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The Real Root of Anti-Life Ideology

Not Where One Might Think To Look ....

Why is it necessary, as this “meme” suggests, that we must choose an outrage? What If It's BOTH?

What if I am, as a believing person, simultaneously whizzed off about the number of murdered infants in our nation, AND the needless killing of a beloved, highly prized Gorilla!?

What if we actually DO need to somehow convince the increasingly Godless masses to stop the mindless killing of tiny humans - AND - also to do something to further protect our endangered species?!

What of it!? How dare you try to dictate your sub par morality to me!

Oy to the Vey!!! These kinds of mindless, spineless comparisons, which only serve to further prove our Scriptural Illiteracy in the “spiritual community”, (as well as to continue to make ourselves an apparition of Mockery to those who do not understand the benefits or possibilities of a real relationship with a real God) – are one of my pettiest of pet peeves!!!!

(The “we” in those sentences referring, sadly but firmly, to our post-modern, newly “relevant”, fairly useless, model of what is blithely considered to be “Christianity”, a.k.a “The Church” in America!

#gagme #sotiredofreligioushypocrisy !

Listen to me! An outcry against a wrong doing is never out of place! And from all accounts, to which I have been privileged, this Gorilla DID die an unnecessary death! Meaning that it was a death which could have been utterly avoided! No one is technically “at fault” here - as it was merely a horrendous accident of the worst caliber! Yet in my mind these facts remain –

#1. This Zoo (and all such caregivers of primarily wild, large, and therefore potentially dangerous, beasts) needs to secure its habitat borders so that no unauthorized personnel may enter – ESPECIALLY overly adventurous, poorly managed, children, who haven't learned to differentiate between real life and movies/games/etc.!

#2. The parents need to watch, restrain, and take actual physical responsibility for their kids!

AND...last but not least.....

#3. The Crowd, whose ridiculous pandering whipped the poor beast into a fury, should have been forced to go get their thrill issues met someplace else! Etc.!

Right? Of course right! Leading to the conclusion that this tragic occurrence could have, and should have, been avoided!

Yes. Of course. Once the beast was agitated beyond measure they had no choice but to put him down! But that whole incidence could have been avoided had any of the measures I am suggesting been taken.

Point made. Talk to the hand! NOW to address the OTHER outrage....

Of course one could still argue that there isn't enough of an outcry against abortion! Well, if you religious lot are waiting on the rest of the misguided world to line up with your misguided parameters on that issue you might be waiting for quite a bit!!! Perhaps there is a reason that the Church's outcry is going unheeded?

Indeed! There is a very real reason, one which I have been addressing for decades! The issue is hypocrisy in the "Church"! Not the REAL CHURCH - the actual followers of Yeshua, who bother to actually OBEY the WORD of GOD which they read, and allow themselves to be changed by it!!!! I am rather referring to that institutionalized system which goes by that name - and the hoards of mindless, doctrinally brainwashed sheeple who are thoughtlessly entrenched therein - which makes their ludicrous judgments of the world's sins bogus, laughable, damnable and dangerous! I am referring to that old system of religious belief structure, based on Constantine's "adjustments" to early "Christianity" which has failed us in epic proportions, and which should be immediately and thoroughly abandoned!

But – may I please clarify – that it should NOT be merely traded for the - even worse, even more illogical, more ridiculous ideologies of the utterly insane “politically correct”, yet mentally ill, and morally devoid - leftist liberal rhetoric!

There is a better way! More work perhaps, but entirely worth it! I am, of course, referring to The Way, the Truth and The Life... God's LOVE.Done God's Way. And AGAIN – NOT what we have been TOLD is GOD'S way – but what HE said is HIS Way! I know that I am being somewhat redundant about this, but the Truth is the Truth, and nothing will get fixed until we get it!

And the Truth here, about this situation, is that the “Religious Right” (which is most usually wrong), and the “Liberal Left” (which is NOT about any real "liberty" at all, but is instead a deception tool of the enemy which has produced the most moral bondage in history) are BOTH well contrived ditches on either side of the Paths of Righteousness – ditches which are to be steadfastly avoided for best results!

I know, sadly - (thanks to the thorough inoculation against those Truths - by the inane, inept, watered down, anti-anointing, denominational drivel, which is peddled as “doctrinal truth” by the institution posing as “The Church” these days) that what I am proposing is all just words to most people!

I do sadly realize that society at large has little knowledge, and even less interest at this point, in truly spiritual things! And that unfortunate fact is yet another damning proof that the Church – as it stands today – has epically failed to communicate the LOVE of God in the atonement of His Messiah to a lost and dying world! A Reality which is – or should be – the point of all Spiritual conversation and action!

However - at this point in the history of this nation - we need to face the sad truth - and repent of it - that “The Church” at large (or the institution which has gone by that name) - has utterly blown the great commission – by making pitiful converts to religious division, instead of powerful disciples who are unified in HIS Anointing (Unified and committed to accomplish His/Our ONE mission – to do the express will of God! God's will was and is to redeem mankind - to ransom mankind back from the enemy, who tricked him away from God in order to destroy him)!

One very successful way the enemy has sought to destroy mankind is through the current practice of abortion! Sadly, I must admit that he is doing a bang up job!!! What the Church has selectively ignored however, is that Abortion was born from the equally destructive, but more insidious use of “Birth Control” - though I seriously doubt that most who would post this “pro-life meme” would agree with my conclusions on that issue!

However, the “liberal mind-setters” need not be so smug either, since their bias, though presenting a polar opposite approach to the religious error, is error still! And their bias is no more easily swayed by Truth than those blinded by religion! Both sides are stubbornly bent on having their own way, while the destruction of the race of man goes on unabated in their faces!

So. Yes. Again, while I do get the point of this “meme”, I find it to be an utter insult. It is yet another hollow, meaningless, smoke and lights show - to hide the unmitigated hypocrisy of the Church-going hoards! Who are “Pro-life” in OUTCRY! But Pro-life in practice? Not so much! If you doubt my assessment on that issue, try separating those masses from their favorite birth control method!!! I have. It doesn't end well!

The problem is then, as I see it, that it is the CHURCH'S sins – that of that false system which goes by that name - and not those of the UNSAVED WORLD - which stand out, and call down God's judgment upon us!

It is that Institutionalized, indoctrinated mess, posing as the Church - misplaced priorities, values and insights, which are skewed! And it is that false Church's sin of unrestrained, unrepented lust that should be the real subject of outrage here!! (Please do take seriously God's solution, found in II Chr. 7:14!)

Like it or not. Admit it or not! ABORTION begins and ends with trying to prevent or discontinue LIFE! Most forms of Birth Control can NOT prevent actual conception, and therefore simply “discontinue” the LIFE which has been already conceived. A willing "discontinuance" of a being which was alive – at whatever phase that life existed - is still murder. There is just no way around that fact. And a miscarriage which is knowingly, deliberately caused - even if one has the luxury of not being aware of it as it is occurring - is still ABORTION!!!

And since MOST of what is known as “Christendom” is committed to one form of this travesty or another, in the use of various birth control methods on an alarmingly regular basis - they are, therefore just as guilty of Abortion as those seeking relief in the clinics! Sorry. But that is the unalterable truth!

Birth Control is the flesh's way to “have its cake and eat it too” - that is, to have sex without taking on the responsibility of new life!!! B.C. is an effective way to avoid God's rather limited boundaries of that Holy Intimate Act, (which was reserved for very specific Covenant Relationships) without facing any social recrimination for having side stepped those boundaries! The idea is to further a pretense of “holiness”, while enabling shallow, blatant disobedience to all things holy! May I remind us all again, that religious flesh is STILL flesh, and its dishonest methods will never accomplish His required holiness - and are therefore as condemnable as the open actions of heathens - perhaps more so from HIS perspective!!

No pain, no gain – ever hear that one? Yes. It applies here also! But we – as a nation of supposedly intellectual, well-informed people, would rather risk cervical cancer, or permanent sterilization of wombs, than to control our addictions! We'd rather risk an incalculable number of unsung abortions, and myriad health risks - rather than abstain from sex, for a few days per month (which is how *Natural Family Planning works) - in order to accomplish our "Family Planning" goals!

That is how badly this sexual obsession has infected the so-called "Church", in this nation, and I suspect the rest of the world as well! How can we continue to ignore the plain reality - how can we continue to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the fact that there is NO birth control method on the market which is NOT an abortifacient chemical! There are none which prevent conception, they can only prevent the implanting of a fertilized egg, thus causing a miscarriage -a.k.a. an Abortion! Birth control is sold as family planning, but is too often family banning! It's dangers are too easily, and too often ignored!

And that's not all the bad news! Originally this "chemical birth control" was contrived, and developed by its creators - in an evil attempt to do away with, or to "at least keep to a controllable Minority the Non-White races". So if you want to howl about a civil rights issue....there you go!

Haven't heard much out of the Church on that one, have we? Hmmm..... since we ARE discussing questionable priorities!

It failed there, thankfully. But, later on, it was adapted for the convenience of those who wanted more freedom of sexual expression. Including - to the shame of that crowd - most of the Church-going world! People who clearly want to feign moral whiteness, but who have steadfastly refused to admit, deal with, condemn, and conquer the insidious stain of its own sinful lust issues!

We are therefore under judgment! Not because the LGBT community finally came out of the closet! God knew they were in there already!!! BUT for the spiritual laziness of HIS PEOPLE - who are STILL refusing to condemn lust, refusing to judge it in themselves, and resisting the work of His Spirit, which has come to crucify it in His People, once and for all! We - the institutionalized Church in America - are under judgment for generally just being so lust-driven that life must be prevented by any means necessary – hence our unrelenting need for “chemical birth control”! And – then! As if that wasn't enough - this entity is under judgment for further having had the gall to howl about the antics of the unsaved world - via ignorant and insulting bits like this meme!!!

I believe that it is due to this guilt that God has removed the favor of the “white” cultural groups, which have been reduced to a mere minority by its own selectively stupid, lust-driven hand! And He has removed favor from the "Church" system in our nation as well! Which is why we - as a nation - have become a symbol of taunting to the rest of the world! Which is why, I suspect, that our poor misguided president keeps feeling the urge to apologize for us! Not that he isn't "the pot, calling the kettle black"...but apparently hypocrisy isn't constrained to Christianity! We've seen THAT in this election, if we've seen nothing else!!!!

AND - Men - you do NOT get to write this off as the responsibility of the WOMEN, because they are the ones who must take these pills each month!!! Don't even think you can side step this issue! The man is actually morally guilty on TWO counts!

First of all, he is guilty by becoming ONE with the woman who is willfully taking this chemical - whether by his approval or his negligence – and Secondly,he is guilty for enjoying the act without taking proper responsibility for the LIFE it should have produced! (I refer you all to Onan, and his swift justice - Genesis 38:8-10 Yes, there is a principle there which should not have been ignored! More doctrinal selective stupidity! Etc.)

I personally believe – therefore - that this nation has been under God's judgment for some time now - not just the last eight years! There are many counts for which we must stand and answer! We are guilty of the discrimination of people groups, which we subtly covered over with weak protest but no real action! And as the Church, we have been guilty of abortion also! And there is blood on our hands!!!

I have personally come to believe that the current administration was hand-picked by God to flush the undercurrent of sin's excrement to the top and expose it for what it is, and that it was 100% effective in that mission! And NOW we need someone strong enough to stomach cleaning up the mess, who won't be clinging to it for sustenance! Hence the rather “religiously incorrect” Trumpster! We need someone who is not utterly immersed in the hypocrisy of the proud but cowardly so called "Religious Right"! Who won't cave in at the first sign of resistance!

The conclusion of this matter, then, is this - when the so called "church" (current hypocritical union religiously causing havoc) stops gasping over the skewed values of the “world” (wildly outside religion liberal democrats) - and begins to admit, repent of, and clean up the trash from its own lust fest, it might be taken seriously enough to be heard!!! And When the CHURCH values LIFE enough to stop preventing LIFE through Birth Control methods for its own convenience, then it might just have a message for the world concerning abortion! Until then – it is my unalterable opinion that we should either Repent or Shut Up!

Again - No disrespect meant to those lovely friends of mine, who are currently caught up in this vile deception and struggling to come to the truth, in that institutionalized religious system – BUT - “If the Shoe Fits...” and all that!

So – dear ones - If you find yourself hit by any shrapnel of this explosive expose, then just please help yourself to His unlimited Grace, and take this opportunity to repent of another exposed, if hitherto unseen, area of disobedience or hypocrisy!

We all have those, you know! Which is why the Spirit is currently working overtime to expose such hidden atrocities - so that the Church can become that unblemished bride for which our wholly Righteous LORD is returning!

We don't want to be caught half-ready, like the foolish virgins in the story....or even worse ….condemned altogether along with the unrepentant whore-mongers!

The short version of this message is this - If we expect a reward and not recrimination, then, please understand, the Church needs to repent – and repentance involves change. We can not change ourselves, it's true. But that is the message of Pentecost – if we will correctly discern its purpose and power! The REAL CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, also called the Remnant, needs to "Come out from among her (that false system) and touch not the unclean (profane, idolatry ridden) thing"!

I close with this exhortation from the Word of God......

“This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.”

Selah & Shalom, Chavarim....

And Happy SON Day!

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.