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April 15 2016 6 15 /04 /April /2016 19:45

“To be, rather than to seem”; To do, not only to dream;

To act, not just to think; To swim, not slowly sink!

To live, rather than merely exist, to keep The Truth, not twist,

To be real, not to pretend, requires God's grace and help, my friend.

(SCD 4/15/16)

I awakened today with this verse rolling through my head. I think that being real is an inherent need that people have. We want to feel whole, to trust and be trusted, to know and to be known. To be perceived as “REAL” is a state of being that is winsome and earnest and trustworthy! It is something which we all crave, and yet, of which most fall so short. The Good News, however, is that it is also the state of being in which designed us to live, and which God the Spirit of God is restoring and establishing in His people these days. At least in those who, “have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church”, and the freedom of will to obey it!

There is so much pretense in our society these days, even within the spiritual/religious culture, often especially there! But the Kingdom of God is built of real Faith materials, by real Living Stones. Part of the work of the Spirit is to remake us – changing us from the fake “normal” of the pretentious flesh, to the original “normal” of the Character of God (which the original “parents” had before the “fall” into darkness).

I did not say “their fall”, because it wasn't just their fall! They took us all with them as they fell, careening into an abyss where all good is mixed down with evil, and in which purity must be fought for, and wisdom must be cultivated through no small effort! In one act of the rebellious will, humanity was plunged into a pervading sense of darkness which pollutes anything holy, and in which LOVE, real love that isn't narcissistic, must be obtained supernaturally, from the only ONE who knows what it looks like, because that kind of selfless, unconditional love is the basic make-up of His nature. Humans were all created with that God-like nature, originally. And before man decided that he just had to know evil as well as GOOD – Good is all he had access to!

I have tried, but try as I may I really can not get my imagination around a world in which there is ONLY GOOD. We have lived up our whole lives being told that we must “take the bad with the good”, while learning to “endure the thorns to smell the roses”, and “beating the dark clouds, of bitter-sweet disappointment, off our silver linings”, etc.! Ugh. I can barely even conjure up a scenario in which there was NO amount of suffering, physically, mentally or emotionally mixed in with our positive experience! Can you?

I do believe that we are created with a longing for this Pure Good. But we are born with an uncanny sense of what is now called “the balance between good and evil”, expressed in the varying philosophies as yin yang, Karma, etc. But in reality there is no “Balance between good and evil” in our universe! Evil must be eradicated so that Good can thrive unpolluted and unhindered. And trust me when I say, the plan for that is in place!

This mixed bag we've inherited is not as alluring as it was billed to be. But then we all know that our adversary is the inventor of false advertising! He personifies “the big LIE”. He is the “liar” whose schemes have produced the proverbial “fire”! Of course, we can choose the Truth over all of his b.s., the rub is that now it is really a lot like WORK. Now, thanks to him and the curiosity of the original “set”, we must “work six days and rest one”, after the Creator's pattern. Now we must really make an effort to stay and live “...In the Secret Place” - a.k.a. “The Presence” of the Most High! Now we must take thoughts captive, which straggle through our brain seeking to take US captive! Now we must be alert and ready for battle at any moment! And now we must learn to rest in a pro-active manner, because, in this war that we blithely call “life”, REST is NOT passive (yet another of the seeming contradictions we must endure)!

We can, of course, choose to go through life attempting to ignore this war. Good luck with that! That will be extremely difficult, in my observation, since evil is constantly challenging anything good we set out to do or have!!! The smarter thing is to learn God's warfare, in order to conquer the evil (first within ourselves and then in our surrounding areas)! But to do that we must decide that we will live within the parallel universe of God's Kingdom, and be willing to learn to cope with all the aforementioned “seeming contradictions” which exists there (in our limited understanding of the thing).

This Kingdom existence can take place only as we allow His Spirit to superimpose HIS Kingdom over our own world. As we allow Him to make the changes to our hard drives necessary, which are prerequisites, to even be able to sense and experience that REAL universe over the dull image of the one into which we were all born! Until we make that decision – which is commonly called “accepting Christ”, what an understatement – we can not hope to cope, or to be able to justify the contradictions of Faith. Which are not truly contradictions in the sense which we perceive them to be – but which are an exposing of the perversion that sin has caused, and the illuminating of the damage which it caused to God's original design. Redeemed ones in a fallen world are like Salmon swimming upstream – everything we do, say and think is against the tide and direction of this world's current and system! Which is why all Truth appears so contradictory!

All of what I am propounding here may all sound like a work of fiction to some! But I can personally assure you that it IS as real as we are. In fact, more so. In the years since I was first introduced to that phenomenal God/person, known as Yeshua of Nazareth, my eyes have slowly opened to this other realm. His realm, where He now lives to make intercession for us at His Father's right hand! And I have slowly come to sense that other world, His Kingdom, which is there all the time, but which we are born unable to see or sense. Still, I am here to assure you, that from the time some kind lady made me aware of Him, He has worked to give me the spiritual eyes necessary to sense Him, He has infiltrated me with His Spirit – at my request of course! And that Spirit has educated me to the high life in God! Which was a great thing for me! Just what I desperately needed to see life as anything I'd care to participate in.

Because, being a person of great imagination, somehow I just couldn't be satisfied with the every day world around me! I found it too small, too mundane, and self-oriented. It was too choking, too suffocatingly drab, too dark, far too lacking of wonder, much too limited, way too mean. It required way too much imagination to even tolerate!

But bit by bit, with the help of the Ruach Ha KoDesh, I've learned what our imaginations were given to us! They were meant to help us access that other world! In fact, it isn't even “imagination” in the sense that we have come to know the word! It is merely a sixth sense into the unseen spiritual world. It is a walk on the light side! Those who are spiritually unenlightened sometimes use it to press more deeply into the surrounding darkness of this realm – but that is an utter waste of a good imagination in my opinion!

When we can be soaring with eagles who wants to be hovering at earth level, being harassed with demons!? Get that mess out of here! We do not have to create our own parallel universes! The real ones are all around us. But it is time we understand what we are dealing with. We can not, for example, even be accessed by aliens at this point. Do I believe there are other worlds, with other beings? I do. Because we humans are not left to our own imaginations, we were given the same capacity to invent as God. So if we have imagined aliens that probably means that He invented them first! So why would I think that we would not have access to them, nor them to us? Because, if I am understanding the situation correctly, God Himself has cut off that access at the fall of man, so as not to pollute the entire extended “Universe”! So then, this would mean that we are only “privileged” to experience and interact with the beings which were quarantined here on sin planet with us! That would be the Kingdom of God (Echad - Father, Son & Holy Spirit – Three in ONE), Mankind, and angels – which are now separated into two categories – fallen (a.k.a. “Demons”) and God's invisible army of faithful created supernaturals. The angelic hosts on both sides, however, can shape-shift, and - if dealing with a person of considerable imagination - can present themselves as any kind of being that person can dream up! Which, for me at least, adequately explains the “sightings” of “other beings”. Given enough time I think that I could scripturally support that theory. Well, about as well as one can offer “proof” for any of these concepts which I am propounding here!

The scriptural term for those who have not had their spiritual eyes opened, and their spiritual sensitivities enlivened is “Carnally minded”. Which simply means that what you see is all you've got! It means that the fleshly “normal” of the fallen nature is all the information which those people can access. Those people, therefore will logically, and rightfully for them, conclude that this is a kind of insanity, dismiss it as mere “religious myth”, and keep on moving. Which is, of course, their God-given right.

This is so sad to me though, for so many reasons. To me, science should be used to support and discover the parallel universe within our world. It's signs ARE everywhere – once the eyes are opened to them. Sort of like that “seeing stone” in The Spiderwick Chronicles”, and other such contrivances, of other works of “magical” fiction. Only – to my great delight – I am proud to announce that this isn't fiction!

A “fact”, as far as I am concerned, which I have staked my reputation as a sane adult on! But to me, you see, that alone proves this as reality to me! The fact that I am rather sane, as humans go, and get more so as my life in God continues, not less so, which is the usual pattern, is enough to convince me that this is real! Because, I am telling you people, I have more reasons than most humans NOT to be sane! Or alive! Therefore, to me, the Good News of the Anointed One, (which is English for “The Gospel of Christ/Messiah”) IS REAL! And it is more real than any other theory or explanation for our existence out there! And it gets better as it goes. For example, there really IS an anointing which can break EVERY yoke of bondage! In English, this means that Yeshua really can heal any emotional, mental or physical affliction to which we may fall prey! There really is a Holy Spirit, who, if invited, will turn your world upside down, and remake your sorry, selfish nature into the loving nature of an all-loving God! There really is an eternal option for us temporary humans! This limited, bittersweet existence into which we were involuntarily born is NOT all there is!

And thankfully, there is a manual to help us see into that world for ourselves! It has been much disputed, badly watered down, and thoroughly mis-taught through the ages! But Yeshua's Spirit – which He left behind for this very purpose - WILL help us to unlearn our bad doctrine, reset our unhealthy patterns into good ones, and He DOES guide us into ALL the TRUTH if we will but follow!

The choice is ours! But if “Esse Quam Videri” is ever to be anything more than a nice idea, we humans had better get to choosing! This world isn't going to last forever. If we want a seat in the next one we'd better reserve it now, while Yeshua's offer still stands. Fact or Fiction? We each get to decide how we feel about it all. But if my life is anything to go by, if I am not a raving lunatic, then this alternate universe called The Kingdom of God is real folks! And it is worth any effort, cost or pain that I might have to go through to live there. And....though you won't hear this from Religion... we can start living there today! We don't have to wait until this life ends to begin the new one! So...as I said... we should get to choosing! Hint...as the open book test suggests.... Choose LIFE! L'Chaim!




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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.