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G-d said that the Nation of Israel is to be the Light to the Nations (through the seed of Messiah - who came as the Living Torah, to uphold and fulfill Torah)! It has become apparent to me that we sit, stand and work in darkness because we have shut off the light! Not that Israel has always upheld the Light! (Not that they haven't received MUCH opposition to keep them from it!) It is true that they have not been the most faithful. It is true, perhaps, that they have "dropped the ball" as much or more than they have played it! It is certain that they will answer to G-d for that one day, though, as far as I am concerned, they have had more than their share of "whoppings" for that already!


But we, the westernized "civilized" world (from Europe onward) have no room for prideful judgment of them! We have squashed and flattened "the ball" , not to mention changing the rules of the entire game until it is completely unrecognizable! Please understand me when I say that I am not laying all this failure to the account of any one denomination or religious belief structure- though historically the system we use today has come down from the Roman Catholic State-Religion that has existed since before Constantine! It began, in fact, during or immediately after the book of Acts!! How quickly the flesh begins the deterioration process!


However, at this point in history, we are ALL supporting the darkness, and refusing to come into the light! I think the Messianic enlightenment of recent decades is a move toward the light, but I think it will take some time to get the false religion weeded out of our belief structures! We believe that we are walking in light because we have accepted Yeshua (Jesus). And it is obvious that we do have some light, or we would not have lasted this long! But there are many areas in which we do not really follow Yeshua's teachings! Many areas where we have left off following Him!


It will take time and much teaching and weeding to correct the situation! We did not get mired in this deep darkness overnight and we will not get out overnight! Martin Luther took a step or two away from it, but his intense antisemitism (an obvious distaste of the Jews, for which I am sure he had "good reasons" to allow to exist in the natural) blinded him to much of the truth! And so it has gone. We have occasionally made strides in the right direction (that would be toward G-d and His Torah), only to be whipped back by some weakness of the flesh or whim of religious leadership. So that our spiritual progress has been like a weird kind of waltz - "one step forward and two steps back" - causing negative progress. Causing a resistance to the Truth. A resistance to Torah. And that may be a gracious understatement!


We run from Torah as though it is the ultimate plague! Our excuse to explain this completely insane behavior is that following it closely, or coming anywhere close to obeying it, constitutes "legalism"! Well, yes, of course it can become legalism in the hands of prideful humanity, in fact, Yeshua addressed this issue time and again in His time on earth! But He did not mean for us to "throw the baby out with the bath water"! Yes! We should rid ourselves of religious legalism! Absolutely! Yes! We should ditch our loyalty to traditions and rules - "for rules sake" (especially the man made gates around G-d's rules)! By all means!


This whole spiritual gig is supposed to be about relationship in the first place! And as we should know by now, given the divorce rate even among "believers", in any relationship - when the rules, and not "each other", become the primary focus the relationship is headed for disaster! When folks are in love they do not need a bunch of rules of conduct! They are naturally considerate of one another! Their thoughts revolve primarily around the "other" - their needs, wants and even whims, rather than themselves - in an ideal world anyway.


And so it is to be with us and G-d! His thoughts, it is written, are multiplied to us! And so should ours be multiplied to Him! We should happily desire to pursue and emulate His ways, His Word, and to know, and express, His heart for those things! His precious Torah, which is His original writing to us, contains the rules for our well-being! To run from it, to replace it, (especially with hard, unyielding man-made rules and regulations) is sheer stupidity, insanity even, on our part! We, as a people, have left the G-d of the Torah and have gone off into the world "committing harlotry", following the example of the great spiritual harlot of self-made religion. Cooked up by the vain imagination of despots, who are in turn fueled by an evil spirit who is an enemy of G-d!


A work of religious fiction, a misinterpretation and drastic alteration of His Word resulted in the the creation of the great Whore of Babylon - from whose harlotries all western denominations - that come under the heading which is insultingly called "Christianity" - have been spawned! But it can not be true Christianity! The Word "Christ" means simply "The Anointed One, and His Anointing"! The Messiah of Israel, whose heart beat was and is to do the will of His Father in heaven! How dare we leave the True Light and attempt to live by a man-kindled fire! How dare we attempt to redesign His system! How pridefully ignorant is that?! And yet that is what we have done! And why the harvest rots in the field as the workers, who are inept as the three stooges, bumble around being the laughingstock of the world! But what does one expect from the children of harlotry!


How dare we follow a "Whore" in the Name of G-d? I mean that we follow a bogus religious system, born in pride, arrogance and darkness, who has set itself up to oppose Almighty G-d, calls itself the "Queen of Heaven". This entity who has taken itself so seriously that it set itself to redefine "righteousness" and then teach its idea of righteousness to the world - a righteousness that Yeshua called "filthy rags"! A How dare we follow a system of G-dless rules by which the masses are enslaved! How dare we adapt the Roman Catholic System in place of Hebrew Law - and further attempt to alter it to suit ourselves! As though this is all some kind of "interactive build your own religion" shop! "Build a Word"? I don't think so!


Yet this system of false religion which affects every single western belief structure in some way or another, has persisted in trying to peddle its darkness to all who will buy, and to bully all else into buying it whether they want it or not! In following this structure that opposes G-d and His Torah, we have multiplied our sin - by throwing out His Calendar, His appointed times, His feast days, and His liturgy! By replacing it all with the worship of false gods of her own making! To worship tradition over Torah! Ignoring the gift of free will and working to enslave all men into her service by guilt or deceptive manipulation!


We must forsake these works of unrighteousness and make Teshuvah back to the Torah! The light of Israel, which Yeshua personified! We must forsake the ways of the heathen and cease learning their ways, reveling in their festivals and following their false gods in the Name of our One True G-d and our savior, Yeshua the Anointed One! We must partake of the heavenly calling, follow the Jewish Messiah and become accountable to the Jewish Torah! That is the light of the world that will obliterate the darkness. Not necessarily the Rabbinic teachings, though they are of some value. But we must get back to what Yeshua taught and demonstrated! We must get back to the path of righteousness which is found in the Way of Life in Yeshua ha Messiach! We must be about our Father's business, and we must be about pursuing His Holiness, without which no one can see the Lord! Selah!


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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.