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Coming Down Off The Mountain

Coming Down Off The Mountain


This past weekend we attended a ministry conference in Nashville Tennessee, at the Music City Sheraton. It was hosted by the leadership of Regeneration Nashville. Kent and Candy Christmas (yes, those are their real names, you can't make this stuff up. And it gets better, they have a son named Nicholas! Lol Anywhoooo....) despite their humorous combination of names, they are some of the sweetest, most real, most Yeshua-like leadership I have ever been privileged to observe. I actually met her in person, I've yet to shake his hand. It had to be somewhat overwhelming hosting a conference of this magnitude. But just watching him in his dealings with folks was awe-inspiring.


We went seeking for confirmation of some things we've been sensing about a move to that area, and hoping for some real connections with real people, and, last but not least, to get a glimpse of the Sunday Service, to see if, perhaps, that pulling we keep feeling for the Nashville area does involve these folk? Etc.


We made more real connections with real remnant than ever in our lives – though many of them were not from there! God is truly moving all over the U.S., drawing in folks from every state, every walk of life, every economic status. But, I had to observe that, like us, He is reaching DOWN to the formerly poor, religiously oppressed, hidden remnant to pull us UP to our destiny in Him. And there are a lot more of "us" than the other category - those walking fully in the authority and blessing of their callings! I am not sure what that process will look like, there are a lot of paradigms, a.k.a., “dross”, which will need to be burned out of this "gold" before it is pure enough for the Master's use!


The whole weekend felt surreal. Like walking in a dream of sorts. The physical blessings were just over the top. Because of my recent travels I had stacked up a fair number of “Hotel Bonus Points”, so we were immediately upgraded, for the same money, from a single king bed room to a King Suite, with a dining table, desk and sofa! And a nice private balcony.


I had the same thing happen on the way out west. Only that “upgrade” happened only because they had given my room away, and that one was the only one left! Lol Still. I am could get used to this new bit of luxury!


I find though, that the tendency is to fight getting used to it!? Because, “It will be too disappointing when or if it doesn't happen”? Or something ridiculous like that, which is annoyingly playing in the background of my hard drive.


But The Word does say that we need to know how to be abased and how to abound! Being abased is a choice we sometimes make, in reaching to those who are poor, devastated or abandoned. It isn't thrust upon us against our wills.


It may indeed seem like it was. I was born into it! And have gradually tootled my way to the surface, with the guidance of Holy Spirit, to take in a world of beauty and abundance I never thought possible – to me. We are to give up our lives to serve Him! We are to bless His Name in poverty, sickness, wealth or health! We are to embrace His suffering in the earth, not fear or dread persecution. 


I have lived most of my life feeling like the adopted “red-headed-step-child” whose father owns the candy store, but never feeling that I had the right of entrance! I am, these days, feeling a boldness to run into that store and climb upon Daddy's lap, and ask for anything I see! It is a great feeling.


This conference, in so many ways, reinforced that feeling of being someone I've never been able to be, of being seen as who I have become, with The Spirit's help, the "me" that I've come to see myself to be. Here, in this geographical, familiar, location, it is too easy to fall back into the paradigms and patterns of the “old me”.


That is partly because many of the people around here (with the exception of a few faithful neighbors, who've paid attention) seem to want to hold me to that old self! I think that may be because it makes it easier to dismiss the prophetic truth I carry. So, I think God is moving us away, in order to break the chains of this familiar environment, against which we must struggle every day to BE who HE is calling us to be NOW.


The conference, and the Sunday service, were inspiring, uplifting, healing, in so many ways! But then, as we literally came down off the mountain, headed home, as soon as we crossed the state line into good old NC I was hit with a sudden and violent attack of congestion and misery! But those are mere facts. I keep declaring, in that misery, That I AM HEALED BY THE STRIPES OF MY SAVIOR! Yeshua IS LORD, This foul mess is NOT lord!


So I have been struggling up each day to do what I can, because I will not succumb! And I do believe that His healing is for me! That I am not left out of His benefits! Every drop of blood was shed for me as well as the rest of mankind! I am not an orphan!


I am a bummer lamb. My mother rejected me, she admitted to trying to miscarry me! But my Lord picked me up, lifted up my head, and carried me next to His chest, where I could feel the beat of His heart. And now I am a strong sheep, ready to go out and share His love with others. This conference, I believe, was simply an arrow pointing to the area where He wants us walking in that love.  ;)


I am looking forward to getting this property in order. This blessing of God, that we now own, completely paid for, that we haven't been the best stewards of! We are working to redeem it above its original beauty. So that the children can enjoy it as we travel. And - also - so that we'll have someplace to crash as we come and go from here.


I am looking forward to increase, blessing, renewed strength, youth, vision and anything else I may need to accomplish His will and destiny for my life.


This is the time when the wealth of the wicked, which has been laid up for the righteous, is released. Because, finally, there are enough truly righteous to be trusted to use it for the kingdom, instead of just setting themselves up like royalty! (I mean, really, who needs gold-plated bathtubs? Just sayin') The leadership of this last generation, my generation, got more right than the one before them, who had fallen prey to the abundance that followed the victory of WWII, though it came at a great price. The American Dream overcame the vision of The Kingdom! Yet we have dropped the ball on so many things! We must now allow The Spirit of God to restore all that WE allowed the locusts to eat. 


Not only did the brave souls that won that victory, in WWII, give the ultimate sacrifice, some of whom did not return home! But – also - as we as a nation transitioned from a farming nation to an industrial nation - it took both parents out of the home. The result of which was that family has been fragmented, pretty much laid to dust. Most kids of that era grew up self-sufficient, but feeling unloved and abandoned. Religious church attendance on Sunday kept the nation in that place of “having a form of godliness”, which made them feel okay about themselves – yet “denying the power thereof” - which is the cure to all our ills! And so our ills have never been properly addressed! 


This is the time that we are to get restored to us all the enemy has stolen, that “the locusts have eaten”. Be those “locusts” social progress, religious foolishness, spiritual deception or just plain fleshly lusts and generations of wrong paradigms. Locusts of human hubris, which has created systems in an attempt to use God's goodness while circumventing His authority and Lordship.


We have attempted to have His Blessing without a real relationship with Him. We have sought to try to achieve righteousness in our strength – thus voiding the supreme sacrifice of The Lamb of God!


OR, worse, we've just discarded any form of righteousness as out-moded and unnecessary! We've ignored history. We've been deceived, because it was easier than being informed! We've followed the path of ease, like sheep to the slaughter, and then we are astonished when the slaughter begins! As it always has!


It is time that God's people gave up the cheap, socially warped, “politically correct”, version of “being woke”, and became actually fully awakened to the Truth! We must seek TRUTH in HIS WORD! It does not exist elsewhere! We must awaken to the season we are in, and what His Spirit is doing now in His people!


If we hope to spiritually survive this next season – and please understand that physical-temporary survival in this world is never guaranteed – we can only count on the TRUTH that God will not let us leave this planet until He is done with our service here! And when we do leave this planet that is when LIFE really begins!!!


This is NOT about US! His people must “not love their lives...” but must be all in, “even unto death”, down here. But we can live in peace, knowing that death can have no hold on us! We will simply transcend this realm into the eternal, where He Is. Which is, or should be, our goal anyway!


People talk about the possibility of His people being martyred, and they are, right now, in Afganistan, and around the world! But my attitude toward personally facing that situation is - “go on, throw Br'er Rabbit in the briar patch!” Because, the Truth is that when you release me from this body I am finally free! I am going to my Yeshua! What is to dread about that?!


I would only be sad for the emotional distress it might cause my loved ones. But all who know me should know by now where I am going. And if I am chosen for such an honor, to give my life for HIM, who gave His life for me, then go out and party! Honestly, it just doesn't get any better than that! I will be dancing in the streets of heaven! Please do not waste time mourning me! You will see me again! Possibly sooner than you think!


But here's the deal. This life is training. Boot camp. It was never meant to be some big day camp, with spa's and entertainment. We should be more concentrated on using the weapons of our warfare, than booking our next cruise! Not that there is anything wrong with enjoying the things this world has to offer on a level! But when that is our entire focus that is out of balance!


God is a God of blessing! He is not some fun-sucking, skin-flint! We can never out give Him! When we lay down our lives, on a daily basis, by choosing to seek and spend time with HIM, instead of our own fleshly interests – when we devote ourselves to His Word so that we can know Him better, and be more like Him – when we make choices that could lead to death here, as in persecution or martyrdom, then we have set ourselves up to reap LIFE everlasting, and to have crowns to lay at His feet when we get there. We will have achieved the goal of every real disciple of Yeshua, which is to hear the words of His Father, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the JOY of YeHoVaH”!


Personally, that has been my goal the whole way through. Sure, I get distracted. I get sidetracked by the pressures and business of this temporal life. I get weighted down with “stuff”, physically and emotionally, and have to take time, every so often, to declutter, unload and recalibrate my life, refocus my vision, and re-fire the desire to serve Him with undivided fervor!


So, to close up this session, I am sitting in a newly floored, repainted bedroom, free of the old stuff, popcorn ceiling, carpet, etc.... with new blinds that match the paint perfectly, basking in those physical blessings. But also, daily, engaged in the process of parring down the “stuff”, so that we can travel light, and our children aren't burdened with our mess! God IS GOOD! And His love endures forever!


Wow. His presence is thick right now. Going to go soak in Him!


Shalom Haverim!




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Great word!! So glad you were able to go and get connected with more of the remnant! Love you & look forward to hearing more!


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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.