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(That would be The One True & Living G-d! The G-d of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob! The Father of the Messiah, Yeshua! 

Some Thoughts for Today - As pertaining to our current Political/Social/Spiritual Climate):


I am not a prophet, and definitely not the son of a prophet! lol However, I do feel that G-d has given me vision and insight, and on occasion has honored me by using me in the prophetic gifts, and has, if only for a season, set me as a "Watchman on the Wall", of His Kingdom in this Nation.


That simply means that I have a responsibility to cry out if I think I see danger lurking. First of all, to cry out to G-d in intercession, and then having received the confirmation of the Spirit on what I think I am seeing, to cry aloud, so that His people can take the necessary actions to avert judgment or avoid danger!


Not a glorious job. Not one with any "Authority" as to the decision making process. However, it does carry with it a great responsibility, if I am reading it correctly, because, if I see something, or even think that I see something, and do not cry out, then I will stand before G-d and receive His judgment for those who may come under judgment, and suffer because they were not properly warned!


However, if I am faithful to publish my warnings abroad, and if I do cry out to His community of believers, then the responsibility transfers to them. Hey. I don't make this stuff up y'all, its in the Book! (Read Ezekiel 3:16-21). So then, if the warnings are not heeded and the proper response to His warning is not given, and judgment does fall, at least it is not on my head. Again, not easy, but pretty simple and uncomplicated. So here goes:


When is the last time you read Obadiah? When is the last time you read any of the Prophets of G-d? When is the last time you picked up His Word and really read any of it, while praying for His understanding on it, taking time to digest it and meditate on it? When is the last time that His opinion, whatever it may be, on any given subject, even crossed your mind? When is the last time you went out of your way, or denied yourself something you really wanted, to obey something you believed He wanted? Okay, this is just an engine check to see if we are "on". If you could not readily and affirmatively answer any of the above, then maybe you had better start your repentance session here, before you read on....


(Note from the writer: Please remember that I am standing on your side of this fence being asked these same questions! There is NO finger pointing here!)


Okay, now that I have your attention, there are some things your Father would like you to be fully aware of!


In our nation there are several things going on at the same time. First of all, as prophesied by Reverend Billy Graham in the late sixties, and as has been reiterated by many reliable prophetic voices in every decade since then - David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill, Keith Green - to name a few familiar ones:


"... Judgment begins with the house of G-d"!


This piece of a passage is found in I Peter 4:17; (under the heading of "How believers are to live in the last days", in one of my translations!). I think it is most relevant to our current situation. I enthusiastically encourage you to read this book in its entirety until you "get it", that is until you really see the Truths which it contains with spiritual eyes.


(But just in case anyone could possibly still be wondering if we are really in "The Last Days" - Yes, We are THERE! - NOW! Judgment HAS begunwith G-d's people! *We should take note that He has not gotten around to the heathen as yet, and that should tell us where the focus should be - the "log" in our own spiritual "eye", must be removed first!)


So. That is the first thing that is going on. Dr. Graham went on to say, in that same message, more than four decades ago, "If G-d does NOT judge America (for her wickedness) He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!" Wow. Selah.


The other thing that is going on, in tandem with the judgment (that is hovering just overhead, that breaks out intermittently in controlled bursts as "Warning Blasts" ) - because of His infinite Mercy and Love for us - is that there is a move of the Spirit, the Ruach Ha Kodesh, which, if heeded, is intended to avert that judgment or at least lessen it!


That move of the Spirit is called Repentance, or in Hebrew - "Teshuvah"! Which indicates aturning back to G-d and His Word and His Spirit, while turning away from the stubborn, terminally stupid flesh - which, as I have warned you, is leagues with the world and the devil!


The move of the Spirit of G-d is toward HUMILITY! Which has been much preached, but still little practiced in the believers of this nation! The Word of G-d urges us to - "Humble (y)ourselves UNDER the mighty hand of G-d, so that you can find mercy and grace to help in time of need" (KJV)! This is also found in

I Peter. Beginning with the last part of verse 5 and continuing to verse 6 it says,


"...And all of you clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for 'G-d opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble' (he was quoting from Proverbs 3:34). Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of G-d, so that He may lift you up at the appropriate time."

(Tree of Life, Messianic Translation)


Again, that was that we need to HUMBLE OURSELVES! Presumably, that is so that He does not need to humble us! What part of "G-d OPPOSES the PROUD" do we NOT get?!


Another pertinent passage is one that I have been pounding since before the last elections in 2008 - II Chronicles 7:13 & 14:


"If I shut up the heavens so there is no rain, or if I send locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; (which are all signs of the curse of disobedience - which - btw - "grace" does not remove unless the disobedience is repented of and the sin halted!) If MY people which are called by MY NAME, shall HUMBLE THEMSELVES, and pray, and seek MY FACE, and turn from THEIR wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land."


Yet another passage that comes to mind here, that beautifully illustrates what I just said is found in Isaiah 1:18-20 (from the KJV):


"Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land: but if you refuse and rebel you shall be devoured by the sword: for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it."


So, would that be the same mouth that does not lie? That intends to fulfill every word He has uttered? Hmm. Sounds like we are in for it to me! Since we, as a nation, have shaken our fists in G-d's face! And yes - I am especially referring to the Bible toting, sinner smoting, prideful, strutting, homo-sexual boy-cotting, abortion protesting, pack of rank hypocrites known as the so-called "Church"! As a corporate entity we have allowed the dumbing-down, the twisting-up and the throwing-out of His Word! At this point it is barely recognizable!We have traded obedience for tolerance, and reverence for relevance - though no one can ever adequately explain to me what we are trying to be relevant to! As Yeshua chastened the Pharisees we are likewise guilty of it as well! That of putting our grand (and often sickeningly idolatrous, heathenism-rooted) traditions and man-inspired doctrines above the Word (Torah) of G-d!


We can make excuses for ourselves all day, but when it gets down to where the "rubber (of life) meets the road (of righteousness)" we have left the Path! Missed the Way! Ignored the warning signals! And are now we are in a free-fall off the cliff of post-modern stupidity! We have gotten "so open minded that our brains fell out"! As my (not so sainted but very practical) mother used to say!


In the name of "tolerance for those different from ourselves", for example, we have tolerated much outright wickedness! This new found social "tolerance" (which by the way "tolerates" anything except a righteous standard) is a very poor substitute for the standards of G-d! Which are found in G-dly love, that extends forgiveness, through a Spirit engendered Grace, and which is governed by good sense and G-dly discernment! It is a useless social excuse for a boundary.


Better than nothing? Perhaps. A knee-jerk reaction to the evils of religious bigotry? No doubt! But effectively, logically, and morally, it is just as "wrong" as the other side of the path - which we have come to rightly fear, called "legalism"! But what is often missed is that in both extremes we have pridefully rejected His standards of righteousness time and again, in favor of our own humanistic solutions! Solutions which have historically always proven deadly (as if we couldn't just take His word for it!). Face it, man made anything - religion or government or material goods - can never stack up to the work of the creator! He wants to work through us, with us, and in us! He never intended that we take the ball out of His hands and run away with it!


It is said that "Two wrongs does not make a right", the law of retribution states that anything taken too far in one direction will definitely swing too far the other way when released, before coming to center balance! That perfectly describes the pattern of our nation so far. If it could be seen from a helicopter it would look like the whole nation was D.U. I.! Zig-zagging all over the place! From legalism to liberality (not to be confused with actual freedom!) and back again! Both are driven by fear and not faith, and both are simply a devilish diversion from the righteous balance - found only in Obedience to the heart, and the Word of a Loving G-d!


So the bottom line is this -- WE MUST REPENT!!!!!! Specifically meaning:


We must repent of our reckless misunderstanding and radical misuse of His instructions! We must repent of our negligence toward Him and His Kingdom, His Word and His Spirit!


AND - We MUST repent quickly, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


Meaning that Judgment is poised over this nation awaiting the verdict of the Judge! Is He lurking around the corners, just waiting on us to twitch the wrong way so He can strike? Are you kidding me right now?


He has the legal right, which is well documented, and totally justifiable, to turn us into a pile of smoking hash-browns! Need I list our evils? Okay then! Aside from the merely spiritual ills listed above there are many "works of darkness in which we have enthusiastically participated. From the beginning of our brief history as a supposedly "G-d fearing" Nation the sins include, but are not limited to - the abuse of the people of this land who were here before us! "Hasn't that been adequately repented of?", some may ask. I seriously doubt it! The stubborn and blatant Slavery of anyone who could not resist! And the really slow, lame attempts at restoring those people groups dignity and freedoms! Which are still not up to date, if you ask me. The slavery just looks different now, and they seem more willing to subjugate themselves as long as the food-stamps keep coming! But talk to many "believers" long enough and you will eventually hit a strain of prejudice against other cultures, skin tones, etc.


Then there is the blatant and horrendously gruesome, and prolifically numbered killing of the unborn! Which for all our noise about it has not abated. I can tell you why! I have said it over and over! We must add to that sin one of the most hypocritical acts ever done - that of covering up abortion under the guise of "Family Planning" by His OWN people! Because - at the heart and root of it - it does still constitute abortion! Add to that, the selective ignorance of the so-called "church" on that subject - maintained and cultivated for the purposes and protection of their own convenience, fleshly habits and misuse of the sexual act of His Holy union which He preserved for the Marriage Covenant! Not a popular truth, but truth nonetheless. Archaic? Let's see, when did He publish this work? Oh, yes, with Moses? Does that change anything? Not to me!


Not convinced of our national, corporate guilt yet? Then how about the fact that we have repeatedly turned our backs on His people Israel, time and again! (Perhaps we have supported them more than other nations, but not consistently, and not to our own hurt!)! Okay? And how about the fact that most of the citizens of this supposedly "enlightened" nation are foolishly, needlessly, dying from diseases openly linked to the sins of gluttony, laziness, greed, and lust - and the resulting mental illnesses! (listed, by the way, in the warning section of Deuteronomy 28 - which, obviously, few dare to read)!


Still shaking your head? How about the fact that so many so-called Christians struggle in, and frequently lose the battles of, the same fleshly addictions that the worldly people suffer from - Pornography, child abuse, sex and substance abuses - too many and too gross to name - etc. In this nation we abuse everything! If we are religious we tend toward absolute nut cases, if we exercise we tend to kill ourselves, if we like coffee we tend toward giving ourselves an ulcer, if we like good food we tend to be obese, if we prefer thinness we tend to become anorexic! We have clearly left the fruit of self-control behind! Not too mention the other "produce" of a Spirit led life (see Galatians 5)! So on what basis do we judge "those sinners out there"! Bah! Hum-bug! Wake up! The whip is poised over our hides!


But again I ask the question - Is He just anxiously waiting for a good reason to wreak His vengeance on us? Umm. By now you are probably getting a clue - That the answer to that would be NO! In the doom and gloom of the End Time prophecy calling out for America's end, there is still the sweet, if faint, strains of possible redemption. If we will meet His conditions! His conditions are not hard, but they are firm! He is not desiring that any man should perish! He is not ready to be done with us!


If anything, He is leaning in straining His earto hear the sounds of repentance from HIS PEOPLE!So that the judgment that we have begged for,so obnoxiously, can be averted!!!That is the kind of Merciful G-d we have!


The next question is: "Will we grant Him those sweet strains of Repentance?" Or will we continue to pridefully act like a bunch of petulant spoiled brats - who do not believe crap stinks unless they face-plant in it!!! Sorry, to lapse into crudeness there, but this is a big deal! We need to stop being so dainty and deal with the harsh reality!


Do I think that the heathen should repent! Why, yes actually! However! I think that the harvest of the unsaved can not come until there is a major revival in HIS PEOPLE, and they regain their heart of trust and get off their backsides and get back into the field! Not with the grudging, grumbling reluctance of the deprived flesh! But with the joyful obedience of beloved Sons!


Otherwise, if the unsaved do wander near us out of starvation, we will just inject them with the same righteousness-resistant strain of deceived, G-dless, religious madness that we are dying from!


And, yes, as a Christian Nation WE ARE DYING!

We are in the last hours of the death rattle! That is why we need REVIVAL! You don't need to "REVIVE" something that is fully alive! Oy vey! To whence has the logic fled!?


So to sum up - REPENT - REVIVE - REPEAT! Until repentance is complete, and Humility tastes sweet - Or - prepare for a sound defeat. Selah.


Or as He said to begin with, in His sweet concise efficiency - "CHOOSE LIFE!"




Sandra Carlton Duncan

October 25, 2012




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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.