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February 23 2016 3 23 /02 /February /2016 15:58
"And, By the Way, Where is God?"

Lame. Blame? Same Name Game. Fame.

Politics and Religion seem to ask the same question, “What does God intend to do about this nation?!!” The problem seems to be that both sides can't seem to come to terms with just who “God” is!

In religion this seems to me to be the question of the hour! There is a whining, attempt at assigning the blame for the state of our nation to God. While politicians, however, are much more concerned about the intentions of the current administration, and its contending incumbents – while, in reality they are but pawns in a larger battle?

Still, as a once religious, if not entirely Godly nation, we are prone to ask, where is God? Is He silent? Has He withdrawn? Why has He allowed this madness to prevail, and what will He do about any of it? We tend to blame God for all of this, when clearly the blame is on ourselves. What would prompt me to make such an assertion?

Well, let's review the patterns of social decision making and behavioral patterns since the great depression, and the war that was said, with a faint hope, to have ended all wars! At first people were thankful, and pursued God and family with a renewed ardor. But then, as comforts increased, television became a main distraction, and ease began to anesthetize the pain of the severe lack of those years, people began to settle into an intellectual and spiritual apathy. Independence replaced community, and individualism began to replace even family structure. And succeeded, eventually.

People were gradually sucked into the industrial machine. Even the Mothers left the home, to pursue a financial sense of freedom never before possible. Not always counting the cost. Consequently, many are now slaves of systems which are still unjustly male-prejudiced and have lost all sense of fulfillment in the roles which women have historically, and biologically been fulfilled!

This industrial machine – of national prosperity - has, in fact, prospered very few while imprisoning many. It is true that more people live more comfortably than their predecessors, by and large. Yet, still, few people have any real sense of ownership or pride in what they have, or what they do “for a living”. Most are simply cogs in some industrial, or entreprenurial wheel.

Since Mother's AND Father's have been extracted from the homes by this national, money mongering machine, which has set money up as the national God, and has fired, and excused the Real God from all of our structures, intellectually and religiously – family structure has been entirely decimated, communities have been diminished into mere collectives of individuals who do not want, or even try, to really know each other. Church has become a divisive entity, a bunch of mere social gatherings, just a lot of clubs founded on loyalty to a particular set of rules, or belief structures. Like turkeys in a storm shelter, those involved cling to each other in a codependent faux loyalty, that a mere difference of opinion will utterly decimate!

In all realms the real has been replaced by the virtual. All is bogus, and more about how it “looks” to people, than how it really “IS”. We have become a collective of frauds. Especially in the religious communities. That is the most vicious battle ground of humanity of all! One must keep one's wits to survive that experience without being devoured! A messy bit indeed!

We have, individually and collectively, voted God out of our lives! He is not God at all, but a mere religious convenience, called upon in times of struggle or duress. He has little say in anything anymore. His Word has been relegated to the realm of historically incorrect fairy tales. His Torah is declared irrelevant and “legalistic” by many of even His most ardent – self-declared – followers. It has been twisted and watered down by doctrinal insanity, much of it based on things which HE Himself declared to be idolatrous and abominable. And yet His so called people cling to these, while refusing His Word. “Grace” has been misconstrued as a means to side-step His law, like some kind of loop-hole from responsibility to it, instead of His clear intention of becoming an enabling help to render one capable of keeping His Law from a changed/transformed heart and renewed mind!

What a muck and mess we have made out of this! What a disaster we have created! What an Epic Fail! And then, to add insult to injury, we want to blame God for the resulting challenge in which we find ourselves!

The blood of many, multitudes, of unjustly slaughtered souls – from the original inhabitants, to the many ethic groups denied freedom and dignity, to the unborn which outnumber the fallen of all the wars to date – cry out for justice to a Holy God, who has come down to render that justice! And still, there is little repentance! I can only hope and pray that there is enough! That hidden away in war rooms, prayer closets and bedrooms – God's real people are crying out in intercession, as the few that I know are doing!

But by and large, what is most heard and most seen is a still arrogant, cheeky, demanding, spoiled, entitlement oriented bunch of so-called “believers”, a.k.a “Christians”, who imagine themselves to be “evangelical” because they occasionally give money to , when it is convenient for them and will gain them something! People – who openly, continually smear the Name of Christ and all that is Holy on the badly maintained pavements of our nation with their blatant hypocrisy – daring to criticize the scripturally illiteracy of others while having NO apparent clue as to what God actually said or meant themselves!!!! Setting themselves up in a seat of judgment against any who differ with their own selective religious ideas and guidelines – which even they treat as some kind of optional menu! They live as though they have no idea what God wants, and are not interested enough to find out! And yet, they have no qualms about judging the lives of others, making themselves fools and laughingstocks! They work from a place of negativity and fear, most of them stand on the wrong side of Israel and God, and then they wonder why our nation isn't being blessed, and why the lost aren't running to God! Why would they, when His own people treat Him like an unpleasant option?!!!

It is time for God's people – or those tho consider themselves to be His people – to wake up! It is time that we realize that burning smell we catching a whiff of is our own hind end! It is time that WE – individually, as some have done, and collectively, which has yet to happen – unite and take responsibility for the mess that we have made! We at least need to humble ourselves enough to express sorrow for our failure! We should stop prating about how badly this place needs a revival and fall on your faces and begin one!

Come on people! Cry off your makeup! Soil your well chosen outfits for crying out loud! When HIS self-proclaimed people begin to care more about God's heart than their own comfort, and when they become more interested in being transformed to HIS image than protecting their own perceived image – they might just come up with the effort that gets God's attention, and creates a Revival! And then, at that point, this nation might begin to turn back toward Him, so that He could have compassion upon it and save it – but not until then.

Right now we are just frogs in a very hot frying pan. Whether the heat will go out or increase is up to the people holding the matches. Surprise! It isn't Mr. Obama and his gang of treasonous lecherous gangsters! It isn't the rainbow brigade! And it isn't even the fault of those poor pitiful souls who have gotten ensnared to the point that they don't even know what gender they are, despite scientific evidence! It is the fault and sole responsibility of those who call themselves by the name of God! Those who have adopted His name but not His standard!

How do I know this? Because those are the ones to whom the solution is offered! Again – yes – I am going to bust out the Second Chronicles Seven, Verses Thirteen and Fourteen! In which He states that even if His people have provoked His judgment against themselves, and it is in full swing – still – He can be persuaded to reconsider. So – Yes. Again – I remind us of the solution which GOD Himself has laid out for us!!!!

“IF MY people who are called by MY NAME, will humble THEMSELVES and pray, and seek MY FACE and turn from THEIR wicked ways – THEN – will I Hear from Heaven, Forgive their sin, and HEAL THEIR LAND!!!!

And with that I urge religious America to stop loudly embarrassing us all with ridiculously obvious hypocrisy and scriptural illiteracy and join the few of us who have hit our faces! Now would be great. Anytime......

Selah.... SCD 2/23/16

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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.