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#METOO! The Discussion Continues … At least on MY PAGE!!!


Well, that got a lot of press! Excuse the sarcasm, but what was that? Maybe one whole day?! It was everywhere for FIVE MINUTES, and then whoosh! I guess it got too dang real for some people! And I KNOW.... it is a painful, difficult discussion! BUT - THIS is a pivotal issue for our nation, our society at large, and the spiritual future of our nation, IF there is to BE one! So NOW is the time to REALLY get down to the brass tacks of this issue, to clear up the fog on “what causes this”.... and to FINALLY establish TRUE EQUALITY for ALL!!!! Once and for all time!!!


And no, I do NOT mean “sameness”. Not tit for tat. I mean “Equal but Distinct”. That is the goal, or should be! The point of equality is not sameness! We are all created unique, with different needs, desires, dreams and skill levels!!! There will ALWAYS be different economic and social levels of people. While all men (AND WOMEN) are – of course - CREATED EQUAL, not all of them will CHOOSE to do the WORK of keeping up! The issue that MUST be dealt with, however, is that some who have done the WORK haven't reaped the benefits! THAT needs to CHANGE! And it needs to CHANGE NOW!


The oppression, denigration and overall disrespect of women is still wide spread, and has always been! Though it has gotten, perhaps, more subtle in recent years, and women have made strides toward obtaining the power and recognition they earn – it still isn't there. There is still a sexual-prejudice going on, not subtle enough to miss. And every inch of ground we women gain is resentfully surrendered, and too hard won!!! And sadly this is true even among decent, well meaning, God-fearing men! Even the really loving ones! They still all act in a way that suggests that they honestly believe that they are just a cut above women! They still all behave in a way which suggests and implies, and PROVES, that they really, deep down believe, that they do, and should have, all the cards. They ALL, with few real exceptions, believe that power over women, and everything else, is their birthright – and worse – they believe this is a Scripturally supportable idea! Can you say ….”DECEPTION”?!???


We have ALL bought this crap, this trap of the enemy, because this false doctrine is drilled into everyone's head from birth! Especially in the religious arenas!!! And sadly, we women must have believed it too! Or why else would we have enabled this crap for so long! We sing, “The chains are gone, I've been set free, for Christ my Savior Ransomed me ….”, yet most of us are still placing ourselves on the “metoo” list! But today – right now - I am making a quality decision. I am bailing out! These jokers have NO more power over me, God did NOT give them any, and I am done letting them help themselves to mine! So for ME this conversation is over! I WILL from this day forward walk in the full Authority and Anointing which Christ has worked in me! And pity the fool who would dare to step in front of me! #MeNoLonger is my new hashtag.


Because... I read the WORD too y'all!!! And I KNOW that the GOD who created us created us to HELP man because he needed our help to make him whole and complete!!! He did NOT, however, create women to be “the help”, in that subjected, disrespectful pattern which it has shamefully become! Though – in my decades of observation HIS Word HAS surely been twisted and mangled, in every pulpit I've ever attended, to support this devil-inspired, unrighteous, division causing, love-destroying, power grab! Even female “leadership”, who are kept on a very short leash I've noticed, stupidly push this manipulative, controlling, codependent, boundary infraction! We women were created to be an equal partner, to make men whole again. We were created so that they would not be lonely, that they would have real fellowship that was equal to them, that they could enjoy intimacy, intellectually, physically and emotionally!


We were NOT, however, created to be their beloved pets, their maids, ass-wipes or butt-kissers! And that picture of what is erroneously referred to as “Submission to Authority” by also erroneously named “men of God” (who wouldn't know Authority if He sat down in their laps...) needs to go away now! The current pattern of petting us one minute, and denigrating us the next, to keep us schlepping and hupping, is an ungodly pride trip which has taken many an otherwise good man down, and has ruined most of the relationships ever formed!!!!! BECAUSE …


That crap is bogus, man-twisted, doctrines of demons – which has done more to divide the body of Christ than all the other tricks and traps of the enemy put together! “Divide and Conquer” has always been his favorite strategy! And where better employed than at the very heart and core of society – the home?! Dividing homes, and therefore churches, since “the Church” is – or should be - merely based on home government, this is his best tactic, and he has been hugely successful – thanks to the idiots who have preached and propounded this disreputable brand of “manhood” in pulpits across the mile, generations and decades! This junk has been propounded by generations of pure nincompoops whose egos bought this false doctrinal hogwash hook, line and stinker! They took the bait, and were all too willing to try to lord it over us – pushing us further and further away – and WE just kept showing up, trying to fix it, but enabling it all the while! And no, the spineless catering of the politically correct dweebs … who are currently, hypocritically, pandering to women because now it is the cool thing to do …. doesn't count!!!! And NO the fuming and demanding of the feminist hate tribe isn't going to help either! It's the same crap in a different suit! Come on!!! Surely we have more I.Q. Than this?!


It is time for everyone to REPENT of this false doctrine, and horridly erroneous belief/behavior patterns – which are the fruit of flesh driven, power-hungry, narcissistic/religious ideology! We desperately need a new paradigm of male/female relationships. We need to learn true equality of respect – which allows each to be distinct, unique and individual, without usurping their authority!


First and foremost. One will never respect someone whom they truly believe is in any way “beneath” them, in authority or position! But we all need to get this - God took woman from man's SIDE, next to his heart! Not from his heel, nor his ball-sac! And until WE ALL get the idea that GOD's “order” does not ENSLAVE anyone – but that ALL must TAKE his or her place IN GOD's AUTHORITY of their own free will – it will never work! There is an ORDER which GOD set up! But we – as a society, world over – have NEVER YET LINED UP WITH IT!


So, sorry Women, you do not get to now lord it over the men just to prove a point! It's NOT “our turn”! We've ALWAYS had a place which we've been denied! That just needs to STOP happening now. WE need to STOP bowing to the false systems of man and FIND the true order of GOD, and our “place” in HIS Kingdom, which is NOT curled contentedly at some man's feet awaiting orders!!! There is only ONE LORD! His Name is YeHoVaH! His SON who by His sacrificial bravery was promoted by YeHoVaH to be called “Adonai”, “The LORD”, is named YESHUA!!! He is the prophetically announced “ANOINTED ONE”! Our POWER comes from obedience to HIS WORD. And all obedient ones are given Authority according to GOD's design, and their ability (as judged by GOD, not some self-appointed, man-anointed jack-rod who has taken on some lofty title)!


It is time to get it right people! It is time to lay an axe to the ROOT of this wreckage. #METOO needs to be changed to #NOTME, or “#MeNoLonger”!!! But also, it needs to be addressed, firmly and honestly, first and foremost, in the hallowed halls of religious ritual, for it was in that coven of manipulation and witchcraft that this darkness was crafted, and has been nurtured for all these generations!


We have the power to change this pattern, to right this wrong. And then, once that basic relationship issue is put right, all other equality issues will come to rights. The power struggle must be put down. All power comes from, and is attributed back to, GOD. We have no business asserting our power – real or imagined – over anyone!


#MeNoLonger! . . .


Selah ….


From #MeToo to #MeNoLonger!


#MeToo surely covers a whole lot of ground, from verbal harassment, to a shame that resounds!

From wounds too deep, or too gory to articulate, to shame and abuse that engender pure hate;

To a general disgust, of a general disregard, of our power and rights, it's not really that hard,

to get, though complicated by unforgiveness and hate, it IS hard to let go, when shame overcomes fate!


#me too is a dark place where all victims go, there's an anointing to heal, but too few people know!

We're talking about rape, we're talking about pain, and ugly, black threats, disgusting, insane.

We're talking about robbery of body & soul, and a broken, trashed dignity that can never be whole

(except through God's help, again, somewhat unknown, but we wouldn't need that help, if respect was shown! ).


We're talking vile insults, and some imagined wrongs, perhaps false accusation, the stuff of emo-songs,

We're talking a lot of commotion, and hullabaloo, comparing of what happened to me and to you;

And we all know that talking isn't enough, to fix all the lives who've been wrecked by this stuff!

But if enough speak out, we just might get through, the message behind the distress of #metoo!


We might get men thinking, we might get them to see, that it isn't okay, to harass a “me”,

it isn't alright to take “me” from myself, and then shove what's left of me back on some shelf!

It isn't alright to afflict another soul, to leave something broken in place of something once whole!

It just isn't okay to assert your lust & greed, over anyone's innocence, safety, sanity or need!


It's NOT “just boys being boys”, nor “men being men”; it's guys being perverts, and it needs to end!!!

It isn't legal or decent to cause someone else trauma, for a fix, a sex-lust, or a moment of drama.

It isn't morally sound, nor mentally sane, to think it okay to cause others such pain!

This mess needs to stop, S.O.B.'s need to learn, we're not here for their pleasure, nor for dousing their burn!


In fact, castration should happen - if they can not control, the parts of themselves that would rob someone's soul!

Then maybe some others would think twice before dealing, in heartbreaking, soul-wrecking innocence stealing!

Then maybe our daughters would get the rare chance, to reach womanhood whole, without fear of romance!

Perhaps respect, and romance, once again could regain, the honor it should have, if we'd dealt with this shame!


“Equality for All” has been the bane of this nation! When will we finally rectify this sad situation?!

Oppression of women has been a worldwide sport, we've a chance now to reverse this chauvinistic report -

And become a WHOLE people, who show proper respect, for God, each other, and yes, even sex!

#MeToo's a discussion that's way over due! Or else, sadly, there wouldn't be so very many #metoos!


When will we learn true submission, and receive our freedom from this low position?

When will take the Freedom Christ won, and choose to submit solely to the Son?!

When will we shake off the chains, and stop wallowing in our own pity drain?!

I've been healed and each day I'm stronger, so my new hashtag will be #MeNoLonger!!!!





Selah, Haverim! & Shabbat Shalom!



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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.