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(Who Know We Were "Born this way", And Are NOT Proud of It!)

Part Three


In the passage that has become known as "The Beatitudes", Yeshua was preaching to the every day, working class, man and woman. His message was directed to those who laid claim to no special spiritual position, no astonishing mental acumen, and no highly acclaimed social standing. He was speaking to the masses - both to those who worried about their relationship with G-d, and to those who were completely oblivious to it! He was making a clear distinction betweem the attitudes or motivations of heart, that either qualifies us for or denies us access to a relationship with our Creator, and mere outward deeds. He was giving the boundaries for what kind of self-image would cause us to seek Him out, and what kind He was likely to respond positively to.


In this chapter He firmly reinstates the Law of Moses as the way to righteousness in G-d. And then, He ups the standard, rather than annulling it completely, as most religious factions would claim. However, He transfers the "credit" for righteousness to the heart motive instead of the outward "deeds". Deeds can be too easily performed, and deceptively acted out and full of hypocrisy and evil of all description, but G-d sees the reality of each of our hearts. So He sought to make clear a distinction between just going through the religious motions, in order to salve our own consciences, or to look good to our community, as opposed to really obeying G-d from a relationship which is truly rooted in love and gratitude and humility. (note: as a child I thought "Beatitudes" was two words - the "be attitudes" - attitudes of heart that determined how we should "be". For example, we should "be humble", etc. lol And in a sense of the word I was not too far off, lol)


He begins, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

The "poor in spirit" are those who, according to Yeshua, live in stark reality of how far short they have fallen from His righteous standard. And, equally important, who have not developed a self-defense mechanism of pride or bitterness against the pain of that acknowledged lack! He is speaking to those who have realized the breech between themselves and their creator and are sorrowful about it, but who have also trusted in His power to show them the Way to fill that overwhelming void. He is not speaking to those who have chosen to rebel against His law, and then made a holiday out of the fact that they have missed the mark!


I am referring to the somewhat new phenomena called "Gay Pride Day", of course. So far we have not gotten so bold as to have an "Adultery Pride Day", and I think it will be a very long time before pedophiles will feel free to "come out of their closets"! Not trying to be sarcastic, but honestly, why all the recent hoopla about the homosexuals? As I have stated time and again, sexual perversion or misuse of the act of intimacy is sin, whether it is heterosexual perversion or homosexual perversion makes no difference to me, or more importantly to G-d, whose boundaries we are busting! It is plain, Scripturally speaking, that any use of the act of intimacy outside of G-d's rather strict and narrow boundaries of loving, holy, marital union (between One man and One woman, who are in a forever covenant - yes we have to tell people this!) is forbidden - and is considered (by G-d and His real followers) to be sinful rebellion if deliberately and freely pursued! I personally believe that the whole gay agenda is not an attempt to "bring a better quality of life to to those people" (who happen to be bound in this particular spiritual stronghold)! But I see it as merely a political ploy of godless socialists, and an insidious strategy of the unseen enemy of G-d, designed to manipulate an ever growing people group! But whatever it is, it is not humility and it is not based in truth. Even the stated "facts" are shaky and hard to prove, and smack more of propaganda than "evidence".


Nevertheless, again, "Truth", for me, is defined by Torah, and relates back to Torah, and resonates with Torah, and will always agree with Torah! But the homosexuality issue is just a more recently highlighted example of our declining logic and reason. There are many more spiritual issues of this nature that have become so encrusted into our society, that we have justified for so long, and have overlaid with so many excuses and philosophies that they are considered perfectly "harmless" now, like birth control, for example - just as deadly and offensive to G-d - but accepted by the majority of His so-called church - to name one example, but I won't get off on those soap boxes right now! Besides there are way too many to list. Some of which I may not even be aware of because my flesh has blinded me to them and I am protecting them! It is called "deception" for a reason! It is why we are challenged to be alert and in tune with His Spirit of Wisdom! It is why we need each other, why we should have each others' backs, not stab each others' backs!


But this article is really not about the homosexual agenda, it is about sin in general, versus His idea of what is righteous or holy. He continues the list of those who would be most likely to receive the blessing of G-d, His loving heavenly Father: "those who mourn (because of the sorrow of the lack of G-d, due to a lack of righteousness), those who are gentle (gracious and forgiving toward others' lack of righteousness!), those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (who are desperate for the presence of G-d and His truth!), those who are merciful (again, non-judgmental of others' who are missing the mark too), the pure in heart (those that recognize holiness and desire it), the peacemakers (those who do not generate strife as a life style, those who seek order and consistency through the commands of G-d), and, last but not least, the persecuted (those shunned because they crave holiness and seek after G-d with more zeal than most). These are the ones to whom He offered encouragement. These are the ones He was addressing. Cheering them on, and offering them instruction on how to obtain that for which they were longing - a real righteousness that would privilege them to experience the presence of G-d!


Many of these people of that day, to whom He preached, found themselves thrust outside the community of those considered righteous. They did not have the leisure of time or finances to pursue the study of Torah or the doing of "Mitzvot" - Good deeds - as did the Pharisees and Scribes. They felt privileged if G-d just accepted their sacrifices! But Yeshua wanted them to know that this was not the system which G-d intended! He did not create a hierarchy that excluded those who did most of the work, and contributed (collectively speaking) the most of the upkeep of His Holy things! Yes there were those appointed to continue the service of His House, but they were not privileged to have more of His attention!


He wants to be available to all. Yeshua was instructing them in the Way to G-d that He, Himself, had come to open to them! As I have said, He upped the level of holiness, He did not water it down! He actually raised the bar by saying that the new level must surpass that of the scribes and pharisees! He brought it down to the smallest scruple, yet He put it on a level that was doable and available to all, He brought it down to a place that was reachable and a standard that was able to be obeyed. How did He accomplish such a feat? He took away the dividing walls and offered His own righteousness in place of our corroded fleshly natures. He offered His sinlessness in place of our sinfulness! He made a transaction that would forever end the separation between us and G-d!


The only "catch" is that we must be humble enough to accept the transaction. But when we do, He begins the work immediately, and does not stop until it is complete! I think even if we demise before it is accomplished, which most do, then it continues in heaven, though perhaps a bit faster there because there is no opposition to the work! It may even look like "magic" there, but here it is definitely not magic, it is a process, at times a long a arduous process! A process of daily choices, death to self and loyalty to Him, a decision that we must increase to allow Him to increase within us. It is not as "Star Trek" as it sounds! He is not a parasite! He is our life support system, there can be no real quality of life without Him, not for long.


The question is always the same, life or death - will we choose to walk in the righteous path which He has cleared for us, or stubbornly keep wandering off to the left or to the right? Do we desire His perfect will for us, which is lined up with His Father's will, as outlined in Torah - or will we keep insisting that our own way is much better!? As I have said, there are deep ditches on both sides of the paths of righteousness! That is why the Word of G-d warns us not to veer to the right nor to the left. This is a very serious consideration in these days of such extreme political and religious polarities! Neither extreme is good however. His path cuts down through the middle of both and requires a balance, discernment and self-discipline that is "too much like work" for most folks! We think that is an impossible dream. But in Him it is completely within our reach and ability! It is the place of safety, and the place of blessing. The greatest Rabbi of all time has blessed that path and all those who would dare to seek to stay on it!


So to sum up the point of all these writings, if we could push away our social, philosophical and religious biases for just an instant, I am not "preaching against gay rights", I am not bashing those who have chosen this particular "lifestyle" for themselves. If anything I am trying to get the microscope off of them and turn our gaze to a much larger picture. I want us to see the entirety of the "sin problem" and focus on it, but only long enough to see that there is redemption for and from all of it! There is no one left out of His anointing to save!


He can save us all from the sin we were "born" with! We certainly have been "born is sin", but Messiah came that we could be made alive unto righteousness. This equals "sin problem fixed". It is said that "you can't fix stupid". I agree, the terminally stupid flesh will never listen to reason! So it is a true statement of fact. However, one thing I have learned in my 50+ years, is that natural fact is rarely the last word in the Kingdom of G-d. So let me amend the statement just a bit to include the eternal truth; "You can't fix stupid, it must be saved!" He is the bigger fixer upper! He is the "be-all-to-end-all"! He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords'! The day is swiftly approaching when our real allegiances will become evident. I want to choose sides now, while there is still time. He is the "Way, the Truth and the Life". He has come so that now you can leave the "way you were born" for His Way, which leads to life, and I heartily urge all to do so! That is the Good News! I have to wonder, why would we want to listen to anything else?







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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.