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Keeping CHRIST in "CHRISTmas" &  any other "Holiday"

Keeping THE CHRIST (a.k.a. THE Messiah, THE ANOINTED ONE) in “CHRISTmas”, AND in THANKSGIVING, CHANUKAH, and at the center of every other "Holiday", which we, as "believers", followers of Yeshua,  might celebrate! 


Okay. So, any of you who know me probably know by now that this “holiday” is ONLY a religious tradition for me. One of the few which I still keep alive for the sake of close friends and family. I have, over the years, as I've gained revelation of Truth on the matter, severed any real connection with most of the man-made, pitiful excuses for "holidays" - because most were born in idolatry, and then covered with a deceptive religious camouflage to hide that reality! NO THANK YOU! 


Not judging!!! I fell for it for years! Well, parts of it!!! But The Holy Spirit of God, the Ruach Ha Kodesh, Elohim, has promised to lead us ALL into ALL THE TRUTH, if we are willing to listen, learn and repent of our heathen, idolatrous ways, and FOLLOW HIM! And HE has been clarifying HIS opinion of this mess to me for decades now. It is finally sinking it! What can I say, better late than never I guess! 


So, am I saying that it is a sin to celebrate Christmas then?


I have not heard that yet!  But what I am hearing is that MOTIVES MATTER, and FOCUS is key! So IF HIS PEOPLE are focusing more on “Ho-Ho” than Yeshua Ha Mashiach, we have a problem!!!!


Saint Nicholas  - the "OG" of Santa folk-lore – from whence this legendary, "magical",  flesh-feeding, "elf-creature" has evolved – was a sincere lover of God and people. His heart burned for the poor in his frigid region, especially the children. He was a skilled wood carver, and he celebrated the birth of our Savior at the *time when he was given to believe He came!


(*Like most of the “church” since Constantine did a hostile take over of the Torah, and totally perverted the Christian expression of it! )


He made toys all year long, and gathered fruits, baked goods from neighbors, warm clothing items, etc., to be able to bless the poor in his area with gifts and nourishmen - in HONOR OF THE BIRTH OF OUR LORD! NOT to make himself into a legend! 


So that was a far cry from the commercialized, flesh-fest that this simple man's sacrifice has turned into today!!!! OY GEVAULT! We need to repent of this foolishness, and at least get this holiday back to where it originated!


I use the term “holidays” lightly, because it is a contraction, of sorts, for the words “Holy Days, as in the Moedim, or “Set Apart” days ordained by GOD, YeHoVaH Elohim Himself, for the celebration of HIS victories, HIS accomplishments and OUR prophetic calendar, designed to keep up alerted to events to come!


It is SO NOT THAT anymore. Not what most of “His People” have ignorantly accepted and made of it! We've lived in lies long enough! It is time to come awake to God's Word, and stop treating it like some fast food menu! 


I've had to repent a lot along the journey of following Yeshua! (The ONLY Rabbi, by the way, Who Is worthy of my entire devotion and attention! ) Slowly I've picked up the other moedim/set-apart times, while weeding the man-made mess of “Jewish Tradition” off of THEM as well!


Because all humans tend to do the same mess – attempt to water God's stuff down to where WE can flesh out on it! My Haverim, this ought not to be!


Though he clearly was NOT BORN THIS TIME OF YEAR - Yeshua WAS, HOWEVER - most likely CONCEIVED around this time of year! Scholars say, perhaps, during Hanukkah, The Feast of Dedication, (alluding to the re-dedication of the profaned temple during the time of the Macabees); Also known as the Festival of Lights (due to a secondary, legendary miracle which happened around some sanctified oil for the Temple Menorah) - subtly pointing to that possibility! Since He IS called "The Light of the World". 


But this reality would Make His actual arrival land somewhere around Yom Teruah, The Feast of Trumpets. Which (please stay with me) would make sense of “The Shepherds abiding in the fields, keeping a watch over their flocks by night...”, when they heard trumpet blasts announcing the arrival of the long awaited MESSIAH! Who would ultimately take the place of those sheep, which they were taking to Jerusalem to be slaughtered for sacrifices on YOM KIPPUR (the day of atonement),  ten days later! This explanation makes the most sense to me, from the still limited knowledge I have of GOD's HOLY DAYS! 


This was revealed to me by His Spirit a couple of years ago. Most scholars have settled on His birth being around Sukkot, The Feast of Booths, or Tabernacles, because of the reference of Him “tabernacling among men”.


But that wasn't HIS  first trip through was about! That comes later! Soon, I think! But not yet! That is AFTER Yom kippur! We need to pay attention to times and seasons as instructed!


So, celebrating HIM as we light our Hanukkah Menorah, and/or as we light our "Christmas tree", or whatever parts of those celebrations we choose to maintain in HIS HONOR, is one thing! But for heaven's sake, literally, please, be led by His Spirit and His Shalom!


HOWEVER this ridiculous obsession with Santa needs to go! It has NO place in a real believer's celebration! It has NOTHING to do with "The REASON for THIS SEASON"! And, please knock off the eight days of presents and candy gorging for Chanukah as well! Good grief Charlie Brown!!!  The Dreidel was a self-defense ploy to be able to celebrate without arousing the angst of oppressors!


We can play it, enjoy it! But please acknowledge the sacrifices behind why we do! The letters on the Dreidel stand for A Great Miracle Happened There! And SHOULD direct us toward a solemn gratitude toward God, who used a few dedicated priests to preserve the lineage through which "The Christ" we are supposed to be celebrating this season would come!!!! 


Also, Please DO read the Legend of Saint Nicholas, which is about the real man! Let your kids know where this thing originated! And if you want to honor that legend then go minister to the homeless or something, like he did! But stop with the fat magic guy who grants wishes. That is retarded beyond belief. I was insulted as a four year old that people would propagate such hog wash! And expect ME to believe it! Nope. Please halt and desist the worship of this “Elf” who grants our fleshly wishes! By which parents manipulate their children to avoid exercising parental responsibility of teaching them character!


I KNOW that in trying to reach a world that is tediously DONE with the hypocritical, weak, practically anointing-less, mess that most have made of “Christianity”, this is a difficult season. I know that if most people see a manger scene they will run for their foolishly fleshly lives! I get it! It DOES present an enigma! 


But what I DON'T get is why God's people see a need to pander to that flesh in the name of LOVE! I thought we are supposed to speak the TRUTH in LOVE! Not cater to the flesh with man-made creepy legends! (seriously? I never got how, "he sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake was anything but stalker-ish!)  Aren't we supposed to be drawing people to GOD, and HIS ways of being and doing? And Santa will accomplish this because?!!!!


Oh. I get the thinking. It's  sort of like bait to a fish. We'll draw them in with fleshly deception, and then perhaps we'll have an opportunity to love them Jesus style!? And we still think this crap will work because??!!!


I can't believe that after all the failures of "Halloween" the "church" is still trotting out this hypocritical, badly flawed b.s.!!! People still haven't got it that they, the world, see that crap coming  from a mile away! They show up to get the feel goods, and then spit on the rest and go right back to what they are really interested in! Deception is NOT a fruit of The Spirit y'all! And the flesh manifests the flesh!


Sadly, I don't yet have all the answers to all my questions! But I have a great suggestion! Why don't WE SEEK AFTER THE ANOINTING OF THIS ONE WHOM WE CLAIM TO BE CELEBRATING, so that those who do dare to draw near, whom The Spirit will LEAD to us - can be given something of worth!!!! 


I do, however,  know this, I simply can not be a part of this ruse in the Name of my Lord and Savior! I have a prophetic allergic reaction to Ho-HO! It “makes me manifest” alright – I manifest the Sandra Duncan version of the spirit of ELIJAH!!!! CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE! WHOM YOU WILL MAKE THIS "HOLIDAY" ABOUT!!! 


So. Sorry to be a party pooper. Sorry if this comes across judgy or insensitive. But we are being called up and out of that OLD WINESKIN of “the way church has always been done”, and into fresh revelation and a closer relationship with God The Father, Yeshua The Anointed One, and The Ruach Ha Kodesh!


We can no longer afford to keep one foot in the world and one in the Kingdom. He is NOT going to Bless that mess anymore!!!




So, for me, here's the bottom line of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and *Resurrection (which should be celebrated, btw, in the context of PESACH/PASSOVER - ARE TO BE CELEBRATED BY HIS PEOPLE  --- IF we can keep HIM at the center!!!!  Fine and dandy! But if not, I personally want no part of any of it.

(*"Easter" is a totally offensive to God, Idolatrous mess -  which we should put down - along with the demonic egg-laying bunnies and all!!!  STOP trying to cover that mess with Scriptural camouflage. The HOLY SPIRIT isn't having it!!!!) 


That's the boundary which The Spirit of God has led ME to.  If you, dear reader,  are not “there” yet, then Grace, Grace and more Grace! Just hang in there, eventually you'll get it!


But, I am going to ask nicely,  please cease and desist pressuring ME and acting like I am the one who is Scripturally aberrant. Thank you. That is all.


And, as always, I mean all of that in a very caring way!


Shalom Haverim – HAPPY (REAL) HOLY DAYS!

Selah .... Pause and THINK about THAT! 




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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.