, contrary to popular opinion. However, in recent years, as I have been set free by the anointing which Jesus declared in Luke 4:18, I have found it necessary to revolt against unrighteous oppression! For I now know, that we are meant to be co-rulers, not sub-rulers! And I can not fit down there in that lowly cubicle assigned to me by the “leadership” anymore! The new wine, which has been poured into me by His Spirit, has blown that old wine skin all to hell, and as that is where it was spawned, good enough for it!

Humanly speaking, this idea of “equality” of “authority” does, of course, present social issues. I mean, someone has to be in charge don't they? Yes, but that someone is supposed to be Christ! In Godly men, He should be the One that is directing the motives and actions, and how very grieved He must be to see His daughters treated as scullery maids, or mere children. Speaking when addressed or “permitted”, eyes lowered, head hanging in shame, lest she be perceived as a threat of some kind, silently as possible, scittering around, trying not to incur the wrath of the almighty “Lord” of the place, whether it be the man-of-the-house, or the Pastor of the Church.

Yet, if I am reading it correctly, and I know that I am, we are called to be “help-meets”, not ass-kissers! And, by the way, men who abuse authority are being complimented to be compared to a burro. They usually exceed them in both stupidity and stubbornness!

“God gave women to the men, not the other way around”. They love to point that out! And I wholeheartedly agree! But whatthey, the proponents of “male supremacy”, are missing is why, or what God intended by that. He said, “it is not good for man to be alone”. The implications of that are vast and varied. But I am quite sure that He did not mean that man should be merely saved from doing his own laundry (cooking, cleaning, errands – fill in the blank as you will)! And we also do not exist for the sole purpose of relieving hormonal strain, and procreation – though God intended both to be honorable endeavors, originally!

No! He gave us to them to be HELP to them, because He equipped us with things which they do not have! And while they are totally “down with” acknowledging, and enjoying (sometimes to excess, or in the wrong spirit) the physical “extras” and “differences”, all too often the stuff that could really help the hard-heads gets rebuked, labeled, judged and ignored, about in that order, and therefore atrophies into a useless nagging, or dies out altogether while the woman is totally unfulfilled in her calling! We are never allowed to rise to the level which God intended! We are kept down, degraded, dumbed down, and sat upon. What is relegated to “Jezebel Spirit”, in many cases, is actually, only, healthy boundaries striving for recognition!

This, I would say, is the source of most of the strife in Christian marriages, and in most churches as well. This is the source of the resentment and hostility that most women fight, especially the Godly ones! I suspect that it is also the fuel that fires the pharmaceutical industry's profits, in the sale of “mood lifters”, “nerve” remedies, and other psychological disorder “bandaids”. But we need to wake up and realize that women are frustrated, depressed, angry, and drift between suicidal and homicidal tendencies because we are constantly being spiritually and emotionally raped!

That is a strong term I know. But I have been forcibly abused many times in my life, physically speaking. It is difficult to describe the feeling of helplessness, and terror, as someone holds you down and greedily uses you to get satisfy his or her lusts. Not concerned at all as to your pain, your destruction of soul, your humiliation. Not considering you as an entity at all. Why? Merely because you are a lowly female, “put here for his pleasure”, and nothing more. (And the females that forcibly abuse other females or children are acting out their depravity of soul from having experienced such loveliness! Sorry, it is awful, but true!)

And I am here to say, that I have experienced that exact same feeling spiritually and emotionally, as some self-exalted jack-ass “prophesied” from his biased, ignorant, mis-informed head, instead of from the heart of the Spirit of God! Unwittingly usurping my authority, stripping me of my boundaries, humiliating me in public, accusing, demeaning, and crushing my soul to despair, in the Name of my precious Jesus! But I know my Jesus, and these charlatans bear no resemblance to Him! Jesus would never abuse His beloved in this thoughtless, harsh cruel way! My brethren, and Sisters, these things ought not to be! But I am a living witness that they are! And I have declared war on the Non-Biblical doctrines of “submission”! The Word of God is clear that the subject of submission be applied evenly to all, we are to submit one to another, it isn't that women must submit to men! This is extremely out of balance!

When I was 12 years old I was asked to teach the Sunday school lesson one week when the teacher was ill. I was a very mature, very studious 12 year old. The pastor sat in to be sure there was order, and that I didn't propound any weirdness, etc. Afterwards, I overheard the him tell my mother, “If she were not a girl, I'd say she was called to preach!” I remember a vague feeling of anger over those words, which I did not quite understand. I have wondered for years, since then, without being able to quite articulate the discrepancies, why the women always seemed “good enough” to assume any responsibility, which the men in the fellowship deemed below them or simply did not want to do, such as teaching the next generations of believers (the kids), but never seemed to be considered worthy of being given much authority!

In my house, I have instinctively taught my kids that authority (freedom to decide things) and responsibility (the work caused by those decisions) are inseparably joined – or should be - and that most of the ills of our nation have come because those two “power-twins” get separated somehow. In other words, “those who play should be the ones who pay”, but it isn't always so cut and dry! Nowhere is this more perverted, twisted, abused, misrepresented, ill-managed and completely out of balance, than in the organization called church – where men have the market cornered on authority, but women are stuck with all the responsibility-work for what the almighty men decide! Bear with me, I am still working on the bitterness of years of unrighteous oppression here. The anger of the gall of it all, and the abuse which I have endured, survived and escaped, still burns pretty hot!

For now, as a grown-up woman, healed of the destruction of the physical abuse, I am also healing from the soul destroying spiritual/emotional abuse which I have endured for all my 53 years in church! Jesus is anointed to free the captive! This is one captive that has broken out and made a run for it! I now understand the anger that burned in the heart of that 12 year old, and those pressed down thoughts of “how dare he say that!?”


How dare he or anyone else, in fact, assume, or dare to try and determine what God has called me to! How dare anyone think themselves big enough or important enough to set or reset boundaries in my life which God has reserved for Himself! “Get the hell out of my hula-hoop!”, is all I have to say to them now. I am a submitted servant of the most high God. I have willingly, determinedly, deliberately chosen to submit to Godly Authority, but I am also responsible to discern who is operating in that capacity and to refuse to bow to those who are missing the mark! Do I forgive them? Yes. Do I have grace for them? Of course. Do I tolerate any more of their abuse! Nope! No more of that!

I am free. I will not submit any longer to any yoke of bondage. I am co-yoked with Christ, whose yoke is easy and not ill-fitting. Unlike those of former slave owners I have known and loved! I still love them, and I appreciate the many things I learned from them which were actually Scriptural, but I must draw the line at being subjected against my will, whether it be by force-full usurping of authority or by more subtle scripture twisting manipulation. That is still called slavery, human trafficking, and rape, onestill can not “make a silk purse from a pigs ear”. Wrong doctrine is destructive, and this one has done more damage to the Church of the Living God than any of the devil's other arsenal. However, I am free. I am loved. To the disdain of the male supremacists I am called to preach, and preach I will “By God!” (and I mean that most literally). Show me Godly Authority, living by faith, and working through Love and I will submit to it lock, stock and barrel. Show me male chauvinst bull-shit, or religiously cloaked witch-craft and I will fight it with my last breath! I am created a vessel of honor and I have decided that I will not be treated otherwise. This is a public-service announcement. You have been duly warned.



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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.