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(the essence of rejection)vs(spiritual fruit)


This morning as I was getting awake and my brain began to talk to me about a project I am working on (redoing our diet to improve our overall health and well-being) I had one of those - "We interrupt this regularly scheduled programming for an important Word from your Sponsor!" - kind of moments. Those happen to me more and more as I grow in Messiah, and that is a good thing, so I dropped everything to listen.


As I listened I began hearing that "bitterness is to Goodness like tares are to wheat"! In that bitterness will strangle goodness to death! And that this is why we are instructed to resist bitterness with all our might and main! It is a "root", that penetrates deeply into our soul. And then it wraps itself around any fruit of the spirit that it finds, and proceeds to choke the life out of it! That explains why there are so many frustrated Christians, and why so many are obviously lacking in spiritual fruit - though many of them work so hard to cultivate it! What gives with that? I have asked myself this question over and over through the years, concerning first myself and then others! A few years ago I began getting a clue. But this morning I received a major "download" of information on this issue, so stay tuned.


The Church at large, or at least the institution that poses as the "Church" or which assumes the care and feeding of the "Called Out Ones", does not recognize, nor understand how to use G-d's Word to defeat the strategic movements and methods of its mortal enemy! The "disciples" of this institution are not regularly subjected to a system of training whereby they efficiently learn what their weapons of warfare are, nor how to employ them to their own best interests! They are more regularly made comfortable in the nursery at the time of their "new birth"; and kept there by well-meaning over-worked "nursery attendants" (who constantly gripe because their wards "never grow up and help out" with all the work!). These workers, who have taken the place of leadership over these spiritual lives, however, are woefully subconsciously unaware that the very method being used prevents anyone from growing up! At least that is the process I have observed and rebelled against in my many years at that institution! In their "defense" I should mention that these "leaders" err in this way because they have not been properly trained themselves, and so know how to do nothing but perpetuate this entirely crippling methodology! A well placed strategy of the enemy I would say. Well played.


I should also point out that this perpetual "mistake" keeps being made, year after year, generation after unfortunate generation, because they do not, as a whole, understand the concept of the discernment of Strongholds. They have been lulled into a kind of restless "sleep", by the comfortable strains of the lullabye of tradition! But, Strongholds are not child's play! They represent "keeps" or "holds" or "occupied territory" of the enemy! Which the enemy strategically uses to control an area (or many areas) of our lives, much like the Germans held Normandy Beach in WWII. The Allies had to take that particular "beach-head" in order to access and free the rest of Europe! It was "worth" the great cost, which they paid in lives, in order to get it because without it there was no possibility of them using their great force to deliver those whom Hitler's forces had taken into captivity! There was no other way for the Allies to get in, no outer route to take, to end the terror and destruction which Hitler wreaked across Europe.


In our spiritual lives, as we take stock of the fruit in our lives, if we are disappointed, or concerned that the "produce" has not been exactly commensurate with the relentless "effort" on our part, we would be wise to draw back and consider if there is a "keep" of the enemy deep within us that is choking out the life we are continuously putting in! We should check to be sure that there is no "root of bitterness", not only choking out life, but which has perhaps also has breeched the "cisterns" of our soul, causing leakage where the living water is supposed to collect!


But by now many may be asking, "How does the enemy come to legally possess territory in our soul without our knowledge and consent - especially after we have given the Lordship of it over to Messiah? Well, sometimes he uses his powers of deception and gets us to agree to let him rule an area, usually through the stupidity of the sin-infested flesh; and other times he makes bargains with those in authority over us, who, unwittingly, or intentionally, sell us out to him before we have total "say so" over our own wills, and sometimes we can "inherit" the strongholds of our ancestors that are generations old, which no one has spiritually dealt with! Another question which some may be asking is, how do I know all of this? lol


Those of you who know me at all know what a battle I have had with stronghold after stronghold, as a result of much - meaning years and years worth - drawn out, intense, childhood abuse! Most of my soul was sold to the highest bidder years before I had any say so over it. So that when I "grew up" (chronologically speaking) and tried to "take office", my decisions were constantly overthrown by this invisible "congress" of satan's representatives, whom he had placed over his "property" in my soul! Then the confusion which resulted in that fact, especially after I "received salvation", caused much despair and wrong choices which reinforced those existing strongholds and even allowed others to be built. So perhaps you can see the pattern? Plus, due to the great evil that was perpetuated by my ancestors for generations I was loaded with "inherited" strongholds, some hundreds of years old! Lucky me! And all I ever wanted was for the "Ritz-Carlton" connection to be discovered! lol Hey, my maiden name IS Carlton! lol


But seriously, some things would be better off not to have been inherited. However, once we come to the realization (with the help of the Ruach Ha Kodesh) that we have been infiltrated by the enemy, that our security was breached, then we must turn to G-d, His Spirit and His Word - we must pray and study and listen - so that we can receive His strategy for how to achieve deliverance from this enemy occupation! We must wage a revolt in the heavenlies that will result in the freedom of our soul! We must take that Sword of the Spirit which is the Torah of Elohim, which is able to divide between soul and the spirit, that is, to shine the light of His inerrant truth on what is merely deceitful fleshly lust, of the baser nature, to discern if that is what is actually motivating our actions, or if we are allowing our lives to be guided by the Spiritually enlightened truths in obedience to the Word! Once that core motivation is discerned, then the target can be established and a spiritual strategy for removing the obstruction to our spiritual progress can be implemented!


It is time for the "Army of G-d" to stop playing "ring-around-the-rosies", and to come out of the play-pool of "Biggie Sized" Childrens' Church and begin to earnestly train to fulfill the objectives of their C.O.! It is time we picked up our weapons, distinguished where and who is the real enemy in this war, and then lock and load! It is time we took the "beach-heads", where the enemy is camped out, and bring down the forces of his evil kingdom that constantly war against our spiritual progress! It is time we grew up and became willing to pay whatever price may be necessary to make these areas of our lives, soul, mind and will, the property of the King of King's and the Lord of Lord's!


Listen folks, for sure, He will assure our victory! But think about this for just a minute, why would He enlist an army if He planned to fight all the battles single-handedly?! He is not an idiot! He has a plan! We are merely to find our place in that plan and then show up for active duty! If He sees that we are imprisoned, or wounded, so that we can not fight, then He will send us to the medics to receive what we need to be free or recover! (Unlike many of his commanding officers whom He has left in charge on the field - who just rebuke us for bleeding on their carpet and send us right back in!) It is time we stopped executing our own wounded like the Radical Islamists, and learned who is war-ready, and who still needs our aid! It is time we grow some discernment about what that aid should look like, instead of putting "bandaids" of religious pat answers on cancerous strongholds! It is time we paid more attention to being relevant to the Word, than placating and pandering to the spoiled, flesh-indulgent, worldly, deceived, ridiculous, politically correct, demanding, entitlement oriented masses!


The lines are daily becoming more clearly drawn. In case you are now wondering "whose side I am on", I can tell you plainly, I am on the LORD's side! I will support with my blood, money or vote only those who are brave enough to reflect His values and uphold His Word, to the best of my understanding of it! We can not afford to keep on playing political patty-cake! We are at war, the forces of good combat the forces of evil every day, and we are the soldiers! It is time to take stock of our position and to ask some hard questions!


Do we even know our Commanding Officer? Do we even know what our weapons are, much less how to use them effectively? Do we even grasp the concept of denying ourselves, the insistent yetzer hara (evil urges) of our demanding flesh, long enough to even hear His will, His heart, or His instructions? Are we ready to finally get down to business on His behalf, or are we still wallowing in the mire of our own comforts or perceived lack of them?


Today is the day of Deliverance/Salvation. Not tomorrow. Procrastination has never won a war, and it never will. G-d is a NOW kind of guy! He is very "pro-choice", though He firmly suggests that we Choose Life! And He insists that we choose now! And you know, though in our selective ignorance we may choose to remain unaware of the facts, or to be kept in the dark about it, but every day, every minute we do choose. We choose to act on what we know, or we choose to procrastinate on choosing, which is to choose the default mode. Hint: the default mode is NOT Life!


So today, if you are reading this, I urge you to consider what the Spirit of G-d has said this morning. I urge you to become proactive about your life. If you are whole and able bodied, spiritually and physically, if you are sound of mind and stable of emotion, then report for duty already! What are you waiting for? But if you find that your "beach-head" is "occupied", that your efforts do not produce the expected results, then go find the help you need! If you seek Him you will find Him! He will guide you to the help you need! He is faithful! He is our healer! He is the Good Shepherd, the Roi Ha Gadole, that leads us in paths of righteousness, and who restores our souls! He is the ONE who causes us to prosper and to be in health, by enabling our souls to prosper! He is the Word that is Life to us and which tears down strongholds, and all that would exalt itself against His knowledge! He is the "be-all-to-end-all" of everyone who has chosen to believe in Him! But as it has been said, if He has not been made Lord of all, then practically speaking He is not Lord at all!


The cry goes out, whatever we have to do to answer it we should do it quickly, time stands still for no one - "Choose you this day whom you will serve"!



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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.