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August 16 2016 3 16 /08 /August /2016 03:22
Choosing Trump. "Choosing From Two Evils"? Or....

, , , Choosing God's Tool of Deliverance?!

(My Take on the Profoundly Inadvisable Misuse of C. H. Spurgeon's Famous Quote)

In my firm opinion, the fact that this quote is being applied to the current political situation, as it is, can only indicate a few possible social realities. Either there is a growing mass of overly religious, selectively deceived people – OR – that mass is guilty of an actual, utter, lack of spiritual discernment – OR - worse than either of those options, these masses of well-meaning, but thoroughly misguided ones, having become lost in a vast fog of spiritual deception, have fallen prey to the trap of willfully attempting to deceive and manipulate others (a.k.a. Witch Craft), for the purpose of achieving a particular goal (such as an alternative political undercurrent, which is fostering, and demanding a rebellion against God's indicated choice, while creating division in the body) so as to continue pandering after personal/religious preferences – in the guise of “voting their conscience”!!!)

How else could it be defined? Especially when it is being spun by that quarter, of (“Right-Wing” “Conservative”) “Evangelicals”, who are still determined that only Cruz could possibly be God's man of the hour!? Oh, I KNOW how it is being spun, that is I understand the implications of this usage! It is being spun as a pseudo-discernment, as a religiously superior attitude, and as “divine wisdom”. When those possibilities couldn't be further from the Truth!!!

It is, in fact, a profoundly ungodly misuse and prideful manipulation of this Truth, and it will not merit the blessing of God - on their purposes, nor on their lives! (Though it may gain them some heavy shoes in judgment for defrauding the flock of God, just sayin'. God does not take the willful, nor selectively “accidental', irresponsible deception of His people lightly!) And if the shoe fits, if what I am saying tempts you to be offended, then please understand that you have the right to choose offense, OR you can reach for the grace to repent! Truth is only offensive to devil-bent flesh!

However, I will note, that the way this quote is being used, though it has a distinctively different and clear meaning to me, could have very well been the spirit in which Spurgeon quoted it, being that he also said something along the lines of , “To deny Calvinism” is to deny the Gospel.” Oy vey! Proving once again that NO ONE is perfect, and that an anointing in one area, for one's primary calling, does not constitute an widespread anointing for all wisdom in every area of spiritual knowledge!

Don't get me wrong! I have revered Spurgeon's writing for years, and I have been an eager devourer/reader of his many excellent works! But again, nobody's perfect! And I am the living thesis which disproves the doctrinal stance of Calvin, indicating that his ideology was not all Spurgeon believed it to be!!! That is why we are called to walk in accountability to each other, and to try every spirit to be sure it is of God! That is why no one has the market cornered on Truth! And those who think they do have never came out of their own corner!

Doctrinal Error of this nature, which leads to the annoying habit of pulling Scriptures out of context and basing a whole new divisive cult following on them, is just what has led to the social disaster called the denominational “Church” system, which has called down the judgment of God upon HIS people! Judgment which affects everyone, and which is why the world, by and large, want to kill us! Since, even those of us who are trying to get it right, trying to speak Truth in LOVE, trying to Preach the GOOD NEWS, too often get “profiled” by mere association!

But it is my FIRM opinion, that the people who are constantly, selectively, ignorantly, misusing this quote are operating under the influence of a religious spirit, and NOT the Spirit of God! And, again, I believe that it is this kind of religious error, which brought down the judgment of God on us the last eight years, and beyond! Because, whether we want to accept the responsibility or not folks, it wasn't the active democrats who pushed Obama through to glory, (although their skulduggery and cheating did help, I'm sure)!

BUT – in Spiritual reality - it was the negligent, apathetic, “Christians” (ineptly named, since that word means “Little Anointed Ones”, and making good use of HIS yoke destroying, burden lifting, ANOINTING is NOT what the majority called by that moniker seem to do best! Most of those who go by this exalted title have SO many doctrinal strongholds that they can not discern what God is doing on their own behalf)! And again, I am purposefully being redundant, by repeating, that it is this kind of religious paradigm, and corresponding behavior patterns, which have incited the judgment of God against our nation, and put this mess in motion in the first place!

And now, in their stubbornly perpetrated and reinforced, deep-set doctrinal, self-afflicted, deception, they are – whether they mean to or not – calling for four more years of this misery! Just so they can save their pride, and support their false prophecy! They are saying illogical, spiritual sounding things, like, “Vote your conscience”! To which I might agree, if the one who started that mantra had ever proved to me that he has one!!!

Cruz clearly set a standard which he did not keep, in siting the unconditional forgiveness of those folks in South Carolina, calling for that kind of Christian love toward one another – out of one of his two faces; while the other face created a huge rift in the party by suggesting that people “vote their conscience” instead of endorsing the front runner who beat him fair and square!

He then further embarrassed himself (or would have, if he indeed had a conscience in tact enough to feel an emotion like embarrassment) by continuing a futile campaign, at the nomination celebration of a man to whom he was still bearing a grudge – whom he himself was refusing to forgive, for a third grade insinuated insult against his wife no less! And self-righteously using THAT as an excuse NOT to endorse him!?

Wow. Way to model that standard of forgiveness dude! EPIC FAIL! That man has enough egg on his face to keep McDonald's breakfast crew in business for the next few years! If anyone had enough discernment to actually see what went on through, through their deceptive veil of self-righteous rhetoric, there would have been rats leaving that sinking ship in droves!!!

These posts, these misquotes, and all the other underhanded tactics used by these who call themselves “The Religious Right”, are mainly used to cast doubt or outright recrimination against Trump! And it is also producing a profound deception in undiscerning, immature, "Christians" all over this nation, pulling their own wool over their eyes, leaving their ever broadening rear ends open to the devil to perpetrate what evil he may! This folks, is not good spiritual leadership! This is NOT the correct use of the prophetic gift! This is aiding and abetting the enemy at dividing and conquering our nation!

I think that, once again, it it time to choose sides. And we are NOT, as is being implied by this timeless quote, being asked or expected to “Choose from two evils!” Please stop chanting that nonsense long enough to consider this - was Saul vs. David a situation of “choosing between two the evils”?!!! Because according to this logic, which is typically used in the arguments against Trump - that would certainly make sense! Because - PLEASE remember - KING DAVID - who was guilty of voyeurism, which led to adultery, which led to MURDER (!!!!!) - was one of the GOOD KINGS! AND God called him HIS FRIEND!

So - I think that your religious check lists – that you are constantly whipping out to compare Trump to your golden boy - should be put away now, and you should actually get up the courage and humility to ask GOD what HE thinks, and THEN you should get yourselves in line with what HE is doing!!!

We should be very careful in this season, as to how we speak over this man, who very much seems to be “God's Anointed” for this election! Being careful to avoid “Speaking against God's Anointed Ones”, doesn't JUST apply to a situation wherein “nobodies” like me (meaning simple folks, whom man's systems have not chosen nor approved to hold offices of Authority or garner respect, etc.), must be VERY careful to be sure and “cross our T's and dot our I's” when dealing with, or attempting to hold accountable “honored” men, like Dr. Brown, whom man's systems have acknowledged and recognized, or in calling “foul” on the beliefs of much revered men of God such as Spurgeon!

This idea of being careful not to “touch God's Anointed”, also means that WE, as God's people, are to revere and respect whomever God is setting in Office, and that person should have our support – or at the very least our intercession - on HIS behalf! Which means that, if they do not merit our respect, they should even more so inspire our intercession!!! As the Obama has certainly had mine for the last eight years!

But as another post which I've noted, has pointed out, in referencing the mistake of Balaam – again – this too is being deliberately misconstrued to keep people from moving their focus, and loyalty, from Cruz to Trump! But the meaning that I see more clearly is that - we MUST – having besought God to indicate whom He would use for our deliverance - NOW that Cruz has LOST - stop pestering Him for a second opinion – AND - stop insisting that He reconsider HIS choice! We also need to stop deviously plotting against, and religiously attempting to find loop-holes, which will allow us to justify this attempt to overthrow HIS plan, and JUST get behind what HE is doing to deliver our nation!

Oy Gevault! Do you people NEVER learn! I am NOT coming from a place of judgment here! I too have made some of these glaring, religiously guided, misinformed, mistakes in the past! But I saw the results and have repented! Which is what I recommend for the rest of you!!!! Or am I the only one who fell for this bit of “not choosing between two evils”, and “voting my conscience”, in the last go around, and in refusing to vote for a MORMON, got a MUSLIM!!!??? Yes. That IS exactly what happened there! This same idiocy prevailed in that election. But again, that is ONE of the reasons we are under judgment! Stop it! Repent of religious pride and seek His face, His grace and HIS idea of UNITY! “ONE NATION UNDER GOD...” – Not an infinite number of denominations divided - in His name!

It is time to commit. It is time to acknowledge GOD's Choice and to stop halting between two opinions! (As in, pretending that you don't want Hillary to win, but still handing her the vote by NOT voting for the ONLY one who is able to defeat her!?!?!) It is time to stop pestering God and repent of prideful stubbornness! It is time to stop pretending that there are righteous motives at heart, when “consciences” are still being motivated by religious prideful flesh!!! We say that we trust God. Do we? Until He throws us a curve ball! And then we start the pouting, the name calling and the mental manipulation games – which, again, by the way, are considered by GOD to be witch craft! Again – JUST STOP IT! And Repent!

I personally believe this kind of word wrangling mess to be an attempt at finding a religious legal loop-hole, so that those so deceived can avoid choosing, and/or can side-step accepting responsibility for that choice! And I think the leaders of this land, especially those in places of Spiritual Authority need to grow some discernment and Chutzpah, stiffen their spines, and stand up for what GOD has chosen as the means to our deliverance! Stop insisting on another vessel! Take the Trump!!!

I think these double-minded quasi-leaders will answer to God as false prophets who are misleading and fleecing the sheep to save their religious pride! I think they are an instrument of division, when they should repent and become catalysts of unity! And I think that the time to repent of this tragic, and utterly avoidable error is NOW. Before the election comes, and God delivers US, but you guys fall under judgment with all those who rebelliously opposed His plan!

For what my opinion is worth, I STILL say, you men and women who have the most influence in the spiritual communities – who still have doubts despite the masses of confirmation which has been given (by men and women who are every bit as reputable, respected and at least as spiritually in tune as yourselves) - need to either humble yourselves to accept these Godly people's judgment – OR – quit the speculation and surmising and GO meet Trump in person! Every man that has met this guy has changed their minds about him – to the positive! AND - if YOU have NOT exercised that opportunity – or refuse to - THEN - YOU people (including those well honored ones, especially those!) should NOT be articulating your wishy-washy, double-minded, surmisings and accusation-smeared-with-spiritual-sounding-wisdom – that is, after all, mere opinion, based on mere perception, religious or otherwise! That is not reporting, nor is it prophetic warning! At best it is fear-mongering, and at worse it is slander!!!

And if YOU guys and gals in leadership persist in this folly, then the rest of us should cease listening to you, because if I am reading it correctly, that activity is the epitome of what is known as “lashon hara” - evil or false speaking! Which will further incur the wrath of God upon our heads! Please, just put it down and step away, and while you are at it – REPENT!

It is time to exercise the Grace which has been extended to us to pursue the degree of Teshuvah described in II Chronicles 7:14! It is time for God's people to stop these childish word-games, manipulative mind-games, and religious folly, to come together in Unity as never before, to accomplish God's will concerning Jerusalem, America, and the rest of the world! Time is short, and the world between the windows is still largely unreached. Dare we continue to be so selfish as to pursue our own agendas at the expense of our nation, while the world perishes without God? Today is the day of Salvation. Salvation always begins with true Repentance. I suggest we get busy with that in a real way. It is time to Humble ourselves under God's mighty hand, that in due season He might exalt us.... again... Just One more time.....




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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.