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July 22 2016 6 22 /07 /July /2016 18:16
W-a-a-h! Somebody Call the W-a-a-ambulance!

An Open Letter to Sen. Cruz, His Devoted Followers; and the REST of the Republican Oriented, Freedom Loving Voters:

Written After Listening Intently to Sen. Cruz's Speech at the Republican National Convention...And....Breaking it Down. You can catch the whole speech here...

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDhqM9ZnVmI )

Cue the applause. It finally dies down. A smiling Sen. Cruz begins by congratulating Mr. Trump for winning the nomination. He then states that he wants Republican Values to win in November. So far, so good.

But then, there follows a long and confusing session of serious back peddling! Which, to me, was seemingly designed to further divide the party, or to, at least, pass judgment and cast doubt upon the choice which was made by the majority of Republican Americans!

Sour grapes indeed! (Though – I do have to give it to him – it was all done in a way that was subtle enough, so that people who don't want to see it can utterly deny that it happened! Which no doubt his faithful followers would do, had he not put the nails into his own coffin in the interview the next day! Watch the reasons he gave for why he did NOT endorse Mr. Trump.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvrDHz06q7M excuses, which I will address as I go)

In my observation, Sen. Cruz, this was a cowardly, double-dealing attempt at fulfilling the bare minimum of your responsibility - as a good little, shiny Republican - without committing yourself to the perceived risks which Donald J. Trump represents, at least to your increasingly apparent, two-faced brand of Republican political ambition! Bus-TED!

Sen. Cruz begins his deceptive non-endorsement by using as a distraction the tragic loss of police lives, turning the tragedies into an involved soap-opera-like monologue, about a child's grief for her father??!! Hoping, I think, to divert people's attention from his own littleness, in an obvious lack of true Christian character, or even actual, obvious, lack of regard for Republican Values! How desperate is this man? Pretty Darn!

I don't choose to call him “Lying Ted” however - because I think he truly believes all the BS he peddles – as does his glossy-eyed following! But, though name calling is not all that helpful, still, if I were to choose a moniker for him, I would choose instead to call him “LITTLE TED” for rarely have I seen such small character in one whose character has been so highly touted! Unfortunately, however, Rubio already earned that title, so perhaps we should go with “Politician Ted”, since that is what he is painting himself to be in this flip-flopping, deceptive speech!

It is the disparaging distance between this man's veneer, the man whom his adoring constituents paint as such a saintly devoted American, and this grasping, desperately dishonest politician, too clearly seen here, which has turned me so completely against this man!

A man whom I once admired too, and whose obvious grasp of the Constitution I still admire! However, I do not trust him to uphold that hallowed document which he has studied so profoundly, when he can not uphold the tenets of the Bible, which he seems so quick to quote, but so slow to observe! I am SO over this slick, whiny, unforgiving, pouting, divisive, religious, Pharisaical prig of a man!

Listen folks - God's judgment is upon our nation precisely due to this kind of deception-promoting religious mess! It is precisely this brand of False Christianity which IS what has qualified us for the wrath of God! And yet this fellow, who claims – correctly, I think – that “This may be our last chance to get it right” - shows no repentance from his self-serving agenda, to be able to pursue what would get it right?! And....we should vote for him because......????!!!!! May he, and his religiously deceived supporters, find the grace to repent before that crop, to which they have ardently contributed, comes to full fruition!

So Okay Ted, back to you, why don't you answer your own question! “What if this IS our last chance to get it right?!” YOUR last chance to get it right?! What then?!

Do you really think that dividing your own party for the sole purpose of the advancement your own future political career goals, is the best way to represent the values you so fervently claim to uphold – Scripturally OR Politically?!

In a later self-declared “accountability” question session ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvrDHz06q7M ) you claimed that you “didn't come out and endorse Trump" because he" attacked" your family”! Because he implied your wife was uglier than his, and retweeted some trash about your dad. ? ? When, in reality, those alleged "attacks" were in fact a mere response to some extremely unflattering posts and ads which YOUR campaign ran about HIS wife!!!! For which you neglected to even accept responsibility!!! What kind of mealy mouthed, two-faced, whiny crap is that?!

Wah! Somebody call the Waaambulance! Seriously! How immature, and downright ridiculous can you get?

But – Sen. Cruz - didn't Christ demand that we forgive those whom we have perceived to have despitefully use us – or our family? Or is there some loophole, which allows the holding of grudges against those who insult your family in some way? Which would be especially important if you provoked them first, I would think!

Some gall, if you ask me, and some SMALL! That behavior is so sincerely lacking in Christian Standards, that you still hold grudges from a war which you started, and lost! What a sore loser! Such lack of character is exactly what is wrong with DC now! And, say what you will about Trump's character, you and your holy hoards, his character obviously Trumps yours! Apparently! He says what he needs to say, and then moves on! Like a grown up man! While you hide behind your shiny, imagined, thin veneer of imagined holiness and suck your thumb! That is not even decent manhood, much less some shining example of Christian values!

Mr. Cruz, you claim that you want “Republican Values to win in November”! You energetically declared that “Freedom Matters”! Yet, you deliberately, if subtly, attempted to short circuit the very progress which would make both of those things possible!? What kind of double dealing idiocy is that?

I continued to carefully listen to your speech, though becoming increasingly annoyed, hoping you would redeem your manhood at some point! But I was constantly jerked between hopeful sanity and duplicitous politico-speak! Your next big “safe point” was that “We the people constrain government”! You said, and I quote, “Partisan anger, rancor, even hatred are tearing America apart. And Citizens are furious, rightly furious at a political establishment which cynically breaks its promises and ignores the will of the people....!” Again, so far so good! You had people standing and applauding! Finally. Truth!

You then, however, continued with a tiresome criticism of the obvious problems of “the other party”, finishing your rant by saying....”And of course, Obama and Clinton claim that they want to improve our children's future, and I want to believe them, but there is a profound difference in our two parties' vision for the future!” Duh.

You went on to tell the obvious, by tediously listing the damage and insanity of Obama's political decision making! At one point exclaiming dramatically, “The Madness must stop!!!! Finishing your eloquent and well-established tirade with “Enough is Enough!” And – That too was correct! That too was great! Even as you stated, “There is a better vision for our future!” Yes! All well and good! You had our rapt attention!

But then, instead of getting behind the choice of the people, which could end all the madness, instead of putting the considerable force of your influence behind the platform of the CHOSEN Republican Nominee – in order to defeat those well stated threats - you simply continued with your own campaign, as if WE the PEOPLE had not even spoken!

And in doing so you ripped the rug right out from under your own obnoxiously smiling face and tap-dancing feet! Since it was quite obvious, at that point, that you were STILL attempting to further your own campaign by using all of Trump's campaign points! Points which he obviously used better than you – points which he has actually managed to sell to the majority of Republicans, along with some folks in the other party who are tired of their own candidates' double-dealing ways!! I say, “Obviously” due to the fact that he was nominated instead of you! Speaking of madness!!! ??? What kind of witchcraft convinced you that this bait and switch would work?! Have you deceived yourself along with your devotees? Apparently so!

So which is it Ted?! Is it our “last chance to do right” by America? Or just your last ditch effort to save your political career at our expense?! Are you willing to defend freedom at the price of losing your pride and religious bias, and laying aside your offense against this man? Or are you so bent on rubbing our bad choice in our faces, and exalting your own merits, that you would allow the race to go back to the liberals - thereby punishing us for not choosing you?!! Because that is sure how it seems! And it IS what will happen if you do not forsake this religious high horse of pretend moral indignation and get yourself, and your constituents behind THE front runner!!!

As your speech continued you said, “Voters are overwhelmingly rejecting the political establishment, and overwhelmingly rejecting big government.” Which is true!!! And which – by the way – is EXACTLY WHY THEY CHOSE TRUMP over your overly politically/religiously correct act! Please, stop pouting, sir, and deal with that as a grown up gentleman should!

Yes, as you stated Mr. Cruz, we, the American Citizens, “ARE FED UP WITH POLITICIANS WHO DON'T LISTEN” TO US! Like the slick jack-ass who would dare to stand up at a Republican National Convention and reject The People's choice for presidential nomination, for example!!!

How can you say, out of one side of your face, that, “If we stand together...our chance of Freedom will be brighter...” And then say, out of the other-side of your face, that you can not support, or “stand together” with, the ONE person in your own party who is poised to achieve that freedom on our behalf!!!??? That is total idiotic, duplicitous, hypocrisy!! Not to mention utterly narcissistic self-aggrandizement!

At one point, you also went on a long tirade of “What we deserve” - all of which – by the way – has been promised by our front runner as well! So then – can we get down to the real issue of why your “conscience” will not allow “your holiness, Sir Cruz” to endorse Trump?!!! Since by stating, or even cowardly implying, such a thing, you have slammed the lid on the obvious solutions to our problems, all, apparently, because of your personal petty offenses toward our front runner?!!!

How can you say with such conviction, on the one hand, “We can do this!” And then attempt to discourage the very means by which we have chosen to DO it?!! What good is that, sir”!? Please answer me! How can you talk so grandly of what we can accomplish “TOGETHER” - but then turn and sow division with a self-righteous vengeance?! There are too many people who are endorsing Mr. Trump for you to divide it down the middle! Thank God for common sense returning to America!!! But you are, apparently, sowing enough strife and doubt to take off a large chunk on one side!? How can you justify that kind of duplicity? And why can't you see that you are endangering the very values you have touted by doing so?!

And how dare you site, as an example of the American Spirit, the bravery, love and forgiveness of the Church in Charleston, SC – and then prove, time and again, that you are not man enough to overlook, or forgive, a perceived slight against your wife! You went on from there, to say that “we deserve leaders who stand for principle”! “Who can cast aside anger for love”!

Really? So why can't YOU cast aside YOUR anger for love, Mr. Cruz?!! Love of our Nation, if not love for a man whom you have decided to treat as your enemy! What's the real deal, that YOU can't cast aside your reservations and offenses to embrace the people's choice? !

Make up your mind – Mr. Cruz. Are you a follower of Christ, or just a convenient fan of His? Are His principles yours to live by, or just standards by which you hold others accountable? Are a real patriot, or just another exploiter of America's freedom for your own agenda!? As a matter of fact, that Scripture - which you seem to love to throw around, but seem unable to live by - says that a double-minded man is unstable in ALL of his ways. That one indictment is enough for me to never vote you into anything, unless you are stricken by a profound season of repentance from your prideful duplicity!

You have turned against your own words, and slammed the will of the people, by saying that you won't, can't, acknowledge their stated choice!!! By pouting that your high and mighty, holier-than-thou conscience won't let you support this man, whom you and your self-righteous followers, have judged as some kind of low life

Really ??? What the heck is that double-speak supposed to accomplish?! Yes. It got your butt booed, that's what! Because even if you can't see through your deception most of us can! Thanks, in a large part, to the busting up of the politically correct fog by Donald J. Trump!

Dude. You lost this round! Stop whining because Trump's insult of your wife Trumped YOUR insult of HIS – and GET OVER YOURSELF!

If you truly believed anything that you are spinning here – that this might be our “Last Chance to Get it Right” - then stop mucking up the wheels of the carriage and trying to derail the only train promising deliverance! Stop it! Get on board and support the party's choice, the people's choice and GOD'S obvious choice! Show some grace, discernment and other Christian values – or at least some manly dignity! Stop acting like a slighted kid at a birthday party!

I will never understand why your supporters in general tend to gloss over everything you do, Mr. Cruz, and yet attempt to hold Trump accountable for every transgression? That seems so obvious, bias, and unchristian! I don't know why everyone can't see it, but it is as plain as day to me! And it is also plain that this whole “Vote your conscience” bit was just a cowardly way of getting around supporting the one whom the people have chosen to champion those well-stated, but obviously little-valued standards of yours, and still attempt to save your smirking face! It was a cowardly attempt to make yourself look like a righteous savior, while acting the part of an evil villain. And as far as this citizen is concerned it was an Epic Fail!

It was a failed attempt at a legal loophole around those values which you, Sen. Cruz, had just fervently claimed to uphold! It was a masterful device to avoid embracing the will of the People whom you just pretended to encourage!

Therefore I am calling you out – You, Sen. Cruz, are a fraud sir. You have, sadly, just proved yourself to be yet another ambitious political manikin! Shallow. Double-minded and obviously unstable. You have, therefore, just utterly made up my mind for sure with your ridiculous hypocrisy and cowardice!

I will therefore, with a VERY clear conscience, be voting for TRUMP in the November elections!

And I will be praying until then for God's will to be done! And praying, that God may see fit to answer the prayers and efforts of those of His real People who HAVE repented of our varied hypocrisies! May there be enough honest repentance so as to gain His favor on our land again! And May we, as you have so eloquently put it, “DO WHAT IS RIGHT THIS TIME!” (Despite the plans and attempts of charlatans like you to prevent it, or exploit our pain for your own agendas!) May “those kinds” of dishonest politicians get what they truly deserve – unless they honestly repent! And May it come soon!

And....”May He who makes Peace in His High Places, Make Peace upon US(A), and upon all ISRAEL! Amen!”

Selah, and Shalom!




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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.