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It has been observed that, "A grave is nothing but a rut with both ends filled in."!  I would like to observe further that this proverbial "rut" is real, it is called religion. It is a nasty habit that is much like a rocking chair, there is movement alright, and visible activity but it isn't going to get you anywhere! Religion is the flesh's substitute for G-d's original boundaries. It is man trying to reinvent G-d's wheel! And it is never going to roll, much less bear any weight! It is all at once the dead end and the flat tire! Emphasis on the words "DEAD", "END", "FLAT" & "TIRE"! How tiring it is to try to support its endless requirements! How flat one feels at the end of an association with it, and eventually everything is us is dead, our hopes, dreams, ambitions, and sense of wholeness - all gone, sacrificed on her greedy altars! And we run from His instructions because?


I will not call His instructions for life, "The Law", because that phrase has been so overused in a derogatory manner! Besides that, a law is something that governs, it is the structure from which Authority is dictated. And I am sorry, but after 50 plus years in and around this system I have to say that the large majority of it is NOT governed by what He said! Anything but! People run around prating about being careful not to get "in bondage to the Law!", and in running from His boundaries run headlong into a sticky paper of maddening proportions constructed by some genius who thinks he is smarter than G-d! I have spent the last 15 years trying to extract myself from something that I actually thought was from G-d. And sorting out the parts that are from those which plainly (now that I can see) are NOT!


But, really, I know it isn't that simple! Is it? The man - in all his pomp and circumstance isn't the mind behind such treasonous substitutions! However, the mind who is behind it all is really good at snaring us simpletons into his traps! Historically, apparently before time and man were even created, there has been a force that dared to oppose G-d! So it is safe to conjecture, I think, that all opposition still stems from that source. You can choose believe it or not, but if you are reading your news sources these days it is pretty clearly observed. This arrogant jasper is getting so bold that he doesn't even try to hide it anymore! He has found a religion totally suited to his hateful ways - they are calling it "Chrislam"! It will most likely become the new "State Religion". The new rut which will entrap many before the ends are filled in! Religion is the offensive weapon of the enemy! And I am finding if very offensive these days!


It is a vile mixture of all the man exalted, humanly embraced insults of the enemy of G-d, a confusing sampling of all the substitutions to what He originally intended - Control in place of Authority, Flattery and codependency - in place of speaking the Truth in Love, Lust in place of Love and Holy Intercourse, Self-serving - smoke screened behind self-justification, jealousy and selfish ambition in place of putting others first and loving G-d with a whole heart of love and gratitude, ... -- and other such violations of His intentions - all wrapped in a pretty package of liturgy, with G-d's name stamped on it. And packaged in a slick attractive, well marketed, highly "relevant" venue!


The human race is falling for it hook line and sinker! Even the ones who seem to oppose it most loudly at its most surface presentation are being lulled away by its haunting appeal little by little, pulled under by its hypnotic, popular appeal! And this is mainly because their own "tried and true"(?), traditions, and substitutions are no match for it! They cling to another form of it! They have taken a "milder" dose of the same drug!


Only the Truth of G-d found in Torah (and the other books that support it) will cut through that quick sand! Only the Rock of Salvation will keep us from succumbing to its power and from being sucked under by its draw! Only His instructions can guide us through that "valley of death", with all its "dangers, toils and snares"! However, if we "mount up with wings like eagles" we need not fear the "rut", nor the quick sand! But we do still have to wary of the arrows! Fly higher! Get above the storms! But that requires us to transcend this realm.


Because, you see, the catch is that this kind of freedom is not found in this earthly, fleshly realm that we humans love. We love the familiarity of earth, we worship her, rather than her creator, because we can manage her, we can conform her to our image, and make her do our bidding. Well. We could. She seems to be rising up against that herself these days! But we do not see it coming. We are so arrogant, prideful and self-assured that we really believe that we have "got this" under control! Wow. Stupid gone to seed.


I know I must sound like a stuck phonograph record, (for those of you born long enough ago to relate to that ancient technology), but the only cure for society's ills, the only answer for a gasping dying "Church" (Messianic or not), the only answer for a sin-smeared, adultery stained Bride, is still the Way of Salvation found in Yeshua the Messiah! I can almost hear the chorus of religious "amen"s! But wait for the punch-line! We need to see the thing that most - who think they believe that statement - have missed, and that is the fact that Yeshua became the "Word (read 'Torah') made flesh"! He learned, studied, preached and lived Torah! We can not hope to find the freedom He intended for us without following His instructions - His Commandments - His Torah! We can not hope to adequately follow His instructions without His Spirit, His Ruach Ha Kodesh - to help us to be transformed to His purity of heart and clarity of mind! But HIS Spirit is not going to lead us away from HIS instructions! Do we see how insidious the trap is, and how well it has been hidden?!


We need to lose our irrational fear of His commandments, and learn to reverently treasure them! We need to lose our love of relevance to this glitzy, man-degraded, packaged, bought and sold, "rut" rental, of religious and/or G-dless living and set our sites higher! Sure ruts are familiar and somewhat comfortable - that is until someone backs up the dump truck for the final load and you realize that you are going to be buried alive! The dump truck is here folks!


NOW is the time to run for our lives, NOW is the day of Salvation! Let's leave our ruts of self-orientation behind and go after Him! Let's embrace the Truth that He embraces, seek the Truth that He taught, and live the life that He called us to live, and died (for us) to give! Teshuvah to Torah! That is the "Gospel" in a "nut shell", all that other stuff is a watered down fiction story, that leads to a "rut-hell". Religion is not "the gospel". "Gospel" means good news, and frankly, I have never found much good news anywhere in it! It is mostly suffering, and doing without, and mourning, and fasting. And while some of those things can be useful temporary tools it is not G-d's M. O. ! He is a loving, kind, generous, gracious, hospitable, joyful being! Not this lemon eating, fun-sucking dictator that religion makes Him out to be! Let's quit insulting Him and entrapping ourselves in the substitutions and go after the real thing! He is worth the effort and the temporary discomfort of forming new habits! And on the other side is freedom! Real, not pretend, freedom. It was for freedom that Messiah has set us free!

Don't offense me in with that lame religion muck! I am on the trail of the real thing. I will NOT settle!


So, again, I wind the week down with this same exhortation - Sameach (Happy, celebrational) Teshuvah to Torah! Sameach Shabbot! And Shabbot Shalom! May the Peace of Sabbath truly embrace you as you embrace her!



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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.