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Labels?!  Bah! Hum-bug!

I just watched an excellent video on Face Book, describing how labels are the problem in our society. And to a great extent this is true! The labeling of people is a great sin. I think it is how the fleshly fallen nature justifies our hatred and belittling of one another. Religion is the worst source of labels, but then, so is the equally biased “politically correct” hogwash which, instead of reversing division, as implied, only magnifies the differences with more labels, like “diversity”. Which means – DIFFERENCES EXIST! DUH. Thanks for pointing that out geniuses!

And mere “tolerance” isn't the answer either! I would never stay with a man whom I could only “tolerate”, or who merely “tolerated” me! What a sorry, washed up, watered down substitute for actual love! I mean, I get it! Love is blasted hard work sometimes! Love demands more character than most people are privileged to obtain these days! But still – if we are going to have GOAL to work toward – shouldn't it be LOVE and not just “tolerance”? And I am sorry, but I need to put a side note here. Love is not defined by our lusts either. What is passing for Love these days is pretty pitiful sometimes. Love is that character trait which allows us to put the needs of others above our own, and not just use others to fulfill a need in us. But that will go over about 90% of heads out there. Still, it is the truth.

But the guy makes a great point that the labels have to go! There are just too many dang divisions in this place! “African-American”, “Latin-American”, “Caucasian-American”, oh, and my personal favorite, “Native-American”! Meaning no disrespect to my ancestors at all, BUT – if we MUST label that cultural expression – that should be “ORIGINAL Americans” – because, if you were born here, you ARE a Native American!!!! Duh. The lack of logic just fries my brain cells! Oy vey!

Oh and how about the religious labels – Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, Free-will,Church of God, Church of Christ, Mennonite, Amish – and that's not exhaustive (just exhausting), and it's not even getting into the middle eastern choices!

And THEN there are the socioeconomic labels - “below poverty”, middle class, wealthy, etc. We have been divided up like a bag of bean stew – sorted by colors, shades, taste and size! We have overweight, underweight, buff, lean and slob! We have so many areas to divide over that unity has become an elusive dream! Even within the same “race” (which, those who know me also know that I believe, does NOT really exist, read Genesis people, "...and God created MAN". Dot. The End. ONE RACE...but any way...) even within the same shades of skin, religious persuasions, and socioeconomic standing – people can not agree on anything! If we are not separated by religion, then we separate over politics! If that doesn't get us then we will separate over what football team we root for! We have become the most contrary bunch of nitwits on the planet. What the hell ever happened to ONE NATION UNDER GOD?!!!

I'll tell you! You knew I would! We have left Him! We left Him behind for religious rituals, traditions, and substitutions – just like the first bunch He called to be His people did. And still, we judge them as idiots! Wow. That is some serious delusion. What makes us better? Why are our idols – aka religious symbols which we serve in place of God and what He said - better than theirs? What makes our excuses for dividing and leaving Him any more righteous? NOTHING!

I have been saying this my WHOLE life! I am sick of labels! Labels should not be allowed to define anyone! Only the ONE who created us can define us! And He would – if we would let Him! He would free us to limitless possibilities if only we'd give Him the time! But instead we want to put ourselves and others into boxes marked “comfort zones” - and keep others out of ours! We want to FEEL that we are in control, though we couldn't be more out of control if we had tried! It is lunacy!

I have fought labels my whole journey through life - labels like "cripple", "Poor-white-trash", "Crackuh", "Jezebel", "emotionally dysfunctional" - etc! Labels are designed by the enemy of our souls with the intent to define us – to restrict us – to limit and control us – because, as in illness, man thinks if it can be labeled it can be controlled! With the added side effect that labels divide as well! And we all know that, "Divide and Conquer" is the favorite military strategy of all who make war!

But I have good news! Labels can be overcome! And they should be! God never intended that we succumb to them! We are to live in dominion and authority over the planet! Adam got to name everything else, but GOD reserved the right to name Him and His soul mate! And I have made it my goal in life to cast off every such restraint which was ever applied to me – whether I “earned” it, or not!

The world – that is, most people – especially the "powers that be", those who think it is their job to decide whom to acknowledge, promote, etc. - usually ignores and discredits me and what I know - all that I've painstakingly learned over all these years – simply because I didn't learn it like "THEY" thought I should. I didn't follow the paths which "THEY" prescribed - I didn't wait on them to assign the letters after my name! Gasp! How scandalous of me!

They” - most leadership which I have ever submitted to for a season, have often, even, mocked me – even if they didn't really "mean to" - perhaps because the only "letters" after MY name have been letters like PTSD, MPD, OCD, etc.! They didn't think I could ever amount to anything. They didn't think I could possibly be “called” to any area which required authority! They have, wittingly or not, set me in a lower place, and have attempted, quite unsuccessfully to keep me there! No thank you. I am sure their intentions were wonderful, but we all know the path which those have paved.......

I think that the worst label of all to overcome, however, has been the way people see my gender, "WOMAN" is apparently regarded as the lowest entity on the social totem-pole in most societies. We are less brutal in the western lands than those in the east seem to be, but even with all the subtleties women must work harder, faster and longer, and still never really gain the recognition deserved for the job they do!

That label alone has caused so much suffering in my life. People have used it to excuse me, to limit me, to belittle or usurp my authority over my own life, and to keep me in a place of subservience to them - or - I should say, they've tried to! lol

My parents used it to try to convince me that I couldn't aspire to any greatness. Not because they were just mean, or didn't like me, but because they had been taught that lie, and had earnestly believed it! My mother fought against it by wearing jeans, smoking, being mean as a male gorilla in heat, and generally acting man-like.

Church leadership has also, more than any other group, sometimes used my gender status to attempt to box me into small areas which they could control. Limiting my "gifting" to areas which they love to call "Helps" - which in reality was just "church-speak" for indentured slavery! The ministry of “Helps” is, of course, a valid gifting! And service gifts are more than valuable! But everyone who wears an occasional skirt isn't called ONLY to that area, nor should they be the only ones who are called to that area!!!!

So, when I rejected that limitation, because I finally outgrew it, and realized that it wasn't what the Spirit of the LORD was saying to MY spirit - I was then labeled "A Jezebel" - and considered to be a rebellious loose cannon - because they have confused butt-kissing with submission, it would seem!

This has resulted in a personal revolt. Now I resist all labels, titles, letters, etc.! For example, I operate in a prophetic gift sometimes - but I am NOT. JUST. a PROPHET. I gave birth to seven kids but I am much more than a "MOM". I married a man - but the word WIFE takes on so many facets! I write prolifically, but I refuse to be limited to the title or job of "WRITER"!!!! See what I mean? I am so much more than all those things! I can not be contained in a title, and I will NOT be labeled like a side of meat at the grocery store!

Before I was married, however, that is exactly what that label "Woman" seemed to mean! In fact, it appeared to give my bosses at work the misconception that they had the right to view me as a side of raw meat, which was available to digest to their own pleasure - and when they found that the "meat" had claws, then it also obviously gave them the right to toss me out like yesterday's garbage - as though I didn't have any bills to pay, and no need to make money! (yes, that WAS before there were any sexual harassment policies - and the system was rigged!)

I am exhausted with dim-witted “experts” trying to tell me my business! I have a higher than average I.Q.! I love learning and never stop. I am creative. I am brilliant. I am compassionate. And despite the fact that I have finally gained an awareness of all the good stuff God has put in me, and has worked into me, I have also overcome the bad stuff by His Grace – so I am also humble and teachable - which is WHY I am brilliant! lol However - The point of this is not to defend myself, or to boast on my better qualities - nor whine about the hard trip I've had! I am so over that. Honestly, at this point in life, I could NOT care less about what ANYONE thinks of me, except GOD! Because He is the ONLY ONE qualified to judge me!!!!! But the POINT of this is to set those free who have become captive to labels!

Labels are like fun house mirrors – though I've never understood why they are called that, they certainly aren't my idea of “fun”! But like those misnamed mirrors, labels warp our image into something weird. And if we accept that image then that is what we become! Don't do it! Break the labels off yourselves!

Or if you can't - if you - like me - have some life controlling issues that keep you from breaking free - then do what I did - get close enough to God, so His Spirit can do it! The GOOD NEWS of the glorious Gospel (which, duh, Gospel means Good News) is that there is an Anointing to break EVERY yoke of bondage or "stronghold" - a.k.a. addiction, disorder, dysfunction, obsession, illness,....etc.

AND don't let ANYONE tell you the lie that you aren't good enough, and He won't accept you because of..?...whatever b.s. they might come up with! All my issues – and seriously, there were many - did not put me outside of His Love! In fact, if anything, they drew Him to me because my issues were the perfect target for His issue-busting anointing!

So today - stop living a life limited by labels! Stop it. God made us for limitless possibilities! We should let Him take us there! That is the realm where LOVE is Life, and LIFE is Love! And even the silly world knows that, all you need is love! Right? Of course right!

Shabbat Shalom Chavarim!

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.