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Today the devotional was taken from Luke 1:35, wherein the angel announced the coming of Messiah to the one who would bear Him saying, "This holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of G-d."


Brother Chambers, as always, has some excellent thoughts on this passage. He asks, "If the Son of G-d has been born into my mortal flesh, then, is His holiness and simplicity and oneness with the Father getting a chance to manifest itself in me?" A good question. A really hard, probing question that deserves more than a passing consideration.


So, if we say we are born again, shouldn't there be something to indicate that momentous change in our lives? Have we allowed the presence of the Son of G-d, to which we claim we have "become alive", to progress in us, to take up space in our lives? Have we nurtured His being within our souls the way one who is "with child" nurtures the babe in the womb? Or have we allowed or even precipitated a spontaneous abortion, also known as "miscarriage", meaning that the child is lost to us, going back to G-d who sent it?


There is a popular doctrine which says that, once obtained, salvation can not be lost. However, I have found no scriptural support for this supposition. While it is true that G-d will never let go of us, it remains true that He has given us the right and the ability to let go of Him! And logic demands that we accept the fact that we can not hold on and let go at the same time. And it is as true spiritually as it is physically that anything which one maintains, cares for and feeds will grow or continue, but anything that is neglected will atrophy, disintegrate or die. Therefore, we need not expect the Holy presence to grow within us unless we provide it a healthy atmosphere to do so.


Brother Chambers goes on, "Am I simple enough to identify myself with my Lord in this way? Is He increasing as I decrease? Is He getting His wonderful way in me? Is G-d able to realize His Son formed in me or have I carefully put Him to one side? Oh the clamor of these days! Everyone seems to be clamoring - for what? For the Son of G-d to be put to death! There is no room for the Son of G-d just now, no room for His quiet holy communion with the Father..."


As I read these words I was reminded of a "Christmas" Song from the past, which Gene and I used to do. I can not remember who wrote it, but a young lady named Evie recorded it, it was called, "No Room". The poignant, haunting tune and lyrics explain the sad state of affairs pretty well...


"No Room"


No Room, only a manger of hay! No room, He is a stranger today.

No room! Here in His world turned away. No room, no room?


No room, here in the hearts of mankind. No room, no cheery welcome to find.

No room, surely the world is blind! No room, no room?


Angels, in heaven up yonder, watch with amazement and wonder, to see the Son of the Highest treated so.


No room. No room? No room!


This is of course referring to the fact that in Bethlehem, at tax season, there were no accommodations to be found! But, I wonder, how differently they would have been received had they had a fine caravan of camels or if they had been clearly identifiable as royalty! Someone would have been asked to surrender their rooms on their behalf, no doubt! Ah the stupid baseness of human value. Sin has definitely gotten a strangle-hold on the people of the world, when now, the babe in the womb is also in danger - of convenience and selfishness and a lack of responsibility and self-control. And as we have become careless stewards of the physical life, how much less do we guard the spiritual treasure which is not tangible. When we "accept the Messiah Yeshua as our savior, His spirit immediately comes alive within us, and begins to grow within us, much like a babe in the womb, depending on us to feed ourselves the spiritual nourishment of the Word of G-d, taught in truth and received in faith, that would bring the Son of G-d to maturity in our character. Have we been good stewards of the heavenly gift?


Or have we been like the hoards of irresponsible whore-mongers, those who are sexually out of control, in our nation, whose spiritually neglected, characterless natures have allowed their uncontrolled fleshly sexual lusts to conceive unwanted children and carelessly eliminate them like so much garbage? Or do we consider ourselves to be more like the responsible "green minded" people? Those whose sex life is maintained within a socially acceptable boundary like marriage or at least a monogamous relationship, but who deem it irresponsible to "breed like rabbits and use up the earthly resources"? Those who choose to accomplish their regular abortive processes in a more 'civilized" way, of taking the pill. Obviously choosing to believe the known lie that it "prevents conception", while conveniently choosing to ignore the known facts that nothing can prevent conception (except abstinence from sexual intercourse!), and that the pill in fact simply makes the womb a "hostile environment for life", thereby defining it as an abortive substance. It all, in the end, is a self deceptive process of "selective ignorance" which revolves around personal and corporate convenience.


As our common sense and logic have deteriorated as pertains to so many of life's issues, as we have been subtly and carefully persuaded away from our righteous standard of living, which used to be obvious and taken for granted, so has our ability to discern the even weightier spiritual matters apparently deteriorated as well! So I must reiterate Brother Chamber's question, "If the Son of G-d was born in us", have we allowed Him to grow in us? Have we allowed Him to manifest His life within us? Or have we gone with the fleshly, worldly clamor that constantly cries out, "Crucify the party-pooper!"; "Get that stick in the mud out of here!"; "Mind your own business, you religious extremist!" ?


Again, I am not amazed that the crazy unsaved world, who has not had Him born in them, opposes that which is born of Him! But I constantly stand aghast at those who claim to have affiliation with Him that oppose what He stands for, and who are constantly trying to water down what He stands for, has always stood for, and always will stand for. Yeshua from Nazareth was a Torah observant Jew. That is just something everyone needs to get, and get over. He stands for the Truth as written in the Books of Moses, from which all other Scripture stems, and which all scripture resonates back to. He will never change. We are the ones that are supposed to be changing! And what I can not grasp is, why did we ask Him into our hearts if we didn't want to change? If we thought we already had it together, what was the point?


Have you nurtured Him, or aborted Him from your life by starving Him out? Have you welcomed Him, by arranging the elements of your life in a way that would please Him, or have you driven Him away by insulting Him with the profane trash of this world and the baser natural choices of the fallen flesh? Have you allowed Him to make any changes to your hard-drive, or have you treated Him like a virus? I keep crying out about this, because the Spirit of G-d longs for all to come to a real knowledge of the Son of G-d, so that each can be saved, and become an instrument to save others, but this is real, we are truly in the last days! No, I do NOT know how many years, days, or minutes we have left! I am a prophetess not a fortune-teller! But I know by the signs stated in scripture that we must be living in the last days, and that the door of grace is slowly closing! If we are going to return to Him, we should be about that, as quickly as possible! And if we are not going to let Him grow in us and change us into His image, then we need to be real about that, and at least stop judging the world out there!


Is He born in You? Is He born in me? Can anyone tell?



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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.