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August 27 2013 3 27 /08 /August /2013 17:42

We love LIGHT... because we know that only light can expose the threatening shadows of the unknown. And yet, it is not so commonly known, as Brother Oswald has pointed out (in today's excellent devotional segment of My Utmost for His Highest - August 27), that even LIGHT can be abused, taken for granted, or neglectfully mismanaged - so that it becomes a liability to us rather than an asset. How is it possible that something so intrinsically "Good" can become a liability? How can Light be "profaned" or tainted?


Basically we can count on one thing from the lower nature of mankind - the inherent ability to subvert anything from holy to profane, by willful misuse or neglect. We are unaware or tend to forget that when God's elements, gifts, or provisions are separated from their original use they lose their purpose or "Holiness" - and then become "profane" - twisted, perverted, sullied, ruined - having lost their intrinsic purpose and having taken on the character traits of the lower nature - which is in leagues with God's enemy.


The lower nature, which is also referred to as the "Fallen Nature" of man, which has lost its spiritual connection to God through willful disobedience - also known as "the fleshly nature" - is inherently evil in intent and purpose - being against God at its central core - and has therefore lost the element of Love - which is other minded. When this nature takes on anything, then, it tends to profane it, or misuse it - then the profaned element - be it light (which becomes prideful delusion), food (as the Manna in the Wilderness which bred worms when the instructions for its gathering and usage were disobeyed), intimacy (the perversion of which has dominoed from a staggering divorce rate to an unprecedented evil in the murder of the unborn), or whatever element or concept one could name - then becomes an utterly self-oriented entity - abused - misused - jaded in motive and action - and can produce only darkness, pain and ultimately death.


This implies or proves what we inherently believe about ourselves - that we have power! It is a true indication that we do indeed have authority which was intended for the management of this planet - which is the ultimate drive of humanism - though, in that respect, this power is not used for the good of all - but for selfish gain. If we did not have the power to manage, however, then we would not have the power to subvert either. We would in essence have no effect at all, but we would be helplessly, mercilessly affected against our will. However, despite the sniveling of the flesh wishing to avoid responsibility we are endowed with power. We were meant to be in charge of things!


The rub is, that if this power to choose, to manage, is not submitted to the boundaries in which it was created to exist - which were determined and spelled out by the creator of both - then this power becomes perverted and becomes a liability to the bearer. Fortunately or unfortunately - we do have the power - endowed by our creator - to manage, to survive, to guide, to direct - not only our own destinies, but the destinies of future generations. In fact, we must face the sobering truth that our stewardship of the things of God which He entrusted to mankind - including both the physical elements of "Mother Earth", and the Spiritual Elements of the Eternal unseen - will determine the quality of those things when they are passed to the next generation at the demise of this one.


It would behoove us, then, to stop periodically and ask ourselves, "How are we doing?". If the news is anything to go by, we have drastically, tragically dropped the ball on all fronts! But, as I have been tediously pointing out, we have become a nation of spoiled brats, who, by and large, live for and serve the comforts, convenience and profits of numero uno alone! Thus demonstrating the self-frustrating results of the current social destruction which is so rampant in our nation - the blinding division, increasing injustice - the incomprehensible discord of recent decades - the devolution of family, values, excellence...etc.


But it is high time all that changed. In fact, if there is any hope of change it must be soon. As Brother Chambers has exhorted us, we must walk in the light while we are privileged to be blessed with it! There is swiftly coming a time when - not only will the light be deliberately closed out by darkness - but even the light within us will become a thick delusional darkness through rampant neglect - and I am reluctant, though forced, to observe that it decreases daily! The only way the darkness can prevail is when those in charge of the LIGHT - that would be us - have allowed it to be quenched! We allow that quenching by ignoring light - by disobeying it, by conveniently exercising our "selective understanding" of it - so that we can keep our "pleasures of unrepented sin for a season" - so that we can pridefully protect our own agenda from the discipline of the LORD! But in doing so we plunge ourselves into a vast darkness - by utter default - and - because of the deception of the enemy - we will be none the wiser for our loss.


There will come a time when our neglect of His Word will take its toll - when deception will have its perfect work in us until we dance along on our merry, fleshly, terminally stupid way, imagining that there is light in us. That is, until we are startled into facing the reality that the only light surrounding us is from the dim, flickering fires of hell! Flames that we've unwittingly walked into by avoiding His real light - by abusing it, refusing it, or by simply not choosing it.


As stark and unpleasant as that reality is, still, the Good News of the Glorious Gospel is that "Today is the day of Salvation"! Every day in our Loving God is the day of Salvation - until that awful day of judgment when the offer is withdrawn! But - regardless of popular so-called "grace" preaching - which implies that we are helpless pawns of our lower natures - though "God loves us anyway" - we do have the power to choose life - which is choosing to "walk in the light" offered to us by His Spirit. Which means that we obey what is seen, repent of what is exposed, change what is indicated - etc. - by the Light of Truth! The Truth of the Love of God is this - He LOVES US - but He does NOT love our perverted, profaned lower natures - He wants to redeem us from those. He paid a horrific price to do so. To continue in our selective ignorance on this issue is an affront to Him of grander proportions than I can effectively communicate!


He can never - will never - accept an alternative sacrifice other than the perfect Lamb which He Himself provided on our behalf. And that Lamb also brings His Light, His Truth, His Torah! So - until HIS people walk in that LIGHT, it can not accomplish the purpose for which it was sent! It can not be spread to the nations, nor can it redeem His lost, chosen-people, whom He longs to see restored. It can not rescue the profaned earth, nor restore it to its original perfect Holiness. Because, you see, it can only work through His surrendered supreme creation - man.


Will we be His managers? Only if we choose to walk in the Light as He is in the Light! For only then can we expect to walk in His real power - only when we obey what the LIGHT has come to show us can we fulfill our intended purpose. Only then can we say that we are being enlightened - instead of inadvertently enabling our fallen, profaned fleshly natures.


Enlightened or enabled? Again, it is up to us to decide which it will be. Again we are down to the ultimate power of man - the power to Choose! To choose whom we will serve, to decide what part of man we will enable - to choose whether or not we will walk in His Light or allow the darkness to win in our generation.


Know this. Ultimately Light will win. Our choices only determine if we will be counted on that side of eternity...If we will be found in that Light at the end of all things...Enlightened or enabled? The choice is ours, the time is now...Today is....






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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.