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(Please begin by reading David's Psalms 38 & 39)


Loving, Merciful God;


Again I cry out to you for Forgiveness for our Nation – and especially for all those who call ourselves by Your Name!


As if all that I have listed so far were not enough to repent of – Almighty Father - I come today in repentance for the fact that we have allowed the slaughter of millions of unborn – their blood too cries to You from the cursed ground! Much of this is due to our unwillingness to confront our own fleshly addictions – which have become spiritual strongholds that enslave us - to sexual sins – of all levels and orientations! The people with so-called “straight” sexual orientation – who prefer to sin with the opposite gender only – have stood in stupid judgment of those who have come to prefer committing their sexual sin with their own gender!!! Forgive us and cleanse us Holy Spirit of God!


We now live in a nation where many are taking their sexual discovery to the ultimate dead end – in so many ways! And too many of us have bought the lies that we should embrace this particular sin as “a normal part of some people's make-up” – and not as the deadly choice it is! So many – even many of those who claim to know You and Your Word - have bought the lie that “we have no choice in our sexual orientation – that we are born this way”! As if You would create something that You would then turn and thoroughly condemn! Forgive us Mighty God!!!


We are all wallowing in the home-made pig-sty of our own fallen fleshly lusts when YOU have sent the Deliverer! The Messiah! The Anointed ONE who came to free us from ALL sin! But much of Your “Church” has spent so much time covering up its own sins, dumbing-down Your Word to justify their own sins, and focusing on the sins of others that it has not taught, nor learned true righteousness! How many so-called pastors have fallen under the weight of their own lusts and then allowed their lusts to destroyed their precious wives and families?!!! How can You withhold judgment?! Give us Grace mighty God!!!! Help us recover our minds, our sanity and our purity!! Please don't let it be too late for repentance!!! We cry out to You Oh God! In a dry and thirsty land!


We have too long traded our own programs, fallen, broken “logic” - which isn't true logic at all, being that we have left the premise of Your Instruction and Wisdom! We have created programs in place of Your instruction, and followed “psychology” to try and correct the many mental illnesses which this has caused! We have settled for the programs of the Church and of this rebellious government for decades – knowing on some level – but not wanting to believe – that they were selling us cheaply for their own benefit – and not wanting to go to the trouble it would take to stop them!!!! But they themselves will not escape the judgment for that! Help us Oh God! We ask for Your forgiveness!


We have sat under plastic programs in our religious systems that preach endlessly the portions of Your Word of which they haughtily approve - but – again - have denied the power and authority which comes with the receiving of Your real Word! They have usurped and decimated the authority of the believer – taking it to themselves – thereby setting up another “priesthood” to their false doctrines and religious inventions!


We are guilty of spiritually erring by “burning much strange fire” on Your altar of worship! Much flesh, much debauchery, has been presented to You on Sunday mornings in the form of dry religious, heartless, hymnology, or equally heartless, but emotionally charged “praise and worship” services; both of which are little more than a conscience salve or stress therapy! But we are so stressed out that we will take what we can get!!! We blindly grasp at any straws offered - not seeing that there is an out! Not wanting to give up the extravagant, ceaseless satiating of our fleshly, sinful appetites long enough to find Your way of escape from our sinful fleshly strongholds and take it! Forgive us Holy Father God!!!!


We have mistreated every ethnicity that has come - to our supposedly “welcoming shores” - for comfort and relief – red, yellow, black and poorest white, have all been loathsome in our sight – we have NOT loved the little children of the world, nor their beleaguered parents! In addition to this travesty, we have mistreated our females of all colors and economic standing the whole way, and the balances still are not right – especially in Church! Forgive us mighty God, and help us take correction as men and women should, and receive our repentance!!


Perhaps worst of all, we have mis-taught our children, generation after generation, concerning Your Law and Your festivals! We have traded Your appointed times for idolatrous festivals, and we have yet to mourn that loss! We instead puff up in our pride and prate on about our wonderful intentions – covering our sin with doctrines that twist Your Word to cover religious preferences and traditional warm-fuzzies! Forgive us Righteous God!


Because we have perverted Your Word, neglected Your Word, and cherished our abominations we have lost our moorings! Our social morality has waned until we have come to live like animals with no boundaries, we have come to do whatever we feel like doing, and we then seek to justify it by twisting Your Word to suit ourselves – or ignoring it and You altogether, pretending You don't exist! We have come to that time prophesied in which the bulk of mankind is calling evil what You have labeled as good, and good what You have condemned as evil! Forgive us Almighty God!


We have been sexually perverse, lustful, wicked, lazy, unfaithful servants who have ran after our own flesh, and have fed our own lusts! We have been selectively stupid spoiled brats who have let the devil lead us around by our own nose, as we sniff out anything that our flesh has become addicted to! Cleanse us again, Holy God! We have failed at marriage, family and church! We have failed You and our fellow men! Forgive us Almighty God!!!


We have failed to accomplish the great commission! Some would object to that accusation by saying that we have “gone into all the world”. Yes! We have done that, and we have recreated the mess we've made here – but - we have NOT – by and large - “made disciples unto You”! Not here. Not abroad. We have made a large institutionalized religious organization that pedals programs as truth, and pat answers in the place of anointing. We have created and enabled an inept fraud which produces (not disciples of the Anointed One, who then are able to walk in His Anointing and Authority but -) pathetic prating prigs which proliferate manipulation and control in the place of power and anointing for the sake of personal gain and reputation!! Forgive US Father! We have not fully known what we were doing! Thank You Ruach for leading us into all the Truth so that we could repent!! Help us to take advantage of this opportunity! It could well be our last!


I want to close this time of intercession with Praise to You Almighty God! Thank You, Father, that You have extended to us such great mercy, and great love, in that You have not sent great judgment before now! Thank You that You have sent warning after warning, and prophet after prophet! Thank You that men like Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, Billy Graham, and a host of others, have been ranting at Your Church about her negligence toward Your Word for years – and even they didn't have the whole Truth and the whole story – but they preached what they had!


Thank You that Your Spirit – Your Ruach ha KO-desh has been faithfully tugging at the hearts of those who truly love You the whole way! He has been drawing Your chosen people to You because of, or even in spite of, the mess we - “the Church” - have made! As we – even in our partial understanding have taken Your Spirit to them, so they, in their partial understanding have brought the whole Truth of Torah, the appointed times, etc... back to us!!! So that now “Your People” can be healed, now we can be whole, can be unified in Your Love, Your Spirit and Your Word – if we will embrace Your Word as You wrote it! And if we will allow Your Spirit as You sent Him – to lead us into all of The Truth of that Living Torah! Then we can come into our maturity as Sons, and walk in our Authority as Sons, for which the whole earth groans – awaiting deliverance! Thank You Almighty God for sending Your Spirit to teach us Your Way, for sending Yeshua to show us Your Way, Yeshua who Is the Way!


I cry out to You today, Avinu, Malkenu, for the fire of Teshuvah to burn all the way through our faulty belief structures, which we have unwisely, and sometimes unwittingly built! Take Your Fire to our idolatrous misunderstandings, the stubborn strongholds of false doctrines, the fleshly protection of open sin, and the critical comfort zones in which we have set up camp! I entreat You, Holy Spirit of God – set our hearts on fire in such a way that from here to the end we burn only for God Himself! Blaze among us again, as in days of old! Continue Your Work in us until it manifests in every area of our lives! Until it manifests in such a way that we are able to fulfill our calling in You, in the earth, in our generation!!! Help us Almighty God! As one of YOUR PEOPLE I pray as instructed!!!


It is in Yeshua's Name that I now intercede,

(along with groanings, which can not be uttered!)


  • Amen!


SCD 5/7/14

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.