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A Word from YeHoVaH Elohim, to HIS PEOPLE.... 




As I opened The Word of God this morning, for entirely other reasons of my own, I “happened” upon this verse. I put “happened” in quotation marks, because it did seem entirely accidental that I opened to this particular passage – AND – that it “just happened to be” highlighted in the notes. But, by now, I KNOW when this “happens” that it is the direct guidance of The Holy Spirit. He is getting my attention, because there is a point which HE wants ME to make this morning. And, as I've pointed out frequently over the years, I don't “write” much of this stuff, I just take dictation!


So here is THE POINT of this morning's exhortation from The Spirit of God:




This nation is, and HAS BEEN, under the Judgement of Almighty God – ESPECIALLY the “Church” in America! Because, not only have we allowed His Ancient Boundaries to be moved, which were set by the Founders of our Nation, who, in fear and trembling, wrote our Constitutional Boundaries of how the nation should be ran! But then – like them – we'd already moved some of the MORE ANCIENT boundaries concerning the treatment of our spouses, children, and neighbors, along with the managing of wealth, and, even MORE important, the reverence for GOD!


Our respect for GOD, attention and devotion to HIS WORD, along with a TOTAL LACK OF REGARD FOR THE ANOINTING AND PRESENCE OF HIS SPIRIT, has devolved to pathetic proportions! HIS SPIRIT was sent to ACCOMPLISH HIS WORK OF DELIVERANCE AND TRANSFORMATION, not to give people chill bumps and stress relief! He isn't some lackey who grants our wishes! He is The Anointing that makes God's Will and Work possible through us human vessels!!!



RETURNING US TO THE UPDATED BOOK OF ACTS. Updated, because it must now accommodate our current technological age, and expanded revelation of The Working of His Anointing, and be able to spiritually discern end time events.


His Word to us is: “FIND MY BOUNDARIES and GET IN THEM, and STAY THERE, if you would survive the coming waves of judgement and revival that are currently sweeping this nation.”


He continues; “Each wave of Holy Spirit Revelation will bring more souls into the Kingdom of God and out of the kingdom of darkness! But each wave will - also - topple spiritual kingdoms of false religion, unrighteous government, and unstable unions, bringing unprecedented persecution to my people.


There has been an unprecedented number of marriage failures in MY PEOPLE, because the boundaries of intimacy were removed, because social acceptance was allowed to take the place of those boundaries which were to be set by MY SPIRIT and MY WORD. I am healing many marriages in those who have chosen to repent and put me first.


But, as Marital Intimacy has been marginalized, minimized and replaced by “sexual freedom” (which is actually sexual bondage fueled by the lusts of the flesh) Family – MY CHOSEN GOVERNMENTAL MODEL IN THE EARTH - has taken a drastic hit, and has been practically demolished in your culture.


It does not “...take a VILLAGE to raise a child”! It takes two committed PARENTS with a commitment to each other, and a connection to ME, through Spirit and Truth! The “Village” is back up at best. A Community where people are supportive of one another, and look out for each other is a boon, in child rearing. Healthy community will happen when people are committed to MY Godly values.


But each child is assigned a specific steward by God at birth. If the natural parent doesn't want the child, then another willing steward should be found. But children were never meant to be the pawns of emotionally disconnected government agencies, or subjected to the whims of overworked government employees. NOR SACRIFICES TO AN OVERREACHING SEXUAL LUST FEST – Also known as the false god – MOLECH. That is a total breech of MY rules of family, and total failure of proper management, or stewardship of MY first and finest blessing – offspring.


It is time that MY PEOPLE, who are called by MY NAME, HUMBLED THEMSELVES (by finally coming to a realization of where they have left me) – REPENT (of the negligence to MY WORD, rejection of MY appointed times, resistance to the teaching and presence of MY Spirit and The Anointing by which I meant for you to use to accomplish MY WILL) – RETURN (TO MY BOUNDARIES, MY WORD and MY WAY) – RECEIVE ( redemption, healing, correction and wholeness from MY HAND) & RESURRECT (the righteous boundaries, the Constitution, and the WORD – as the standard which guides your choices)! Show up (for training); Grow up (in taking responsibility for your own relationship with ME and others) – so that you can GO UP – and take back the ground that your negligence has sold to your enemy!”




We have been entirely too slack in our commitment to Godly boundaries on relationships in general. With HIM first, and then with each other. IF, for example, we LOVED YEHOVAH ELOHIM, with ALL our heart, soul, mind and strength – AS COMMANDED - then we WOULD, by a desire to please Him, Love our neighbor as ourselves, and the rest of the commandments would flow naturally as well. His commandments were not meant as burdens, but as the natural outflow of a divine relationship, in which we trust, and therefore OBEY, Him, and HE then blesses and cares for us.


But we have relegated Him to some religious codes, and have made a set time of the week to acknowledge Him, at our convenience, in our Church buildings, Synagogues and Cathedrals – INSTEAD of acknowledging HIS SET TIMES, and showing up DAILY to learn and hear from HIM, so that we know WHAT to OBEY - TODAY.


Those – even some who have been really serious about being HIS PEOPLE, have even given Him snippets of our days, and a tenth of our income. But most have, by and large, sought His blessings over His presence, and have made idols out of practically every gift He's ever given to humanity – beginning and ending with physical intimacy.


It is truly by His grace, that we are not consumed. We have behaved like insolent, spoiled brats, who deserve a good whopping. And we've been getting it! But instead of changing we just howl louder, pout more pitifully, and keep choosing our fleshly preferences!


The line is being drawn in the sand. Either we become true followers of Yeshua The Anointed One, be Filled with His Spirit, and Transformed by HIS WORD, back into the image and presence of God – or – we will be pruned off, as bearing no fruit, and cast into the eternal fires, intended for the devil and his supporters.


Apparently God feels that if we won't commit to HIM then we must've already sold out to the devil. We get to CHOOSE. But our CHOICE will be indicated by our actions, and our decisions. What is of utmost importance to us? What consumes our time, energy and money? Most people's god is their belly (indicated by weight issues, and eating disorders, and an utter disregard for healthy choices) , their other fleshly lusts, (indicated by how much importance they place on their job, the opinions of others, success, sexual needs, and/or many other things which are temporary perks, and should not, therefore, become life-defining deities).


The Spiritual Life is NOT about this temporary existence. This is boot-camp, training ground. This is where we decide where we will spend eternity. And what position we will have there. This is where we get to decide Who will be our God? That is, WHOM it is that we will serve! This is where we get to decide our eternal fate - Heaven or Hell, Life or Death.


Will we experience His Glory and wonder forever and ever, or will we choose the darkness that we've grown so comfortable with, in which we've hidden, all this time? I've never seen a fire that gives intense heat, but no light. I don't think I want to. That is the image I have of hell. Because God is the source of light, but He won't be there! The Good News is that we don't have to be there either. The question is who would, and why? Today is the day of Salvation. Have you made up your mind yet?


Selah …...



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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.