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Or Just Plain Old Human Race Issues?


Recently, in response to the rampant "race-baiting" done by the media, and feeling particularly disturbed by the “knock-out game” (in which people – apparently mostly young, and primarily black people - try to deliberately harm unsuspecting bystanders for a morbid and misplaced sense of “fun” or personal entertainment) I have begun to dig into some research to try to see what is really going on. The statistics reported of violence against blacks is staggering! The media seems a bit more reluctant to report on the startling rise in crimes of blacks against whites, however. Is this really “justice” - as is inferred - for all the years that it was the other way around? Or is this just white-washed revenge? No pun intended.


Concerned, wanting to have accurate information for intercession, and just having a need to know, I have gone to a few supposedly reliable sites, most of which have been reportedly non-partisan, non-biased government studies. What I learned was that murders do seem to occur more often in the black community - what is NOT accurately reported, however, is the numbers of those murders that occurred which were perpetrated by blacks against blacks - as much as 93% in 2005 alone! Also ominously left out is the fact that incidence of blacks perpetrating crimes against whites, occurs two thirds more often than whites perpetrating crimes against blacks – of the crimes reported.


Yet if we, who are white, suspect a person of darker skin color of acting or looking suspicious WE are profiling?! Um...if these people don't want the reputation as thugs, then perhaps they should stop mugging people. And for the ones who do not mug people, perhaps they should stop dressing, walking, talking and associating with the ones who do!!! I know that may be easier said than done, but hey, I had to leave a lot the ways of “my people” as well. I had to walk away from relatives that choose to hang onto prejudice, “white-male-supremacist” thinking, and move toward the light of God's love for ALL of His creation! There is only ONE race mentioned in Scriptures, the HUMAN RACE. That's it. And according to Scriptures, due to the act of the first recorded human - in rebellion to God's boundaries - we are all now infested with a self-orientation issue that must be resolved or transformed by obedience to His Word, by cooperating with His Spirit! We are all sinful, stupid, treacherous beings, bent on hell by way of world domination - if left to our own limited devices! So let's knock off the lame blame game and take the help God has offered!


I read a statistic, in an article written by a black man, that said that blacks have killed more of their own skin color in six months than the KKK did in 86 years! Wow. So we "whitely's" are still the "bad guys" because, . . . ? Yeah. I don't know either! Now, of course, in reading all of this information I did take into consideration that perhaps the incidences being reported were more than a little skewed - especially up until the past couple of decades - which is why I didn't go back further in my research. I KNOW that blacks have been hugely mistreated! Duh. But that last piece of information - about how many blacks are killed by those in their own community - was a bit startling to contemplate! What NO ONE seems to be studying is WHY?


Again the white community is blamed....for hogging the best resources, schools, jobs, etc. But that has NOT been my experience in MY life time! No one came to my high school offering government grants for us underprivileged white kids, for example! Yet, I personally know several black friends, and the children of even more, who went to college on a full scholarship, or had the opportunity to! How can many people I know get two or three times the food stamps we can get, while driving nicer cars, carrying the latest I-phones, and dressing their kids in the latest brand name clothes and sneakers? I don't get it. Not that I resent them having the help. I am just trying to resolve this obvious disconnect between what is reported and the reality in which I daily exist!


I mean, I am all about restitution and all, but then, my family were share-croppers, and little more than slaves too – so where is MY restitution?! Just sayin'... So....Will someone please tell me again where the real problem is? And will someone please tell me what all this "race-baiting", blame shifting cowardice can be expected to produce - besides more hatred, division and violence?


Is anyone looking into the REAL reasons that the quality of life has not seemed to improve for these people, even though they are now privileged to more "free" help than any other group in the nation? Can anyone tell me why the media is not giving equal time to the Native Americans, whose statistics are even sadder than the African Americans – though they are not the ones openly attacking whites on a daily basis? Or why more is not said or done about the worst case of civil injustice in history – that of bias against women?!


Is anyone looking into the problems caused by the historic breakdown in family which the African-American Community seems to take in their stride and accept as “just normal life”? Are there any studies that are investigating the cultural biases, thought patterns and life choices which they keep cultivating among themselves that seem to keep them locked away from stable relationships, productive career opportunities, and general well-being?


It seems to me that instead of stirring the strife and hatred that prompted this issue in the first place, instead of just turning the tables on who gets to be the recipient of this hatred, we should seek to get rid of it altogether, and to walk toward the light of love that joins men for the welfare of all! Can we please stop harping on "race" issues, and address the real problem - which is the sinful, lusting, greedy nature of fallen man – of all colors and cultures! There is a cure! It is found in the anointing of Yeshua, that can bring down any stronghold!


I know – this “Gospel” has been badly misrepresented, exploited, and even historically used to justify the hatred! I know that the misuse, twisting and selective ignorance - of what the Word of God came to teach us - has historically done more harm than good. But as is true of fire arms, alcohol or food - it isn't the knowledge or the substance or the object in question - but what people choose to do with them that is the problem – so it is with this Gospel – if used correctly it can restore us to peaceful, loving coexistence. But we ALL have to be willing to come under its Authority – to live by the same rules. Isn't that what equality looks like? Men will never really settle for equality in the flesh though – when it comes right down to it we are all after superiority – power. We can never efficiently legislate righteousness. But we can preach the true and living Gospel of Yeshua the Anointed One - and overcome this history long hatred - one soul at a time! But if we hope to ever have “Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward men” we had better get busy, it looks like we're a bit behind!




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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.