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Stretching Abba's Grace

Things That Are Currently Stretching Abba's Grace, Concerning “The Family of God”

(And taxing my own patience as well....)


When things are over-spiritualized, sorting through the maze of confusing spirits to find HIS Truth can be quite a struggle. And while I don't ever intend to over-spiritualize stuff, clearly, some stuff NEEDS to be brought into the Spiritual realm to be corrected. So I am STILL trying to find that balance!


All prayer appreciated. Religious fact-checking? Not so much! As with all my writing, the hope is that you read it (that is, read it ALL BEFORE jumping to self-righteous self-defense) – then - pray and hear God's opinion on it, then keep whatever HE confirms to you - and lay the rest aside (or ponder it for later) and just keep moving.


IF The Spirit of GOD leads you to offer me a correction on anything I write, please feel welcome and free to take that conversation to private message. Please don't jump me on here! I will block any who have difficulty with that boundary. Thanks. That said ….


The Body of The Anointed One is getting on ALL the nerves these days. Mine and God's if I am hearing correctly!


For example, one can enter some services and feel totally invisible, judged and ostracized! Honestly, I've been better received in some shopping malls!!!  But then, one can enter some other, more “spirit-oriented” services, and get literally gang-prayed! With or without consent!


Both approaches to “Church” is just beyond rude! The people who are set in leadership should be approachable, and socially mature enough to at least sincerely greet and welcome those who visit! If someone is above – or beneath – that basic  level of social interaction they have no business leading anything!!! Don't just surround yourselves with puppets and body guards! Go get some help with your social issues, and let someone else shepherd until you do!!! 


 On the other hand “leadership” - or those acting on their behalf - should not take it upon themselves to oppress people, or assume that what they are sensing is okay to share! Both extremes are out of order Scripturally speaking! Being unapproachable, or forcing oneself down another's throat. Neither of those are Scripturally correct! 


I mean, if one, who is spiritually mature, discerns that someone is in great discomfort, emotionally, spiritually or physically, help can, and should, be OFFERED! But that "help" should NOT be pursued unless it is agreed to! That is spiritual hijacking, rape, oppression – choose whatever adjective you will – but over-riding another person's free-will is NOT how GOD operates, and NOT how HE would have US to operate! But then neither is cowardly ignoring another's pain, and leaving them to their agony! No one is perfect! But a scriptural balance must be found, for things to work correctly. 


Both kinds of behavior is, actually, the result of religious, manipulative, controlling spirits, probably connected to that Jezebel spirit, also known as Witchcraft, when WE either try to impose any will – God's or otherwise – on a non-receiving subject - or prejudge anyone as non-approachable! We bring shame to the Kingdom  of God, and obstruct its work, when we attach The Name of The Anointed One to either end of that warped stick! We must be better than this! 


No means NO, people. If someone refuses prayer then back off! Pray in the Spirit by yourself!!! But DO NOT attempt to be Holy Spirit junior, and force your intuition on others! That is beyond rude, it is actually forbidden by God! Check yourselves, so that you don't wreck yourselves – and others! And again, if you have such badly intrenched "introversion" issues that you can't communicate once you've left the platform, you probably shouldn't be at the head of that stack! You should still be behind someone who is teaching you, and guiding you in deliverance! Just sayin'! 

That covers the social parts of "Fellowship". 


The next issue that our Father is in opposition to, is this ridiculous nonsense that political battles have nothing to do with our spiritual warfare!


Get outta here!!!!  NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! WE – so called believers - are GIVEN the responsibility to uphold and guide the GOVERNMENT of OUR NATIONS! BY GOD HIMSELF!!!


It is our responsibility to see to it that our nation honors God, and adheres to HIS LAW. Not some man-made bastardization of it!!! BUT - in the last decades - our irresponsible, religious deceptions, and doctrines of demons, have prevented us from carrying out that God given responsibility!!!!


The religious spirits, which we have allowed to rule us, either by neglect or deception, have kept us small, crippled, sheltered, and out of the picture! THAT is why our NATION is going to HELL in a politically woven, marxist designed hand-basket! Get your head out of your religious keesters and pay attention!!!!


The sad fact is that most believers, say, believe, and therefore ARE - “too poor to even pay attention”! That "old saying" is usually said with a laugh, but the joke is entirely on us! IF we are “poor” it is because we have neglected to OBEY! Because HIS BLESSING, God's Blessing, is inseparably linked to OUR OBEDIENCE!!!


As in “Abraham was BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING”, and was richer than any in his day, due to HIS unrestrained OBEDIENCE TO GOD!!!! He trusted God, and obeyed, no matter the cost to himself! And as a result, God blessed him above all the men of that day! Kings envied him! And feared him! He walked in the favor of God to that extent!


Oh that God's people today could get hold of that kind of obedience! The “Church”, at large, treats the Word of God like a fast food menu! We have our favorite parts, and rarely know what else is even offered!


But God's Word is not optional! His Grace attends us, and protects us while we pursue obedience, but it is not some lame insurance policy that covers us while we ignore, refuse, neglect and avoid obedience!!!!! That is a misuse of Scripture, and it has made us an epic failure in the world which we are commissioned to redeem!!!!!


We MUST - at least - PRAY INTO THE POLITICAL REALMS, and, if called and able to, we should also PAY into it, and GO into it – as in maybe even run for office!!!!


But if we are not called to that extent we MUST at least support the righteous ones who ARE called to be there, with our prayer and our presence, and stop just dropping our responsibility onto their burdened shoulders!!! And we need to stop doing that to spiritual leadership too!


But then, on the other hand, “spiritual leadership” should stop being control freaks who cripple the sheep, and bonsai the Oaks of Righteousness - keeping them at a useful level for their own means! These hirelings dare not let the sheep mature, lest the pay check be affected! Most leadership run a multilevel marketing scam to pay for their car and home! And then they gripe because the sheep never mature!


Listen, I've lived with that brick on my head before, I know what I am talking about! Before I was delivered of the strongholds built around significant soul wounds, back when I didn't have the clarity to see what was obstructing me, or the boundaries to do anything about it! Now I do!


Religious manipulation is keeping people from reaching full maturity and going on out into the field! My brethren, this ought not to be!!!!


AGAIN – not to be redundant – but that entity known as “The Body of Christ” (The ANOINTED ONE) needs to wake up! Grow up! And show up, in full armor to take back the land that we have frittered away in our negligence, ignorance, apathy and deception!


It is time we learned what warfare looks like, and who the real enemy is here, and how to deal with that! It is time we got a deeper connection with our commanding officer, Yeshua The Anointed One, and got in step with HIM! This nation will not survive another generation of this apathetic religious hogwash! Let's leave the hog slop of mainstream “Christianity” behind, to RETURN to our FATHER, and be about HIS BUSINESS!


And, in the meantime, just maybe, we can also learn the boundaries on minding our own! (Matthew 7:3) 


Selah …..




Stretching Abba's Grace

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.