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Contrary to What Commercials Like This Would Have Us to Believe...


I don't think that most Americans even want to realize that the weekends should be set aside to enjoy HIM - the One True God, the Creator of the Universe!! Few people are so devoted to God, that they are eager to stop their many frantic activities, which revolve around trying to support and/or enjoy “the good life” - for even one or two days out of seven – so as to have time to just bask in His presence! Few, despite fervent religious claims and frantic ritual activities, are devoted to HIM enough, to want to take two days off, or even ONE, to pay homage to HIM as the GOD of the Universe!!! Frankly, in fact, now days, most chafe at the two hours usually devoted to a “Worship (Entertainment) Service”, and fidget through the final prayers, their minds more on beating the fundamentalists to their favorite restaurant after service than on the blessing being ritually spoken over them!

Why is it that we find it so hard? Perhaps because it is fight! Hence the many commands to resist - the references to "fighting the GOOD fight", etc.! Perhaps because, from childhood the deck is stacked against us – with religion on the ones side condemning and shaming us, and the world on the other side mocking and confusing and taunting us! Perhaps because we have come to sense that much of our religious practice IS bogus and empty, and even, at times full of Pharisaical hubris?!

But according to GOD's writings, without all the man-made amendments of the "Church Fathers" - we should be RESTING from our own work, as commanded on the day which HE set aside as “Shabbat”, in order to make the time needed to relax enough to consider and revere HIS work! Then, of course, if we are so inclined, we can also join in Rejoicing in one of His fellowships, with the fellowship of His saints on "The LORD's Day"! But – since one of those “appointed times” was designated by GOD, and the other by MEN, whom we regard and revere as "Church Fathers", that tells me all I need to know about which one should take preeminence! And still, even with it being that plain and clear to those who have ears to hear, we are instructed NOT to enter into a judgmental attitude with those who do not see it yet! Because, as Yeshua Himself kept pointing out, it is the heart of why we choose what we choose which is important – not just the outward technicalities!

It saddens and amazes me though that we are "taught", even beaten into thinking, that the man-designated day is more important, more holy, and more necessary than the one which GOD ordained and set apart! I think we – as the people who claim to care what God thinks - should repent of that now, and choose to revere what GOD reveres, and - if we are going to treat one of those choices as optional, the we should treat as optional that which man has set in place - instead of the other way around! The very gall of our religious hubris is astounding! But for Grace we'd be doomed!

Again - Of course I am NOT suggesting, nor insisting, that we observe HIS ordinances, or any man-altered standard for that matter, in a Pharisaic, Ritualistic, Religious bondage or legalism! NO! That mess is a spirit of anti-anointing, which we should resist at all costs! It only produces death and not life! And it is not of God!

But true OBEDIENCE, on the other hand, which is practiced in loving, loyal, heartfelt attitude of gratitude to a loving and Gracious Father - who gave careful instructions as to how to best operate this body which HE created - is inseparably linked to His Blessing, Anointing and Presence in our lives! What is not to want about that?! So I have come to FIRMLY believe that we need to revere the original owner's manual, written, some say, by God's own hand in stone for Moses - instead of man's many adaptations and amendments to it! Not many religious people claim that the original Ten Commandments have been preempted or set aside by the new covenant – and yet the establishment of the Sabbath, including what day it was to be observed, is the FOURTH in that original ten! So what gives here?!

The people who consider themselves to be "spiritual leadership" write entirely too many "executive orders" for my liking! Perhaps that is where our current president got the idea?! But we, as God's people, whom HE has actually left in charge via His Spirit and Anointing, who share in the Authority of the Anointed ONE, should stop tolerating that now, and should stop cow-towing to that false religious mess! We should stop revering mere titles over the Anointing. We should stop taking their word as Gospel, and search THE Word for ourselves! We should walk in the Authority, Anointing and discernment which obedience to the TRUTH, and subjection to the SPIRIT bring into our lives! And we should stop playing the religious game, which has come to resemble a bad Amway multi-level leadership program!

We do not need a revival of the old time religion! God forbid! What we need is a return, a profound Teshuvah, to HIS Torah - as a guide and reference as to how to interpret - and use/apply - the book, the “new covenant”, which comes AFTER! Which was NEVER meant to replace the OLD Testament! But was meant to merely extrapolate it to US, for best use in our times - by His ever wise Spirit of Course!

Look folks - We can continue to justify our disobedience of His Word as avoidance of legalism if we want - but that will not keep us from the spirit of legalism - which operates in ALL religious expression!!! If you doubt me on that just try crossing the lines of teaching in your own persuasion! You will be brow beaten back into “submission” or shown the door! How do I know this? Lol I have put quote marks around the word submission to indicate that it is the word they use, but that it does not mean what they think it means! Submission is an act of the FREE WILL, by which we put OURSELVES under authority to GODLY leadership, who correctly divide the Word of GOD! It does NOT mean, however, as it is mostly practices in institutionalized religion this practice of people telling you your business and defining your personal boundaries for you – nor does it give ANY human the right to cross your personal boundaries, in which there is only room for you and GOD!

We can continue to tolerate the selective deception which is now taught by institutionalized religion world wide if we choose to. We are free to do that. But that is not cooperating with His Spirit, who is seeking to lead us into ALL HIS TRUTH! Following false religious paradigms, in fact, will only work to steep us in religious confusion and division! Which results in denial and death, not truth and life!

We can continue to consume foods, such as pork and shrimp, which HE, GOD, deliberately did not designate as food - since the consumption of those substances He actually – firmly forbade - on pain of death in those days - and true, because of GRACE, it will NOT keep us out of heaven! But it may send us sooner than we were meant to go! And we can continue to twist the meaning of Peter's encounter with that sheet to suit our appetites of flesh, if we want! But all such religious manipulation of Scripture is a gross misuse of Grace, and a great offense to God! The sheet incidence was clearly designed to get the Jews to get off their religious high horses - to break the strongholds of religious pride - and free them to take the Gospel to us heathen, Goyim, a.k.a. “The Nations”! And to teach the Jewish believers of that time, again, as Yeshua taught, what goes in is not nearly as important as what comes out!!! But that doesn't mean we just throw the whole guideline in the ditch and run willy nilly into a bacon-crazed destruction, and expect God to save us from the detrimental results! Come on!

The reason that this kind of religious logic is so wrong, being that such stubborn justifying of sin keeps us outside His blessing - if not outside of His grace! And that Grace - to stay connected to God through REPENTANCE FROM SIN - which we can attribute to the work of The Messiah – was never meant to be used to protect and enable our sin – but to protect us until the Spirit could transform us out of sin! But when the Spirit convicts us of sin we must be willing to submit to His Word/Truth willingly, to put that sin/fleshly tendency/paradigm down and step away -so that it can be annihilated! Any faltering in that should be dealt with immediately with renewed repentance, and a cry for His help! Not justified with confusing religious rhetoric and legalistic loopholes!

The Church in America needs now to come down off of HER high horse of religious idolatry, and spiritual adultery, in which she has went a-whoring after other gods, and to which she clings for dear life, and accept the TRUTH of the Word of God! We need to weed and pitch the many amendments with which our alleged "Church Fathers" bastardized the pure teaching of God, and flee from the antisemitic, anti-Christ spirit which that false doctrine enables - in teachings which insinuate, if not demand, that the "Church" has replaced Israel – for example! As Paul cried out, “God forbid!” When there are SO many passages indicating that GOD would NEVER do such a thing! How can we replace that into which we've been grafted?! That does not happen! The wild branch can never replace the natural. It can only be grafted in and receive life from it and be CHANGED! How foolish to ever believe otherwise! We are blessed IN the beloved, not instead of Him, or HIS brothers! And HE was a part of Israel, He is the Jew of Jews!

How did we misunderstand the writer which informed us that "Salvation is of the Jews"!? How has the “apple” fallen so far from the tree? The truth is that it hasn't! The truth is that we were never to be grafted into that “apple” tree to begin with! The truth is that we have left behind the Vine of Israel, and if we have any hope of life in Him, we had better repent, pull out of that false institution (by the leading, and in the timing of HIS SPIRIT, please) and begin seeking God, worshiping Him, in Spirit AND in TRUTH as commanded. We had better spend more time seeking His face, and what His will actually involves, than finding loopholes and conscience salves.

We had better use our weekends to rest in Him, and in finding the refreshment of HIS presence, and the JOY of His will, instead of depending on Michelob – don't you think?! If you agree, you will know what to do. If you do not.. just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.....with eyes rolling, rolling, rolling...

And, while you're at it, you may as well just go ahead and pop open another brew....because sooner or later, without a real connection with God, I'm pretty sure you're going to need it!

Selah, and Shalom Chavarim! Shavuah Tov!

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.