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{Short version for the reading/language impaired:


Dear God, we f---d up! Big time! Please help! Amen.


Okay, the non-religious are done here. Sorry to offend the more delicate among us, but there are those who will not get past the first line or so – hence the need for this prayer!!! Duh. For those who are too refined and/or spiritually mature to pray that sort of prayer sincerely, however – please - just shake it off and continue... but brace yourselves...}


Dearest Avinu, Malkenu – My Father, My King;


I am moved to intercede for this nation! It no longer resembles a land that I want to call “my nation”, and yet I am bound to it by right and privilege of birth – and You have not decreed so far that I should leave! Seeing the rising levels of confusion, destruction and spiritual, moral and intellectual decay I am provoked to also raise the level of intercession – hoping to counteract this decline and raise our nation above any level it has previously held. We were failing in some ways from the beginning, but at least we had been falling forward, now, however, we are reeling backward at a tragic rate of failure! We need Your intervention, mighty God as never before!


You have said Holy God, that even if Your People sinned to the point that we finally brought the curse of disobedience on our on heads – which it is clear that we have – that even if we got so far as to be reeling in the destruction – which You can see that we are –

BUT You have also declared - IF YOUR PEOPLE – the ones who are not ashamed to be called by Your Name – those who claim to and work to bear Your character - would humblethemselves to seek Your face – and would pray and would – as they seek You - cry out to You to discover Your Ways, to partake of Your character for themselves so that they would become like You and act from Your heart of LOVE – if they would also be willing and ready to stop judging the fallen world and their spiritual siblings long enough to recognize, acknowledge and repent of, that is to turn from - their wicked ways

THEN – You have promised that You would hear from Heaven, Forgive their many sins, and Heal their land!


This land, our land, Avinu, is in desperate need of healing! And that point of discussion may be all we - “Your People” - can currently agree on! Therefore Avinu, Malkenu – on behalf of those of us who presume to say that we call on, and are called by, Your Name - I am here to repent and make Teshuvah back to Your most excellent Torah! I am here to beg Your mercy on our land – to confess concerning the many, many sins which we – as Your people have allowed, or have aided and abetted, or have committed ourselves! I am here to cry out to You for the grace that Your people desperately need to get hold of before they can come out of their religious deception, and fleshly strongholds which war against Your Spirit and Your Truth – the Truth given to us as Torah.


I am not here to make yet another religious showing. I am not here to support the legalism which we have all been taught to fear – which Yeshua Himself actively rebuked – the leaven of the Pharisees is what He aptly called it. He should know! In my support of the Torah that You gave Your people as a statute forever I am NOT suggesting that we pursue it as the object of our righteousness, nor as the dogma of the early Rabbis! And I am not here to repent for them! Yeshua has taken care of that!


I am here – instead - to repent of the mess which we ourselves – who call ourselves by the Name of the Anointed One - have made in their stead! Our Fathers may have created the mess, but we have done little to fix it, and seem to have multiplied it exponentially! I am here to reject the legalism which we, as the so-called church has adopted - in place of the legalism which we have so thoroughly and harshly judged! Not the leaven of the Pharisees, but a much worse leaven than even they had created – the poisonous mixing of idolatry with Your Word – a tragic combining of the Holy with what You clearly delineated as profane – as unacceptable human behavior – as sin itself – as an abomination before You – the Most High!


I am here to repent of doctrines which not only oppose Your Word and Your Anointing – doctrines which may teach some of the rudiments of Your Word, but which also - all the while - deny the power and the heart of them! Doctrines which have not united Your people into ONE LOVING BODY of Believers who worship You in Spirit and in Truth! False doctrines, doctrines of demons, Your original, true Apostles called them, which have divided Your so called “family” into a bunch of hateful, spiteful, fearful, judgmental pricks – who maliciously malign, shamefully shun, and rudely run off, anyone that does not march to their rigid beat nor bend to their harsh standard of religious behavior, nor cow to their unholy control measures – which they freely practice and all the while accuse those who revolt of being the ones guilty of witch-craft! Hypocrisy in its most vile form!


I am here to repent of ever submitting to their selectively ignorant wickedness because I did not rightly discern the spirits by which they were led – and to repent of embracing and participating in Doctrines which have enabled these false teachers! I repent of enabling these so-called teachers of righteousness - by my misled submission! Of enabling those who judge the worldly ones and the saints alike - as lacking if they do not treat these false religious standards as law! And then, to make it even more unjust, most of them can not keep their own standards themselves – or have set themselves above all standards!


This doctrinal diversion from Your Torah has produced, not kind, gentle shepherds who make disciples to the Anointed Yeshua – but hateful, Hypocritical, unloving, back-stabbing, thieving hirelings – who make carbon copies of themselves! Who fleece the sheep “for the sake of the Kingdom” – but who build their own Kingdoms instead of YOURS! Men, and sometimes women, who dare to proudly drive the nicest cars, live in the nicest houses, and strut their brand name clothing – thinking this privilege to be their right – thinking that it is all due to them because of their religious performance – they seem to really believe that it is Your blessing on their behavior - and yet, all the while their hearts are wickedly looking down on the sheep in condemnation, as though they are somehow less holy than themselves – when those same lowly sheep are the very ones who make their superior lifestyle possible! They condemn and spurn those who can not pay their power bill on time – who drive junk cars and wear second hand clothing, who can't provide first hand goods for their children or take them on vacations - often because they make so little money themselves and their tithe comes first! The lowly, faithful sheep who are taught that they can not be blessed unless they do this – which is not entirely amiss – but who – for reasons which they do not understand - persevere faithfully in this belief year after year though nothing changes for the better, and still no blessing comes to them!


These regularly fleeced sheep are further abused by being told that the blessing is withheld from them – by God Himself - because they are somehow flawed! They are led to believe that it is because they are not doing enough, not being submissive enough, or not being faithful enough perhaps – but really, the truth is that YOU can not bless their giving because it is being sown into sinful soil, the flesh-polluted dirt of a greedy, self-serving, wolf in shepherd's clothing! It is being given to support some self-appointed big shot posing as “pastor”, “apostle”, “bishop” or some other exalted title – used primarily to put him above the sheep, above accountability and above the Law itself! Their hard earned tithe is going into the pockets of hirelings and charlatans who worked their way into this position by kissing the hand of a false shepherd before them!!! You can not bless the enabling of this mess! Deliver us all Mighty God!!!


These leaders are shameful stewards who are asking for judgment for us all – I beg You merciful God – do what You must to bring them to repentance before it is entirely too late for recovery! Please Father God, lead them to true repentance, and true acceptance of Your Torah as You wrote it and Yeshua taught it! I ask You on their behalf – open their blinded eyes – so that they can fulfill the intentions of their hearts! As Yeshua prayed for the leaders of His day - “Father forgive them! They know NOT what they do!” So I pray this for the leaders of my day – who persecute the truth-tellers and drive off prophets – who YOU send to turn them from their destructive path – they sell us for less than the price of bread! Help us all, Oh Lord! I can not believe that they mean to fleece Your sheep! I have heard their fervent sermons! I have sat under their “care”. Yes, Father, I was abused there also on too many counts to keep up with – but I also grew there! Father, purify Your fountains! We are all spewing fresh water out of one side, and foul, flesh-polluted swill out of the other!!!


I am also here to repent of the selective stupidity of Your many sheep. We have grown exceedingly fat on teaching that is not meat, and on methods that encourage selfish lethargy! We are privileged to have access to Your Word, we are often glutted on it – running from one retreat, conference or meeting to another, wallowing in the privilege of Your presence even at times! And yet the world around us is dying! Clearly there is a disconnect of a grand proportion!


Despite our continual feasting on Your Word – or some dumbed down, milked-out version of it – or perhaps because of that - we are dying from some – heretofore unexplainable - spiritual malnutrition! While there seems to be so few that could or would save us – and we have on blinders against them!


Please, Holy God! Let there be a revival of Your Word! Avinu, Let us Rally back to our Cornerstone – Yeshua the Living Torah! Let Your Ruach Ha Ko-desh arise in Power once again! On Pentecost this year – May Your Fire blaze among us once again! May He consume us once again! Please Most Holy Father God – may we come to such a place of Teshuvah that we would allow room for YOUR Fire to break out in such a new and fierce way that it can not be ignored! Let Your presence be rekindled in Your people! Let us really become those who are worthy to be called by Your Name!!!!


Oh Father - begin to burn out the dross of stubborn, selective ignorance that has kept us all from true repentance! Some of us have caught the wave of Your Ruach, and yet division is more prevalent than sweet fellowship – uneasy tolerance is more expected than unified agreement! Help us Mighty God! Restore the years which the locusts have eaten! Restore all that we have unwittingly sold to the enemy! Restore our Faith! Rekindle our LOVE for YOU, Your Word and Your creation! Resurrect the sleeping giant that is Your Church who is caught, like snow white – in a weird, “apple-induced” sleeping death! When we claim to serve the resurrection and the LIFE! Wake us, shake us and continue to remake us – Holy and Wonderful God! Let us respond with vigor and shake the known world one more time! Or at the very least, like Samson, let us revive long enough to bring the mess down on our own heads so that we may die with some honor!



Your Kingdom Come, Dearest Father, and Your will be done! Amen! 


SCD 5/5/14

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.