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Star Whores, The Farce Awakens!

Sorry, but as you have already surmised from the title, this isn't going to be another gushing accolade to this pitifully inept episode of the “Star Wars”, the pretend universe! So if you are a dyed in the wool lobotomy victim of this serial brain killer, please just ...

"move along...this isn't the blog you were looking for!"

Consider yourself warned. This is going to be a whip-lash kind of ride from fantasy to back to harsh reality. Since, in my honest opinion, Lucas' imaginary universe should have been shut down upon the completion of the first trilogy! Since then it has been one long, tedious, sacrilegious, money-mongering, roller coaster ride into the dark side, at the expense of mistakenly faithful, undiscerning, cult-following space cadets! Lucas has made out like the bandit he is, but his audience is not the richer for it! Enough is enough already!

I was onto, and put off by, his obvious ulterior motives at the first episode of the second trilogy. Originally, I think, that effort was merely an attempt at creating “back-story” for his beloved characters. A “history” of sorts, from which he probably should have started, in the first place! But, I think that this idea was hatched at the request of his groupies and sci-fi fans – whom he was all too happy to satisfy, since he certainly had the most to gain from it! I went, originally, full of anticipation and hope that it would be as good as the first three, and something of quality that I could share with my young son, who was eager for more of this cowboys in space kind of action. But alas, it was not to be. I left bitterly disappointed, morally insulted, and intellectually outraged!

He lost this fan when he stopped creating fiction and began using this story to insidiously incorporate his religious bias, and peddle his false religion in the guise of fantasy. What is Lucas' “Force”? Nothing but a bunch of eastern religious ideas, centered in the whole “yin/yang” ideology. Which insists that Good and Evil are equally strong, opposing forces that must stay equal to keep balance in the universe! When, in reality, NOTHING could be further from the truth! And honestly, his abuse of truth wouldn't trouble me if he didn't have such a dedicated following! Really!? When I hear people arguing over whether or not this story line was true to the “cannon” of the story? Gee. That sounds familiar. Where have we heard that concept? Oh yes! That other false religion, sometimes known as Christianity!

But for the record - Evil creates imbalance, making a void, wherever it is allowed to work! One can never have too much good! Good does NOT create imbalance! Good IS balance!!! And according to the Scripture which I read, “There is Only ONE (source of) GOOD...”, which is Almighty God, and that Good God will one day defeat evil once and for all. So resistance is futile. Thank heaven! It is not, as Lucas would have us believe, doomed to go on tediously battling for eternity!

Lucas, who is obviously under the influence of “the dark side”, further crossed the line of my religious and intellectual tolerance by insinuating that the evil one, who was to become “Darth Vader”, in his story began as THE ultimate “good guy”, and even was “virgin born” (of the force, with no accountable father), and that his blood contained the power of light or darkness. And then – he went on to propound that he was “turned by the dark side” because good was getting the upper hand, or something ridiculous like that! ?

Um. No. He should NOT have went there! That is utter blasphemy against the real story of good vs. evil. Too close, and too deviant, at the same time. He should have stuck with fantasy. This is a subtle but dangerous ideology, folks, which too many Americans really believe! We humans, in our fallen state, are stupid enough to believe that we can produce good all on our own – despite the ever growing reams of evidence which profoundly prove otherwise!

It is works like this, which are the result of this kind of faulty, fallen, belief structure, which are also responsible for perpetrating the utter stupidity we now have in our floundering society! This influence of ideology peddled by the film industry which has aided and abetted the utter void of logical reasoning that is now called “political correctness”.

This descent back into the dark ages began a few decades ago, as we watered down God's standard for doctrinal tradition, and then became even more weakened, as, again, we traded down, from Scriptural literacy to man-spun philosophies – such as “situational ethics”! And we have now come to this place of utter selective stupidity! I guess we haven't accurately remembered the Dark Ages and are therefore doomed to repeat them! Oy vey.

And my other problem with this latest bomb is this - someone actually praised this movie for “finally” putting forth a “strong female persona”...? Wow. Really?! After how many years of this same thing being perpetrated? What we had here was a simple reversing of roles. Now we are going to rewrite the whole thing so that Leah – or her down line - can play the part of Han or Luke? Wow. That's new!? No. I think we've had enough “Betty-bad-ass” imagery for a bit!

It IS time for women to take their place of authority beside the men! That is for sure! You'll get no argument from me on that one! Way. Past. Time! It is time we stopped being placated, demeaned and diminished! It is time that our authority was acknowledged along with the responsibility that men have typically loved to heap onto our already full plates!!! It is time we got back some of the R.E.S.P.E.C.T we've been expected to dish out! We have been given equal authority with our men – By God – the real and only “Force” in our universe! And it is time that men stopped trying to usurp that authority! Seriously – for their good as well as our own – it would be in their best interest for them to finally grasp the reality that we were NOT made to kiss their hairy keesters and clean up their incessant messes! We were meant to rule with them! NOT be ruled BY them! Ugh.

However, US grasping our authority in God automatically eliminates the need to be in competition with THEM! Authority in God has been a place that we have been kept from. And, as a result of this ungodly oppression, we've forced ourselves into their place - trying to break out of the slavery which they had shoved us into. I get that! Been there, been that! Didn't want to but the hat!

But this ridiculous bad-ass mess that is being peddled as free womanhood these days is not a picture of what we need to become. It can't work, because it is not God's design for us. He made NO ONE to be second fiddle! He made us all to harmonize! We women are fierce. We are mighty. But we are also elegant and dignified. We don't need to wear shrink wrap, turn ourselves into a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, out-maneuver Bond, out bad-ass the famed Texas Rangers, and out-swear the Marine core to prove our worth! When will we stop fighting each other and turn our combined forces on the real enemy! That is the day when the dark side really loses.

So the conclusion of this rant is that morally and intellectually this film is an epic failure! And as for the way the story line is going, the way they deal with their heroes....from me... they get an F minus, minus! I think this trash has made Lucas enough cash. We, the movie going public, should sue for retribution, for the utter waste of our time and money, and damage to the mental facilities of our loved ones!

Let's get our head out of our....culture, entertainment, and amusements....shall we?! And let's, for a change, pursue the only Real Force and True Good of the Universe! Time for Lucas' universe to find the dark side of some trash can... to hell with the stupid force already ...

May the Blessing of Almighty God Be With YOU!


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  • I am a devoted follower of Yeshua, the Messiah. I have been married to Gene Duncan II for 37 years, and counting. I have 7 children, 3 boys & 4 girls - all grown up. They have been home educated, K-12. I also write, hence the blog (including, but not limited to: children's books, poems, and personal growth art. ) Please stay tuned as I share my personal journey through poems and writing.